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Use opportunities of our online paraphrasing instrument to make your essays and articles unique. We leverage a huge database of synonyms and effective intuitive algorithms. Premium rewriting services are available too.

Rewriting instrument: How it works
  1. Please, insert your text in the first field and push the button “REWRITE”.
  2. Look at your text — some words are highlighted. If you click a marked word, you’ll see a list of possible synonyms for it.
  3. Click the most suitable synonym, and your initial word will be replaced with it.
  4. Repeat step # 3 for all the necessary words and press “Finish.”
  5. Review the text. If it is readable, copy and paste it to your file.
  6. If it does not look perfect, press “Retry” for one more attempt.
  7. If you wish to paraphrase a new piece of content, click “Rewrite another text.”

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What is our free rewriter instrument?

A paraphrasing online instrument from is an automatic program providing a new version of your text. The number of checks is unlimited and you do not need to pay for it.
The functionality is simple and user-friendly. All you need is to copy the content and press the button. It has never been so easy to reword your sentences! One click, and your thoughts sound differently.

How does the paraphrasing tool work? Our program analyses your text and changes words to synonyms automatically. Meantime, the number of sentences is the same. One can download about a thousand words in one pass and repeat this step if necessary. As a rule, it is enough to rewrite an average essay for a college.

We have collected a vast data bank of English words to select the best equivalents for your words. Our specialists constantly update it, as additional terms, word combinations, and expressions appear in the course of time.

This online tool is the result of our intellectual and creative endeavors, as well as hard work and diligence. Built on the professional knowledge of our editors, writers, and programmers, it provides a fast rewriting service.

Our online instrument is also known as an article spinning program; however, the sense is the same. By using this tool, people see fresh variations of their texts.

You only need two steps to check it all on your own.
1. Paste the piece of your writing into the text box.
2. Press the button to spin the content.
This process is fast as it is one of the most progressive tools.

Article rewriter tool Vs. your own efforts

Our online paraphrasing program has a bunch of advantages over a conventional way of rephrasing. Forget about racking your brains over rewording your original content. The tool on our site:

  • saves your time,
  • offers good synonyms,
  • costs you nothing.
You can use it for different purposes:
  • to make any texts unique,
  • to look at issues from different angles (new words bring fresh ideas),
  • to ensure uniqueness for academic papers and get high grades,
  • to create exclusive content for websites (it is good for both search engine optimization and human readers).

Every time you use our instrument, you benefit from it. Even if the spun text is not perfect, its fresh formulations can inspire you to write something original.

Text rewriter: all you need to know about article spinner

We feel obliged to warn you about several nuances concerning our rewriting tool. As an automated program, it does not understand the tone of your text and cannot guarantee a 100% super quality result. It is the prerogative of our expert editors. You can always count on the following help from them:

  • selection of the best suitable synonym for the original word (readable text),
  • a correct structure of every sentence,
  • taking into account the style of your text,
  • a guarantee of plagiarism-free content,
  • extra services apart from rewriting, including proofreading and consultations.

If you want something more than a good result, do not stop at our online tool, turn to our writer.

Sphere of application of our free article rewriter

Since we enter a new stage of the information age, the necessity to process data is getting important. We, on our part, offer a convenient option to rewrite everything you want. Our instrument can be successfully used for changing various types of content. It is about text rewriting in different areas of life.

  • Online article paraphrasing

Google algorithms check plagiarism of the published content and make duplicated pages low-ranked. It is bad for SEO and the popularity of the website, in general. Meanwhile, we know how challenging it can be to create multiple posts for the blog. You can leverage our text spinner to receive fresh formulations of the old text.

  • Rewording of texts for study

The topic of the essay may be extremely complicated and little researched. It looks like you have nothing to say about it. So instead of creating your own piece of writing, you simply repeat someone's words, and it results in plagiarism. Try this article rewriting tool to avoid such situations.

The free online tool is the first but not the last stage of our cooperation. Feel the difference, having ordered our expert rewriting service. “Handcrafted” editing is always better than the machine version. In the case of skilled help, it ensures the best results.

This is precisely what we offer at With respect for academic and copyright rules ("rights reserved"), our specialists create unique top-notch quality content.

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