How We Deliver High-Quality Dissertation Proofreading


Dissertations are used in the world of science to allow different professionals to communicate with each other and share their discoveries with someone who will appreciate. Once a student reaches the moment in his academic life when he needs to create a dissertation, panic often outbalances reason, which may become the cause of a poorly written work. This will not happen to our clients who are welcome to make use of the dissertation proofreading service we offer. In this case the text will be perfected in various aspects, and we will dwell on several of them right here.

What dissertation can be called perfect

Since dissertation writing is important because scientists need a way to share their experience with each other, a dissertation will be a success if it can boast academic novelty and its results turn out useful for further studies. It means that a quality work must contain a solid study, a research that is confined to a certain matter of topical interest.

If in the process of writing an author thinks deeply, analyzes information and finds answers to disputable questions, he is most likely to create a top-notch dissertation on his own. Although, you have to add to this the ability to convince other people with a chain of mutually complementary arguments, which create an integral study.

What should a student do if nothing from the mentioned above has to do with his dissertation? The answer is simple: that is what our dissertation writing services are here for. Professional writers will easily proofread your dissertation and cope with every imperfection. And now it is time to dwell on the ways we manage to deliver high-quality services to our customers.

Consistency in terminology

It is a common rule that each term present in a dissertation must have only one meaning, and the author has to reveal it by referring to a reliable source. Unfortunately, sometimes terminology in dissertations is all mixed up: students tend to use two or more synonyms to describe the same notion, they make mistakes in picking out the right words or fail to mention the definition of some terms. It all leads to lower points and considerably reduces the quality of the text.

Of course, professionals from Smart Essay Rewriter have a simple solution to these cases. Once we start working on a dissertation, we make sure that by the time we are done, all the terms used there correspond to the next criteria:

  • their definition is based on dictionary articles or some scientific studies conducted earlier;
  • throughout the dissertation each term is used in only one meaning;
  • if several terms are defined in the same source, we will not mention the latter after every term; to make the text concise, our writers will opt for including a general statement at the beginning of the dissertation that says where the definitions are given;
  • it is not necessary to include formal term definitions in the introductory part, and our specialists will bear it in mind while proofreading, which excludes unnecessary changes in the work.

Logic and grammar

Some may say that the logical aspect and the grammatical one should be discussed separately, but we would disagree. The thing is that grammatical mistakes are often the main cause of different misunderstandings in academic writing that have to do with the logic of a text.

Here is a quick classic example: if the subject in a sentence does not correspond to the predicate, a logical mistake obviously takes place. Look at this sentence: “The program finds a solution to the problem.” This is an example how statements can lack logic despite the fact that the meaning is pretty clear. It will be better to change the sentence into something like this: “The program solves the problem” or at least “The program presents a solution to the problem” because the verb find implies a slightly different meaning, inappropriate for the inanimate subject in the given context.

It becomes even harder to follow the rules of logic when your text is a 100 pages long dissertation. Add to this the fact that the writing deals with scientific issues, and therefore being precise is extremely important. We have patience to deal with it all, and logical-grammatical errors are only a tiny part of what the proofreaders will ameliorate to deliver the really top-notch proofreading services for your dissertation. So, what else do we do?

We shift the focus to the results

Being result-oriented, a dissertation does not presuppose talking too much about yourself, nor about other authors, if it comes to that. It is considered to be mauvais ton to include personal pronouns in an academic work. Neither “I” nor “we” should be present there, even though it may have taken a lot of efforts to reach this or that conclusion. State only the results, and it will make the dissertation more academic and scientific. Moreover, do not try to brighten the work up by mentioning mysterious circumstances under which it became possible to come up with a certain conclusion. Only facts and figures are welcome guests in a dissertation.

However, the rules are even stricter than that. Did you know that instructions advise not to focus on the authors whose works you choose to cite? Although mentioning them is alright, their personality has no role in an actual study, so choose wording correctly. For example, do not use this kind of structures: “The author claims that…,” “The authors arrived at the conclusion…” and the same options with actual names. Put the latter at the end of the work on the list of cited sources, but in the main body per se stick with the next variants: “The paper states that…”, “The study reports…” and the likes.

We are adept at spotting incorrect structures at first glance, so it will not take us a lot of time to proofread a dissertation. Even if the assignment is due the next day, you still have enough time to contact us and order high-class proofreading. Our writer will make the text focus just on the right things, so it will be perfect in terms of citing other works and reporting only vital information on the subject.

Still hesitating about ordering services at Smart Essay Rewriter? Here is quick statistics: most of the clients who chose our proofreading company once prefer to turn to us later on with other assignments. They become sure that we offer one of the best dissertation proofreading US has known. See for yourself! If the text we deliver does not come up to your expectations, the money refund policy will always protect your rights.