Dissertation Services: Writing, Editing and Proofreading


If the deadline for submitting your dissertation becomes dangerously close, and you have not yet managed to write it all on your own, you are lucky to have landed on this page! Our academic writing services will come in handy for those students who have not even started working on the project, while editing and dissertation proofreading service will help the ones who did not have problems with creating a rough copy by themselves. We will polish up what you have written and adjust your dissertation so that it meets the requirements of your college. Now we will tell you how we do it.

Writing from scratch

Some students get scared at the amount of work one needs to accomplish to write a dissertation from A to Z. No wonder; the process includes such laborious steps as:

  • drawing up a plan (deciding what contents will be included in your work);

  • browsing through tons of literature to select sources for referencing;

  • analyzing the existing researches and providing legitimate criticism;

  • typing the whole dissertation from start to finish;

  • formatting the document.

Each of the steps can present a difficulty on its own, so going through them all often seems a torture to students. Our custom dissertation writing service knows a cheap yet efficient way out. We can write the whole dissertation for you almost for a song! We have one of the most modest price lists on the web, which makes our services highly appreciated by students all over the world. We work with clients from different countries whose official language of studies is English. Smart Essay Rewriter helps both native speakers and foreign students, and does it on a decent level, which eventually turns our newcomers into regular customers.

When ordering a dissertation from our company, you get a whole bunch of guarantees that protect your rights as a client. First, your document will be written by professionals – the holders of a PhD degree. Second, the text will not have problems when passing a plagiarism test. We will include a free plagiarism report so that you can be sure in the work you turn in. And third, our company guarantees a complete refund in case you received from us a dissertation of poor quality or did not receive anything at all after the deadline had come. All these features of our service are designed to let you relax and forget about your academic assignments; we will do everything for you at a very low price.

Dissertation editing

Then, apart from writing, dissertation services from Smart Essay Rewriter also include editing. This option is a holy grail for those students who do not have any power left to finish the dissertation they once started writing. We are ready to deal with your drafts. Our editing is a very complex service that covers most of the vital adjustments one can suggest for a dissertation:

  • We improve your grammar throughout the document, making it consistent and corresponding to academic criteria.

  • We deal with your punctuation and sentence structure to get rid of even minor imperfections (although an extra comma or a space character are in fact unnoticeable symbols that can be easily overlooked, we will pay attention even to these details);

  • Our editors will work on the style of your document, taking away all the inappropriate vocabulary. You know that school and college writing has its own academic stylistic guidelines, don’t you? The pitfall is that these may vary from establishment to establishment, that is why we kindly ask you to provide us with the exact requirements your supervisor gave you.

  • If our editors think it is necessary, they will delete or add some excerpts in your dissertation. In other words, they will also work on its contents, not only on how the document looks like or how it is perceived by a reader. It makes our services comprehensive and universal: once we have edited your dissertation, nothing else needs to be done about it before turning the work in.

Dissertation proofreading

Proofreading from Smart Essay Rewriter is similar to editing. However, these two have some minor differences. Proofreading, too, aims at eliminating grammar mistakes and misprints that could have accidentally sneaked into your dissertation. However, when performing proofreading, we do not provide you with heavy rewriting or text expansion. Your dissertation will be left the way you wrote it in terms of the contents. That is why we do not recommend this type of services to beginners: it is very likely that the text will need more serious amendments.

However, those students who are sure in the quality of their research can order proofreading from us without any hesitation. We will ameliorate all the slight imperfections in the document so that your supervisor will be happy with your work. The statistics we gather show that the preliminary proofreading from Smart Essay Rewriter reduces the odds of getting your work back for revision by more than 90%! Try it out for yourself and see that the testimonials from our clients that you can access on our website are absolutely true.

Even after reading this post you still have unanswered questions, go to this page to read more about services from our company. If this does not help either, our support managers are always ready to communicate with you. They work 24/7 to leave you satisfied not only with the writing and editing, but also with the customer support.

All in all, dissertation writing services from our company can save you from the need to write the whole dissertation on your own. We also offer dissertation editing and proofreading in case you managed to compile the majority of your work by yourself. What we will do is arranging all the material in the logical order, eliminating grammar imperfections, checking the references and correcting the formatting. You can be absolutely sure that any dissertation we deliver to you is free of plagiarism, which is proved by the plagiarism report we provide you with. Start working with our company right now to experience the pleasure of handing in the best dissertation you could have produced.