Reasons to Choose Our Academic Editing Services


You cannot deny that professional online editing together with proofreading of a high quality is an essential part of getting a good grade for your paper. If you have decided to check your text with the help of companies that specialize in proofreading and editing, you should know how to choose the best variant for you. That is why we suggest that you take a closer look at our academic editing services. In this article we will describe the main objectives of our job and the ways in which we manage to do it successfully. Because the credo of our service is to always provide you with the most appropriate online editing and make your paper the best in every respect.

If you have got a paper that you want to be edited, and you are ready to place an order at a professional editing service, first of all learn more about our offers and get all the necessary information about terms and conditions. It does not even matter what kind of paper you have got – we are sure that you will definitely find an option to suit your demands. Moreover, if you look at our reasonable and in truth friendly prices, you will be glad that you decided to opt for our professional proofreading and editing service.

Of course, everyone who is going to place an order at our company for the first time deserves to know every aspect of our working process. Here you will find crucial details about how we deal with your papers. So, you are entitled to these privileges:

1. You can discuss your demands with our editors and managers before placing an order.

It is quite obvious that you want to be aware of everything that will happen during carrying out your order. It is normal to make sure that editors and proofreaders will fulfill all your demands and, in addition, do no harm to your paper. So, we are ready to take into account all the essay requirements that your professor provided you with and discuss them directly with you. You are always able to consult our specialists before placing an order; we know how important it is for our clients to know for sure every detail related to their order. There is no need to wait for an opportunity to put a question to our team: simply turn to our client support service at any time. In this case we will provide you with high-class support day in day out. At Smart Essay Rewriter your questions will never be postponed till better times.

2. We accept the most popular file formats in which students typically submit their papers.

You will not have to ponder over in which file format you should save your essay because we accept different types of them. If you feel anxious about the file extension that you used while writing, address directly our support managers. They will enumerate all the formats we can possibly deal with. Besides, they will also advise you in situations when you have a specific extension. Following their instructions, you will still be able to send the file to our academic editor. We care about our clients’ comfort in the process of checking their written material, that is why we do not establish any strict limitations in terms of a text format.

3. You have an opportunity to control the process of editing.

We believe that you already have plenty of information related to what happens to your paper when it comes to our editors. However, those who want to have more control over the process of editing can check every step and monitor every stage of proofreading and editing that are being carried out by our specialists. This opportunity lets you relax and patiently wait for the deadline to come, sparing yourself from worries that your order could have got lost among other documents at our company. We ensure you that we display particular responsibility when it comes to keeping the record of your orders; we process each of them with due attention and respect. Therefore, there is no reason for you to be tormented by doubts whether you will get your paper on time.

4. You have an opportunity to order editing of premium and platinum quality.

Regular college essays rarely need deep and thoughtful editing. One should only eliminate all the mistakes, including grammatical, spelling and stylistic ones, and a student already gets an A for his brilliantly done work. However, bulky projects, such as theses and dissertations, often require a more serious approach. Sometimes you need to rewrite the whole paragraph in order to present your research to the best advantage, let alone deal with numerous references that bring a lot of headache to students. If you want your work polished up to perfection, without even a minor fault perceptible only by gurus of academia, our premium and platinum quality editing is definitely for you. Check out these options when placing an order at Smart Essay Rewriter: you will be told at once how much it will cost you to send a document to the very best of editors.

5. You can get a substantial discount from our company.

One more thing that our clients should know about us is that apart from our reasonable and friendly prices we have got a really attractive discount policy. Our company encourages you to start working with us right away, that is why we offer you a 20% discount for the first order. This is where our interests meet: you want to receive a properly edited paper at a low price, and we want to attract more customers. It seems like a real bargain on the web for you; at least those who tried to compare our prices with those of other editing companies will understand what we mean.

All in all, we know for sure that it is rather difficult to find a really worthy professional proofreading and editing company because the main task of proofreaders and editors is not so easy as some people may think. Therefore, we emphasize that at our company you will always find only well-qualified and experienced workers, and this is the reason why Smart Essay Rewriter is reliable enough to top the list of the best editing services. Our people are not only familiar with the main point of editing, but they also know the principles of working directly with clients. You will be pleasantly surprised at the level of the customer support that we deliver. Try our service now, and you will never want to look for a different one.