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Cicero’s methodology or the method of loci: memorize information effectively

In our modern world, we constantly face different values of information, plans, tasks. Many people need to speak publicly, thus they need to express their thoughts correctly, direct and lead people, be occupied with education and simultaneously provoke interest. Unfortunately, not each of us is able to memorize the necessary data immediately and qualitatively. Fortunately, there are special techniques for information memorization of any value and difficulty level. These methods are called mnemonics, what in translation from ancient Greek means the art of memorizing. Thus, as a result of memory development we can not only smoothly and comprehensively present information (i.e. we possess the oratory skills), but also we possess the art to memorize it professionally, meanwhile the volume and difficulty of data can be absolutely various.

It may be hard to believe, but we know a secret of successful information memorization. The secret is transformation of any data into pictures (images) with their further playing back in memory. The techniques are numerous, but in this article we are going to consider the method of memorization presented by Cicero. Also, we will give several simple but effective mnemonic methods of memorization.

First, it is necessary to understand what the reason for poor developed memory is. Keep in mind that the memory of each person is different and it is also selective, i.e. for someone it is easier to memorize numbers, but at the same time such person cannot remember the name of his fellow. Other people use effectively the visual memory type but cannot recollect the language rules ( What does it happen so?

There are five reasons for memory problems:

  • Decreased or absent interest. This is the most common reason. It is hard to remember something that is not interesting or does not provoke the desire to develop in this field. It is required to spend time and efforts to memorize something. If one does not like poetry, then poems learning will be a real feat.
  • Low concentration, inattentiveness, lack of attention control skills. We face a huge flow of information today. That is why we delve into data superficially without realizing its essence, without trying to put it into practice. This becomes a habit. By the way, simultaneous fulfillment of several tasks also influences our productivity.
  • Lack of memorization skills. We do not have good memory since birth. This is a skill, which we need to train. Further, we will present several methods that contribute to the development of this skill (
  • Low oxygen level, vitamin deficiency, malnutrition. The conclusion is obvious – eat only healthy food, go in for sports systematically, walk in the open air.
  • Depressed state. This is a scourge of a modern man. In this state a person is not able to memorize new data, and cannot recollect the old one. So, we advise to lead an active life and be able to overcome such states.

Now we can discuss the exercises for better information memorization (also, improve your spelling with our online grammar checker). Naturally, we present only some methods, which have gained popularity due to their efficiency. However, we want to emphasize it once again: each person is individual, so the exercises should be selected also individually. Only in such a way, the result will be positive.

A walk through the "Roman Room" or Cicero’s method

Cicero was extremely famous in ancient times. Today he is a role model for modern people. He possessed a unique talent. He could speak in front of a huge audience without using hints, notes or any other materials. However, the question is whether it was a gift or a hard work on the development of memorization skills.

This method is one of the most ancient information remembering methods. If you manage to master it, you will be able to keep in mind the dates, numbers, phrases and other data easily. However, remember that the major condition is the systematic work, i.e. everyday exercising.

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The method essence

Cicero’s methods suppose the image matrix creation, which helps to remember large amounts of data, not only a fragment. The first thing to do is to format a system, in which the images will be built. The system can be any (a room, a path, some familiar surrounding, etc.).

  • If we select a room, we need to remember each object located there. Order the object, for example, clockwise or from one wall to another. Select such room, which you know well. Thus, the next levels will not cause any difficulty. Some authors offer to create an absolutely new room with furniture. Since it is going to be your fantasy, it should be easier to cope with the task
  • The work with the “path” image system can be endless because you can form numerous images. The path does not have the end. In this case, moving along the path you will need to sort out the items that will be found (homes, stones, flowers, benches, animals, etc.).
  • Absolutely any comfortable place can be chosen as a system. The main condition is to split it into separate images correctly.

Before starting practice, we need to define the scheme by which we will bypass the selected system. The movements should not be chaotic. It is necessary to organize the room bypassing it not to spoil everything created earlier.

Important point: select a specific sequence of motion and bind the objects located in your system with the key fragments of your speech or presentation. When the system is created, filled with the objects and the keys are set, you need to bypass the system (a room or a path) for several times and remember all set criteria. The same should be done right before the presentation. Cicero also used to walk around his rooms and recollect the images before each speech. In some time everyone who used this method can activate memory in any required moment with the help of a useful image matrix.

Example of use

Let us show how the Cicero’s information remembering method can be used.

1. There are ten words / numbers / dates / thesis of a speech / foreign words to memorize (check out the most frequent grammar mistakes of foreigners). For instance, the words “curtain, postcard, bird, sour cream, packing, mouth, hair dryer, tambourine, book, speaker”. We need to set them on the particular objects of a chosen system (for example, a room). Now we can proceed with the next level of our task.

2. Take a sheet, a pencil and write down all objects located in the room. It does not matter how many they are. It is important that they create “niches” for our matrix. Besides, it is necessary to remember their place and in which order they are located. An approximate list of objects in the room: window, sofa, wardrobe, TV, pouf, floor lamp, armchair, shelf, grand piano, oven, carpet and others.

3. The third stage is a combination of the words from the point 2 with the list of thesis you need to remember.

Tips on information memorization

Despite the technique you choose, it is required to delve into the essence of the method and use it as much often as possible. The mnemonic field professionals have shared the work secrets of the method of Cicero:

  • Use only interesting combinations filled with emotions. Remember that something casual and not interesting is forgotten easily and quickly. Use paradoxes, satire and humor when creating your own matrix.
  • Change the characteristics of objects on your path / room / surrounding. For instance, let the window be airy, and the chair be barbed.
  • Make the characteristics of objects paradoxical. Do not put pajamas in the closet, but vice versa put the closet in your pajamas.
  • Put all reference points on yourself: carry a notebook in your pocket, tie the TV to your hand.
  • Change the shape and size of objects (just like in the closet with pajama example).

You need to walk around the chosen system once again and remove the previously mentioned objects. Is it easy? Yes, of course. However, a thoughtful study of those words that you have already remembered is required here. Now, do it all without using the hints. We believe you can do it! By the way, if you need grammar spelling and punctuation check, it is available on the site.

Memory work advantages

  • The main advantages of the above methods are simplicity and efficiency of the acquired information.
  • After several practices, a person can use the selected scheme and develop his memory.  Besides, these methods help us memorize information of any type. They are especially helpful when we need to prepare a presentation or a lecture, a seminar or even an international speech.
  • If you already know the audience, in front of which you need to speak, it can be a great matrix for images creation. Thus, there is no need to memorize a large number of associations, which can be destroyed due to the lack of some detail. For example, a person can easily recollect some phrase by remembering what association has been created with the background. Consequently, the required phrase will be remembered easily.

Of course, there are other methods of memorization with the help of poems, numbers and dates, but first, try this method. It is very effective and can bring amazing results! Our website with its professional team also brings impressive results. Created or processed here papers get the highest grades. The most affordable rates for proofreading are also provided. So, make the right choice. Cooperate with real professionals!

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