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You have finished writing your paper but there is something that bothers you about it. You realize that it is far from being called “perfect” or at least “good one”. You feel that something should be changed but you do not know what exactly requires correction and what to begin with. What to do in this case? Online paper writer service Smart Essay Rewriter is ready to give you a hand. Our specialists offer you their services on paper revision, proofreading, editing and rewriting. Many people hesitate to use professional help due to its cost, but our online services are affordable for any person. Also we have clear, simple and flexible payment system. You will be greatly surprised with the professionalism of our experts. Trust us you paper revision and you will see that it is pleasant to work with our online service.

What to pay attention to when revising paper for mistakes?

When you decide to correct mistakes on your own, it is important to pay attention to some fundamentally important points, revision is not just a mere errors correction in a text. Formulations of thoughts need to be clear, phrases should be understandable, words should be correctly used according to the meaning they have, there should not be present ambiguous phrases in a text. It is important that an idea that author tries to convey to the reader should be understood correctly. The language of writing should also be clear and simple. It is better not to use repeated words in your texts, clichés, and a lot of numbers and abbreviations.

It is also essential that your paper should not be too big. In case if it is bigger than required, it needs to be shortened. Text can be shortened by removing of secondary information, and the essence should be preserved. In such a way your paper will be expressive and brief. In this case your reader will not get tired reading it, and a chance that the paper will be read till the end is bigger. We will also mention that readers often look through the text and do not read it completely. They pay attention to the phrases that interest them (key words and word combinations), that is why there is no sense to write much excess secondary information. No one has desire to read hundreds of pages trying to find the information they need.

How is text correction carried out after revision of paper?

Text revision means that text is being prepared for printing and publication. Paper revision is a whole complex of actions implemented by a reviser, during which revision analysis, check of a text for errors, editorial revision, correction and so are carried out. Any kind of a paper needs revision, because an author may be not objective and a text requires “a fresh look from aside”. What a reviser needs to do is to read carefully a text, find any possible error, eliminate repetitions, remove phrases that do not have semantic load, as well as remove unnecessary details and excess factual materials. It happens that reviser has to change a text radically. However, its meaning and the main message is never changed.

Revision of material begins with finding and correction of lexical errors. It is necessary to check a paper for correctness of lexical combinations, idioms and set phrases use, as well as accuracy of word meanings use. Further there is a stage, during which reviser removes stylistics mistakes of a text and its ambiguity. Eliminating semantic mistakes, reviser should follow the logic of a text structure, remove repeated words and words that are incorrectly used. After that, the whole text composition should be improved. It means it is necessary to check grammar and logic of a text dividing in paragraphs. Usually within revision the check of factual material maintained in a text is implemented.

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Paper revising is one service that includes several services at the same time. What does it mean? Revision of a text is not a mere reading or looking through a text looking for spelling mistakes. Of course, elimination of orthographic errors as well as elimination of typos and misprints is one of revision paper stages, and also one of the most important ones. However, it is not the only one action that reviser makes. Saying “paper is revised”, we mean that its text was carefully read, all the mistakes in grammar, spelling, stylistics, punctuation, syntax and so on are detected and corrected.

Why literacy of a text is important?

There is a very important point, which everyone should pay attention to. We are talking about literacy of a text. In this regard, all people, readers as well as writers, are divided into two groups: one group consists of sticklers of grammar, and another one consists of those who do not treat grammar too attentively. Members of the first group stop reading a text right after finding any grammar or stylistics error. Their opponents believe that text literacy is not the most important, but its content. Besides, norms and rules of a language change all the time, so it means that it is not necessary to follow them precisely.

Who is right? Is it necessary to write correctly?

Let’s try to figure out. In fact, text literacy is important. Let’s begin with the fact that language rules are not something far-fetched. They have been changed and improved during centuries to help people understand each other better. Illiterate text can not attract a reader. Also it is a sign that its author either an illiterate person, or inattentive and careless, and also does not respect his / hers readers. Then, as a rule, reader concludes that if an author can not cope with grammar (within school program at least), it probably means that he / she has problems with logic and he / she is not able to express the thoughts in a proper way and author hardly knows well the issue presented in a paper. In this case, why should they read what is written in a text?

In addition, people are created in such a way that if they are pretty easy on their own texts, but they will definitely find flaws in the texts of others. In any case, they will look at someone else’s text more picky and consequently they start being “grammar followers”. That is why, neglecting text literacy, its author is risking to lose bigger part of the readers.

Sometimes paying too much attention to grammar, authors face difficulties with text writing stumbling upon several sentences and not knowing how to continue writing and how to express the thoughts further. In this case, authors sometimes try to continue ignoring grammar element. Often such a method helps ( However, anyway when paper is written, it still requires to be reread, revised, proofread and edited.

How to increase your text literacy?

Read more. Although, unfortunately, active reading itself can not rescue you from mistakes making. It is not enough to read a lot to learn basic rules at least. Also reread your text when you finish it. Most of errors are made mechanically due to inattention.

Remember that Word program and some other text editor have such a function as spelling / orthography check ( But remember that you can not rely completely on such check. Vocabularies of such editing programs do not contain a lot of words and consequently the words will be highlighted as incorrect ones. Besides, automated text editors often ignore errors in grammatical structures of sentences. So you can use text editing programs just to find the most obvious glaring mistakes, but not more than that.

If you want your paper be properly checked for mistakes at each level, use our professional revision service online. We can guarantee that having made an order on our website, you will get expert help of real professionals, who have high qualification and great experience in academic papers writing and processing.

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