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We depend on emotions

Everyone knows the phenomenon when people who have high intelligence do not necessarily become the richest and most successful people on the planet.

You probably know someone from your school acquaintances or university classmates who studied well, but they did not achieve anything. Do not forget that there is a good solution to get rid of problems concerning your writing papers. Contact the online English editor and find out how many problems this person can solve: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/problems-a-paper-editor-can-solve

At the same time, we know examples when the outstanding C-students, in some incredible magical way, reach the heights of success in business.

This is how the question was born about what really affects the quality of life and the achievement of success and happiness? Psychologists say that the answer is the level of emotional intelligence.

Understanding and managing emotions lead directly to the creation of effective cooperation with people, a vision of additional opportunities and easy ways to the top of success and wealth. During the studying time, we often feel stress and that is why students need paper editing to have more free time and feel more relaxed.

Agree, it is not easy at all to be effective at work when you are annoyed at a colleague or afraid of a boss. You do not see all the possibilities of development in life when you are sad and it seems that everything is finished. The ability to control emotional states allows you to escape from the routine and really lead your life!

Do not go with the flow and not blame the circumstances, but manage what is happening! You experience emotions every second: at work, in transport, at home, in a supermarket, communicating with people and being alone with yourself. How to avoid misunderstanding with a paper writer you may read in this article: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/how-to-avoid-misunderstandings-with-a-paper-rewriter

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Every day you apply emotional intelligence and try to control emotions:

• be less angry with people

• be joyful when walking on the street

• feel satisfied when you smile or say compliments, etc.

And the only difference is how well you cope with emotions, how high your level of self-possession and emotional intelligence are.

Self-regulation or the art of self-control

Self-regulation is the ability to control yourself, your thoughts, emotions and the ability to choose how to behave in a tense situation. How to cope with internal irritation, stress, bad mood at a critical moment, and live your life in well-being and friendly relations with surrounding people. It is well known how difficult is to write a unique text especially when you are short of time. To feel confident and less stressful, order the plagiarism-free essay from the professional writers for a cheap price and be sure of the best result.

Self-regulation in family relations and relationships with children

For example, the everyday situation in the family. A child of three years decided to help his/ her mother wash the dishes. As a result, mother's favorite cup is broken and a puddle on the floor. It is easy to guess what will be the reaction of mom to this. Especially if my mother came home from work, where she had to talk to her superiors. She is tired, there is a hungry family at home, and she needs to prepare dinner, and now, as it turned out, also to clean up the kitchen. Most likely, everyone will be punished. The child for the disgrace that he/ she has done. The husband or the grandmother for the fact that they allowed such a situation. Moreover, in the end, the mother herself will be in the grip of anger, irritation, and guilt for being rude to the loved ones.

Being able to control emotions, an emotionally mature person can avoid such a development of the plot. The reliable essay revision service can always change the plot in a literal and figurative sense. In this situation, Mom can easily see the act of love, attention, and care for the beloved mother in the child's behavior. He/ she sincerely wanted to help, expressed his/ her feelings. That is why the mood vector immediately changes. She does not feel like swearing anymore, but she wants to hug the kid and thank him/ her for the help. They can clean up everything together. Then it will not just be cleaning, but the time that mom and baby spend together in peace and respect. Therefore, the child will be able to see that it is necessary to take responsibility for his/ her mistakes and learn to listen to his/ her mother.

The difference between managing emotions and suppression

It is important to understand the difference between controlling emotions and suppressing. When you do not shout at the child because you know that it is not good to do so, but still get angry, it is exactly that irritation, anger, anger that are suppressed. It is like folding garbage in a corner. It accumulates and gradually occupies the entire space.

Another suppression is similar to the teapot, which stands on the stove and slowly boils. Water is poured into it, it continues to boil and, at one point, steam rips off the lid and water escapes out. That is why angry breakdowns happen at work when something is not going well at home. Alternatively, the boil of emotions pours out at home, even if the boss poured water at work. If you are stuck with your paper or cannot concentrate on writing, it is high time to contact the paragraph rewriting and editing service.

Another unpleasant moment is that repressed emotions often cause serious problems with physical health. To avoid this, it is necessary to learn how to use the energy of negative emotions.

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Self-regulation in social life

Many of the employers include stress resistance in the list of requirements. This is the ability to cope optimally with the critical situation, remain calm, and have a positive attitude.

The skill of self-regulation will help you not to be annoyed at meticulous clients who call and demand to solve their questions for the 10th time already. You cannot be angry with a colleague who contradicts you at the meeting and sweeps away all your proposals. You can immediately see that at the end of the wire, your customers can really have a "burning" situation and there is the same girl the chief screams at and literally listens to her conversation with you. A colleague at the meeting is simply not in the spirit, because in the morning, she quarreled with her beloved person and now it is difficult for her to be benevolent because all her thoughts are directed to the morning quarrel she is regretting now. The college essay proofreading service works only with professionals, so it is always a pleasant cooperation for the customers, as all the processes are quick and easy.

Self-regulation also helps you feel confident during the exam, interview or public speaking. This does not mean that you will not be nervous, but you can feel confident and not panic.

For example, a person has to pass an interview. Often this situation causes excitement tension, confusion because we cannot predict everything that is expected during a conversation. We feel fear that they will ask questions that we cannot answer, or simply the fact of communicating with strangers makes you feel tense.

Self-regulation skills help cope with stress, restore internal resources more quickly and efficiently, set goals and achieve a positive result.

How to start managing emotions

Managing emotions is quite a difficult task but brings tremendous results and changes in life. To control emotions, you need to learn to distinguish them, for example, to distinguish the irritation from the desire to control, pride from anger. A person with developed emotional intelligence has a choice: what emotions to live, how to behave in a difficult situation, what words to say. Such a person can understand what is happening to him/ her in advance, not to get angry with a colleague or to hit a child. This is the freedom. Freedom to choose how to live every moment of your life. It is the responsibility for one's own reactions, regardless of the actions of others. The professional article rewriting service can take all the worries about the writing papers on itself and make you feel free from unnecessary stress. It is easy to find out that it is efficient to use the English language editing of papers, as it helps you to save your money, time, and makes your life less stressful. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the reliable service among the big variety of proposals. That is why we would like to share some helpful tips on how to find the professional service and be sure of the best result. Follow the link and you will get the clue: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/signs-of-a-reliable-essay-proofreading-service

Try a simple exercise: choose one situation when you are often angry. Let it be anger at someone at work or even just at strangers in the subway or on the street. Mark all aspects that are filled with this situation. Try to expand your perception and note what emotions you have in this situation except anger. You can record everything. Also, write down what states you would like to replace these negative emotions with. Now, for you to understand how self-regulation works, remember for yourself what you want to experience instead of negative at the moment when you realize that you are angry. Remind yourself what positive things you wrote. Try it until you succeed! Problems arise, but we can choose how to react and how to solve them only by ourselves.

Awareness is the basis of emotional intelligence

Time passes and we often lose a lot. We are looking for happiness and waiting for the moment when it comes. However, are we always attentive to what is happening to us? Do we always have time to notice that suddenly something happened that we had been waiting for so long?

It happens sometimes that we do not notice how we even got to work. Or, when you come to work, you cannot remember whether you turned off the stove or not, or if the door was closed. These thoughts grab all our attention. They do not give the chance to perform our work tasks. Why do such "memory gaps" happen?

Because when we turned off the iron and closed the door, our thoughts were somewhere far away. Maybe we thought about the upcoming meeting. Maybe we thought about the child’s matinee and you needed to prepare.

In any case, we were not present at that moment in our present life, we missed important moments. When you feel really stressed or have a lot of assignments to perform, use the help of the paper proofreader online service.


In other words, it is the ability to live here and now, to live every moment of your life.

How does this work in a real life? This is the focus of attention on the present moment. Usually, our thoughts are hovering somewhere in the future, we are making plans, or in the past, memories from childhood, we scroll the conversation we had last week.

Focus on the present moment and you will see many details. The smiles of people around, how bright the light is where you sit, and what the temperature is now, whether your hands are warm or cold.

It all depends on what you are looking at

Awareness helps to redirect the thought-absorbed mind to the present moment. On your physical and emotional sensations.

Awareness is attentiveness to everything that happens to you. Mindfulness calms and focuses, you become aware of every moment.

Dreaming of the future or remembering the past, we forget about the present. However, it is important to remind yourself more often that people who live in the present moment are much happier and more self-confident. Selecting the best paper editing service will free your thoughts and give you confidence: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/high-quality-proofreading-for-students

Live here and now sounds pretty simple, although it actually takes a lot of practice. Attentiveness helps develop the skill of managing emotions. As a result, you will achieve control over emotions without suppression.

Your thinking will become clear and simple. Decision-making will become easier and more interesting. Even if you fall into a stressful situation, you can think clearly and see more options than the person who reacted to stress. Remember the times before the exams. It is tense and overloaded for everybody, but if you know how to manage the emotions and where to ask for help, life will play brighter colors for you. Check the process of making an order and see its simplicity for yourself.

Have you ever experienced such strong feelings that they completely captured your attention?

Most often, this happens during disputes and quarrels with the loved ones. We give ourselves a promise that the next time when communicating with mom, or the child we would not raise the voice, would not get irritated. However, here is another misunderstanding and we lose our temper. We say some words that we will regret later. How did this happen?

We lose touch with the present moment, lose touch with ourselves, with our emotions, do not realize ourselves at this moment.

Do you pay attention to your emotions? How do they influence your decision-making?

To become emotionally healthy, it is important to recognize your emotions, to understand and accept them. Awareness of emotions is a step towards their management. It is always important to be attentive to the present.

It happens that the thoughts of a recent conversation or event take all our attention. You are not your thoughts. Your experiences, fears, feelings of guilt and other negative emotions are not you, but only part of the experience. The great news is that our customers have only the best experience using our service, it is easy to check by reading the testimonials of our customers.

If emotions overwhelm you, you are lost or are ready to shout at others, the first thing that needs to be done is to stop.

Look around, take a deep breath, and watch. What do you see, what kind of people are around you, what do they do, what words do they say? What sounds do you hear and what smells do you feel. Are you cold or warm? Perhaps, at this moment you are on the street and there is rain or wind, and maybe the sun is hot.
When you were in a beautiful place or experienced a joyful event, how many times have you thought about how soon it will end, instead of enjoying the moment? You thought about what awaits you tomorrow. You thought about what conversation with a friend you had a few days ago. Often we think of something else instead of living the real life that is happening to us right now. There are a lot of interesting and helpful articles on our blog, find what is needed for you.

Use every opportunity to learn how to enjoy every moment. Awareness is the responsible choice of one's emotions. The choice should be: we control emotions, or emotions control us. It is necessary to train this skill. It does not arise by itself, but it is possible to work it out, develop it. After all, awareness allows you to change what we do not like, our automatisms, and habits. Life becomes much richer and more saturated, but at the same time, it is calmer and more harmonious.

After all, now you control yourself and your life! Be happy every moment! The best paper editing and proofreading service is always here to help. We are always open to support our customers and make their lives less stressful and more positive.

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