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There is no doubts that no one wants to rewrite any kind of academic paper, what to speak of thesis rewriting. Thesis is one of the most serious and difficult types of academic written works. So there is no need to explain how much hard it is to create it and make it really good. However, if you have such a need to rewrite your paper, our online service Smart Essay Rewriter offers its assistance for you. Use our thesis rewriter service and will no longer worry about originality of your work. Anyway, we want to help our customers as much as it can be possible. That is why we present you useful tips on how you can increase originality of your paper, and in such a way you probably can avoid its rewriting. So read, learn and use our advice.

How does anti plagiarism check look like? What is the essence of the procedure?

The results of anti plagiarism service can be presented in different forms, the most common among which are the following:

1) summary table of borrowings;

2) summary assessment of originality;

3) your original text (as you have created it) with highlighted separated pieces that have been discovered somewhere else with links to the sources next to them.

Consequently, basing on this data you get opportunity to increase the originality of your text.

How to make paper original?

So, let’s suppose that two or three months before defense you need to check your thesis for plagiarism and increase its originality to the level that is sufficient for your kind of academic paper.

Previously it often happened that thesis authors, who needed to have their written work checked, were provided with the summary assessment of originality, and they did not get the highlighted text, in which fragments of plagiarism were marked. As a result they had to rewrite almost the whole thesis, meanwhile they could have avoided such a hard work of thesis rewriting and of course they could have saved huge amounts of time and efforts, physical as well as mental. We strongly recommend you to use professional thesis rewrite services ( In such a way you will not only manage to save your time, but also your paper will be checked, revised and rewritten by experts, who know how “perfect” thesis should look like. Anti plagiarism services can provide customers with a full report on a text and presence in it different kinds of borrowings and plagiarism itself.

After the check you get a list of text fragments that cause doubts, and you need to increase originality of the whole paper by rewriting these certain pieces of the text. If you decide to conduct plagiarism check on your own, then you need to realize that it is extremely difficult to implement anti plagiarism check within twenty four hours and increase the level of originality to sufficient one. And in general you will need a couple of tries in the process of paper rewriting to increase its originality. That is why you will have to pay for a week or even month cooperating with someone trying to cut down expenses. But now you can see that in such a way you can lose more than save. So we advise you to use our professional rewriting services at reasonable prices that you definitely can afford. Additionally, you get great result in short time. Thus our clients save their time, money and nerves, what is really important.

Tips on how to increase paper originality

What to do if originality level is lower than it is demanded? There are two ways: technical and intellectual.

1. The technical way. On our website you will hardly find recommendations of technical optimization of text originality. We strongly do not recommend to use such seemingly easy way, because anti plagiarism system has learnt to discover artificial methods of optimization.

2. The intellectual way. This one is more difficult, because thesis writers have to think and be absolutely aware of the subject of research. The intellectual way allows to raise the final assessment of originality and shorten the size of thesis paper.

It often happens that a dissertator writes more than required, so there is no problem to cut some pieces of paper that anti plagiarism system defines as borrowed. In particular, you need to take the following measures:

a) get full report on your thesis paper from anti plagiarism system;

b) unlike the technical way, now it is more convenient to work with multicoloured visualization of a report;

c) all the big highlighted fragments of text need to be rewritten with your own words. It is better to make them much shorter or to remove them at all (it will be especially useful for the first part / chapter of your paper, in which a review of written works in your direction are usually presented). The bigger the size of dissertation is, the more borrowings you may throw out the text.

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions on anti plagiarism check

What originality percentage should a thesis paper have?

Perfect case is when originality is more than 90%. The border (minimal level) of sufficient originality level is 70%. Talking about Master’s thesis many colleges and universities set “a lower bar” of 85%.

The results of the highest originality grade are 95,75% for Master’s thesis and 96,06% of originality for PhD thesis. The minimal grade of originality assessment that is fixed for the moment is 12,86%. By the way, this paper were rewritten and successfully defended.

Is it possible to use plagiarism check service remotely?

Of course, our thesis writing service works with customers all over the world and provides all kinds of academic paper writing services online. You need to send us your text with comments on what exactly service you want to use. Special form will help you to make an order. Then you need to pay and wait when your paper will be processed improved. You will get a confirmation letter on your email address with the paper and reported on the work of our specialists.

How much time does it take to check and rewrite thesis paper?

It usually takes up to several days to check and rewrite thesis. However, it also depends on the size of paper. Anyway, terms of work are discussed in advance, so you will know the exact date when your thesis will be ready. Also, we provide immediate help for urgent cases. Visit our thesis editing online service and contact our supporting team for more details.

Can any kind of academic written works be checked for plagiarism or thesis paper only?

Of course, any kind of academic papers, including thesis, can be checked for plagiarism. As well as any kind of written works can be revised, proofread, edited and rewritten by highly qualified specialists of our website.

Whatever task you have and whatever you need, we can give you a hand and help any time of day and night. Our online service is available round the clock seven days per week. So think it carefully and decide what you need. In turn, our professional team is always there for you. Rely on us and you will not be sorry (!

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