How to Choose Between Proofreading and Editing Services


Online writing companies often additionally render proofreading and editing services. This is quite reasonable: professional writers should have no troubles editing someone else’s documents. But difficulties arise when clients have to choose the best service for their needs. Many people doubt which one to stick with. In this situation we always recommend to contact our support team, who can easily decide what service you need, taking into account your assignment and writing skills. But these questions became so frequent that we made up our mind to publish this comparative article that should help you choose between editing and proofreading at our company. Please, pay attention that this post is true only for services from Smart Essay Rewriter and cannot be applied to other online companies.


Editing and proofreading: common features

Both proofreading and editing are aimed at getting rid of all kinds of grammar mistakes, among which we can single out:

  • Spelling errors that occur when you fail to write a word correctly. These mistakes are the easiest ones to eliminate because they do not require a deep grammar insight. Any person with a dictionary and enough time at their disposal can manage this type of task, provided they do not lack assiduity.

  • Syntactic mistakes are mistakes in grammatical structures that make the text illogical. The thing is that you should establish the right connections between the words in your sentences, otherwise the latter will not be understood by readers properly. English grammar does not have many rules in this regard, so brushing them up should not be a problem. However, if it is, you are lucky to have found this post and learnt about our proofreading editing services. We can help you with syntactic mistakes in your writing; all you need is to place an order at our company.

  • Mistakes in punctuation present another difficulty for students. Fiction writers have less troubles with it because they are free to establish their own punctuation rules in ambiguous cases. It applies to the Oxford comma, a comma after short adverbs at the beginning of a sentence and a number of other similar cases. However, students have to adhere to more strict punctuation rules and, most of all, their choice of punctuation must be consistent across the document. We will check the correctness of your commas, colons, semi-colons, dashes and full stops, making sure that each mark in placed appropriately. Even if you are not a PhD in linguistics, your edited or proofread essay will look as if it was written by one.

As you can see, all common grammar mistakes will be eliminated from your work by our skillful professionals. Additionally, we will take care of the stylistic appearance of your essay. It suggests perfecting the vocabulary in your work by adding more scientific terms according to your subject and deleting those words that do not meet the criteria of academic writing. These are literary devices and idioms that make our speech brighter and are perfectly fine in a work of fiction, but at the same time inappropriate in your essay or paper.

Who had better choose editing

Editing at Smart Essay Rewriter is the most complex service for a paper written by you. Editing ensures a comprehensive analysis of your work for the purpose of detecting structural imperfections along with grammatical ones. This service is for you if:

  • you are not sure that your essay has clear logic – some parts of it look odd and out of context;

  • you believe that the ideas in your essay have not been fully developed, and adding extra text should solve the problem;

  • you need to extend the range of references in your academic work; this may happen in situations when you know that the essay will not pass a plagiarism check, but you cannot do anything about it on your own.

Who should stick with proofreading

Proofreading, in contrast with editing, does not include thorough work on the essay structure. It can eliminate major structural errors, such as lack of necessary transitions between different parts of your text or long sentences and/or paragraphs that present difficulties for reading. If this is the case, proofreaders from our writer services will divide your wordy sentences into several small ones or insert additional line breaks in places where one paragraph contains more than one thought. (We hope you already know by now the purpose of paragraphs – to convey only one idea, but in a comprehensive manner. Thus, a paragraph must start with an introductory sentence and end with the closing one; a paragraph therefore repeats the general structure of an essay in a way.)

Taking into account this information, we can draw a conclusion who will benefit most from our proofreading services:

  • students who are adept at crafting worthy essays in terms of structure;

  • those who suffer from typos in their papers, which appear every now and then and go unnoticed by checking software;

  • people with poor knowledge of grammar, which does not prevent them from expressing their ideas clearly.

Now that you know a lot about our editing and proofreading service, it must be easier for you to make a decision. The rules are simple: if you want us to work on your essay structure in addition to amending errors, then you should stick with our essay editing service. We will go as far as adding or deleting separate parts of your text if we find this kind of job necessary in your case. As for the proofreading, it has a slightly different target. Although we polish up your document’s grammatical imperfections, we do not offer text expansion within the scope of this service. Your paper will be left the way it was in terms of contents, which is a pleasant thing for students who know for sure what their essay must include.

If you have any further question concerning the choice of services, you are welcome to communicate with us via the chat box. And if you cannot think of any questions, we are looking forward to working on your order.