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Still looking for academic papers proofreading services of high quality?

Are you still looking for best thesis proofreading website? Stop your searching because you have already found it! Smart Essay Rewriter is a website that provides expert help in revising, proofreading, editing and rewriting of all kinds of academic papers. There is nothing easier and more convenient that using our services. And also there is nothing more pleasant than working with our team of professionals. Our motto is respect towards the clients and only the highest quality of provided services. Just stop hesitating and use our professional assistance. Smart Essay Rewriter is your way to great results and success! And know we are going to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope that information presented in this essay will bring you much use.

Is it possible to proofread thesis written long time ago?

Of course, everything is possible. It does not matter for us when exactly paper have been created. The only thing we need from our clients is to send us their document, which they want to check, and specify what exactly they want to be done, i.e. specify which of the services of our website they want to use. You know that our customers can also order proofreading and check for plagiarism services ( If this is your option, then we are glad to inform you that the “older” text you want to check, the more chances that it will not contain borrowed fragments. Why does it happen so? Look here. If an academic paper that one wants to check is, for example, thesis, then the sources published later than the date of thesis creation are not taken into consideration. Thus level of originality of a text will be higher. Also you should know that the older text is the less sources of borrowing anti plagiarism system can find due to the fact that many research papers and scientific written works of previous years have not reached the phase of digitizing yet. For example, there is known a case when in a thesis paper dating from 1992 there are only two sources of borrowing have been discovered.

However, it is harder to proofread and check for plagiarism papers of previous years, especially thesis, than “fresh” texts due to the fact that each source of borrowing requires an exact date of publication. That is why the cost of services for “older” papers is a little bit higher than the cost of fresh thesis processing. Nevertheless, our professional online service Smart Essay Rewriter offers affordable prices for all kinds of services. You can get acquainted with the prices on our website and even calculate on your own the price for each certain type of paper and service.

How to proofread my paper using technical way and increase its originality?

Honestly saying, we absolutely do not recommend anyone to use technical (program) means only to proofread thesis paper and increase its originality in such a way. Today anti plagiarism system takes into consideration standard methods that most text optimization programs use. For example:

  • to make part of a text invisible in an analyzed document;
  • to “gum up” (to combine) words together;
  • to use so-called “synonymizers”, i.e. programs that help to find synonyms to the words;
  • to add “strange” letters to a word;
  • to replace some letters with the letters of other language that look similar and so on.

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As soon as anti plagiarism system finds such artificial techniques of originality increase, it “tells” that a document contains the signs typical for artificial originality percentage increase and that an author of the document uses technical ways and tries to increase originality by changing the formatting features of the document. Thus it is impossible to make paper better using technical methods. And if one uses them to improve the quality of a thesis work, such actions may have serious consequences.

It is obvious that there is a constant “fight” and different people and even groups invent new ways how to trick the anti plagiarism system. In turn, anti plagiarism system developers work hard all the time to improve the system and find antidotes against these new methods of system breaking.

Besides, if one manages to proofread thesis paper and increase its originality level now using technical way and cheating the anti plagiarism system, there are no guarantees that later such a deception will remain unnoticed. The anti plagiarism system with time can be improved to such a level that will make it absolutely impossible to use technical methods of originally increase with all possible consequences that it may lead to.

Does your thesis proofreading service works with the authors of papers only?

The question is whether someone is allowed to order services of our thesis writer website instead of a person who has created a text, for example, on request of a text author. The answer is absolutely yes. You are free to cooperate and to help someone and send us someone else’s text, if its author is aware of it and agrees. It happens that person lacks time not only for paper writing, but also for using professional academic paper building help. That is why if you have an opportunity to help someone being an “intermediary” between an author of a text and us, you are welcome. However, keep in mind that we do not encourage and of course do not appreciate stealing. So be careful and make it sure that your actions as an intermediary are agreed with the text writer. From our side, we accept any types of texts for proofreading and check.

Is it possible to order proofreading PhD thesis services on Smart Essay Rewriter website?

The answer is definitely yes and not only. Expert team of our website works with all types of academic written works, beginning with the easiest ones, such as sentences and paragraphs creation and rewriting (, proceeding to essays and articles building, and ending with Master’s and PhD thesis creation. Whatever type of academic paper you have, our specialists know how to deal with it. Our team consists of highly qualified owners of Master and PhD degree, who know from their own experience how to build competently written works of various types. Thousands of our customers have already entrusted us their papers and got an amazing results.

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