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Today people realize better that any text should be written and structured correctly. It is obvious that not each person is able to create a text of sufficient quality. That is why people start applying for professional help more often. Our online service is ready to provide appropriate assistance. It means that our site offers to order a great number of various services on academic paper making, correction, formatting, rewriting, etc. Our customers have already ordered and tried papers building, proof reading, revision, editing and other services and they have made sure on their own in high quality of work provided. Our document writer is a great online error checker and editor. We combine human and machine text processing, i.e. in work highly skillful and qualified specialists use latest technological innovations of this field, what ensures best result for our clients. Now we are going to talk a little bit about programs-editors, which can help anyone to improve quality of text. Here are additional steps to improve essay.

There is no need to tell what a program for errors correction is required for. Unfortunately, a lot of people have not learnt to make it on their own at school or college. It can be extremely unpleasant to read articles, posts, letters, comments, etc., which contains lots of mistakes. If author of a text allows and does not fix errors, readers make pretty negative impression. To get rid of this there are special online services for correction of mistakes, not only special programs. We will notice at once that both, online services and special programs have advantages and disadvantages, so each person decides on his own what suits him better. First, we will speak about several correction or editing programs. There are good and not very good, paid and free programs. Three of them deserve most attention, they are: “afterscan”, “ortho” and MS Word. Since first two are not as much good as Word, we will pay it special attention.

Text errors correction program

Today text editor Word corrects mistakes, including punctuation, better than other programs. What is great, it happens in a trace. One just needs to type or put a text in the editor and every mistake becomes obvious. Beginners may face difficulties on how to insert text in editor. It is easy. One needs to copy necessary text, open text editor and paste it. Some readers can become disappointed now, but we have to say that there is no such program, which fixes errors by 100%. Machines has not reached such intelligence yet, and if it becomes possible, then people will have nothing to do on the planet. “Words” copes with correction task by 90% approximately. We believe this is well enough. Sometimes it is said on the internet that there are programs better than Word. Do not believe this. Most of text editors are based on Word, consequently they cannot be better.

Text errors correction program: how to use

As soon as a text is pasted in Word, in case of orthographic error founding, a word will be underlined with red wavy line. If press on this word with right mouse button, there will be a list with several options of replacement. If a word is underlined with green wavy line, then this word contains punctuation mistake. Also, take into consideration that a program may not maintain all variants of correct word spelling. That is why there is always possibility to add them to vocabulary. However, it is necessary to be absolutely sure about its correctness. Another good feature of such program should be mentioned: this is synonyms. Pressing right mouse button on a word, there will appear a new window. Move cursor to the “synonyms” option and there will be offered a list of words, which have similar meaning. This is very helpful when one needs to create original unique texts. This was just brief information of editing programs. If there are questions, contact our support team without hesitation.

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Literacy of written speech

Saying “literacy” we usually mean level of writing and reading skills possession in one’s native language. Simultaneously, with spread of general school education requirements to literate people increased. Now we speak about abilities not just to write and read, but do all of that according to set norms of grammar and spelling. Without exaggeration, we can say that modern society of readers and writers can be divided into two groups: ardent advocates of literacy and, of course, not its opponents, but those who treat it without much importance. First ones are called “grammar nazi”, because they demand strict rules following and are ready to make a death sentence to a text, in which they manage to find at least tiny mistake. Their opponents reasonably notice that text importance is in its content, also, language is not a frozen set of rules, but a living and developing being, norms of which change constantly. In this article we are talking about how much literacy important is when writing texts and how it can be developed. More about essay writing strategy is in our blog.

When it is necessary and not necessary to write correctly

Probably, for someone following statement may seem seditious, but we will give such advice: write ignoring grammar. The point is that too excess concentration of attention at grammar rules does not allow to write. For a man it is difficult to express his thoughts grammatically perfectly. As a result, work is stuck on a stage of several sentences and it becomes almost impossible to move forward. That is why it is useful to practice so-called free writing, in process of which man just expresses his thoughts, without correcting mistakes and misprints, without thinking of punctuation marks placing and correct sentences building.

However, it does not mean that grammar can be forgotten at all. Written text is not a final product yet, it is just a draft, which is supposed to be edited for many times. Last stage of editing is its check for compliance with language rules and correction of all possible language errors. In such a way, our full advice is: do not pay attention to grammar during writing (, but reread written text for several times and fix errors.

Why eventually is it necessary to write correctly? Let’s begin with the fact that language rules are not random settings of linguists created to torture people. They are created naturally during historical development of language, and their role is unification of writing ways. That is why following grammar rules should not be considered as a “favor”, which one makes for a teacher or a scientist-linguist. Remember that this is condition of writing skillfulness existence in general.

What is else? Incorrectly written text pushes readers away. First of all, if a text contains lots of obvious mistakes, it means that its author have not even made an attempt to reread it. Consequently, reader concludes that author does not have any respect presenting unfinished work. If author has not been oriented towards reader, why reader should read text at all? Second of all, human perception is built in such a way that even making errors in our own writing, we always notice them in texts of others. It means that readers, without realizing it, turn into “grammar nazi” reading someone’s text. Most of them think the following: if an author has not managed to cope with school grammar, is it worth taking such a text seriously? Probably, such author has problems with logic, ability to structure thoughts, with material processing, etc. Although, suchlike thinking is not always correct, neglecting grammar author can lose big part of readers. Not to let this happen, read this post:

Furthermore, an argument “content is important, not form” is incorrect (here is information oh how to find arguments for essay). Communication researchers have formulated principle “The medium is the message”, i.e. means of information transmission is message. This principle if think about it is pretty obvious. At least writers use it since ancient times. If apply this principle to our subject, it turns out that form cannot be separated from content, because it also contributes to its efficiency. The easiest illustration of this thesis is that errors darken text meaning. Finally, non-observance of language rules can lead to a comic effect, which author is not going to create at all.

So, we hope we have managed to prove that text “appearance” is as much important as its content, what means that text not just should but must be reread, proofread and edited. All this can be ordered on our site. Each text is checked by experienced professionals, so there is no need to worry about quality of order performance. Entrust us and get perfect results!

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