High-quality Proofreading for Students


Lately proofreading has been one of the most popular services for students in our company. It means that it is usually not a problem for a person to write an essay, but getting it into shape is an altogether different thing. Academic proofreading online from Smart Essay Rewriter has saved a lot of students from getting a low grade or receiving an essay back for revision. Our proofreading for students guarantees that your work will be exactly as your professor wanted it because we strictly adhere to our next principles.

Plagiarism-free papers

What is the main thing that prevents you from copy pasting the first suitable essay on the Internet and turning it in? Even freshmen know that it leads to possible (even probable) issues with plagiarism. Your academic works are supposed to be free of other people’s researches, unless they are given in the form of references according to the referencing style you should follow. But can a student manage to write a quality research from scratch on his own? Yes, but he will most likely face problems when it comes to quoting somebody’s works. Sometimes the process of adjusting and double-checking references takes up to several days. If you do not have that much time at your disposal, feel free to make use of your services. Smart Essay Rewriter can proofread your essay only in 12 hours!

Essays without mistakes and misprints

Typos often crop up in your essays written in a hurry. Everybody knows that haste makes waste, but it seems like with academic writing you cannot manage it otherwise. You have so little time and so many things to do that if you slow down at least a little bit, you will not be able to finish all the tasks.

Smart Essay Rewriter offers appealing proofreading services for students who do not have time to check their papers after writing them. Our company will do it instead of you, but with a higher level of quality. Our proofreaders are holders of master’s and doctor’s degrees, which guarantees that they will be able to deal with your assignment regardless of your level of studies. To read more about our professionals and their merits, go to this page. But it all comes to a short tip: choose your academic degree among other necessary options when placing your order, and we will take care of everything else.

Compliance with your instructions

This feature is extremely helpful for those who know for sure how the final paper should look like. Maybe you received strict guidelines from your professor, or maybe it is you who decided that the essay must be exactly like that. It does not matter to us where the instructions come from; what we do is improving your paper in compliance with them. It is a matter of an hour at most for an experienced proofreader to make head or tail of what is actually required. Then they can start proofreading, and the time limit here is up to you to decide. You already know that the most urgent orders get done in 12 hours, but you can also choose several days or weeks, depending on the sum of money you are ready to spend on this.

Delivery on time

Whatever deadline you preferred to choose after reading the previous paragraph, we make sure that we stick with it. Smart Essay Rewriter understands the importance of being on time, especially when it comes to academic writing. When dealing with our company, you can be sure that you will not exceed the timeframe for submitting your paper or essay to your professor.

Fair prices

One of the most important features of our service is that you can calculate the price for your order without placing it and even without logging in! We give you the possibility to learn our rates and discounts, and only after that you can decide whether to choose Smart Essay Rewriter.

That is how it works:

  • our prices are calculated depending on the type of work, its amount and the deadline;

  • you can select different options to see for yourself how each of them changes the final cost of your order;

  • each new client is entitled to a generous discount from us – use it by typing in the promotional code that you can find on the main page of our website.

Feel free to contact our managers should you have any further questions as to how the prices are calculated or what discounts are available personally to you.

Round the clock support

Please note that you can reach our support team at any hour! If you have issues with payment, questions or demands for your personal proofreader, or you just need to consult with us about anything that concerns our service, we are ready to solve your problems after you get in touch. Our company provides you with quality round the clock customer support, and our managers know the principles of our work inside out. They will show you an easy way to perfect grades, which you will start getting for every written assignment after becoming our regular customer.

Blog with useful information

What also makes our services distinctive is that we offer not only professional help for a fee, but also a free blog with articles on various subjects. Thus, you will find there updates concerning our services that will guide you through this website. We share with you life hacks and tips how to save more money or choose a suitable service.

But this was just the beginning! To top it all, we have a blog subcategory called “How to” that touches upon the most topical academic issues. There you will learn English grammar rules, read about new language learning techniques and find a lot of information on student’s life in general. Visit the page from time to time to keep updated; alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first who lays hands on these goodies.

As you can see, professional writers and proofreaders from our company offer affordable proofreading services for your academic needs. If you still doubt whether you need proofreading or not, contact our managers to learn more about what we offer our clients. Our basic principles were designed to meet our clients’ needs, what we have done successfully for several years and plan to do further. When dealing with Smart Essay Rewriter, be sure that we stick to our promises, which means that our money return policy, as well as your deadlines and instructions, are paramount to us for each separate order. Place your first order from us to experience the service of a premium level.