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Editing proofreading: choose both

Thanks to Internet services of a good editor or proofreader are available for everyone today. To get qualified editor help there is no need to apply to editorial offices, bureaus or publishers. If help in text editing or proof reading (any text) is required, contact us. We are not only professional academic papers writer website, but also we are a team of great experienced and qualified editors, proofreaders, writers, who offer their services online at affordable cost. Cooperating with our professionals, customers get only best results and save money simultaneously. Order any of our services (article or resume creation / rewriting, text editing or revision, paper proof reading, etc.) and make sure that our work is of superior quality.

Our history of editing

Our editing activity has begun long time ago, and we have already gained trust and respect of many customers. Our experts have great experience. A lot of them started their career at school with editing of school newspaper or something like this. Later they continued editing and proof reading of college newspapers or cooperated with local magazines, publishers and so on. Then they entered universities and became professional editors. Since that time many years passed and our experts learnt lots of editing mysteries (here are some best English editing and proofreading secrets). Attitude to editing process has been changing as well. We can distinguish three main stages:

1) Censorship, ideology and quality mark. Everyone knows that previously censorship and certain ideology had great importance and influence. Also, the strictest demands were set for quality of published papers. Each text was thoroughly studied and processed. If there were mistakes in a text those, who were responsible for them, could have been fired from job. Similar spirit was at college and universities. Thanks to professors we have learnt that a text has to be perfect. Read what quality thesis revision service means to us.

2) When quality has turned into quantity. Times have changed and society has entered spontaneous market world. It has presented new press, new literature, advertising. Barriers disappeared, instead huge number of illiterate tasteless written works appeared. There were not enough good editors, and texts were proofread and edited by non-professionals. Even school books or children books contained harsh mistakes and misprints. Whole generation was grown up basing on such texts. Only serious publishing houses were “keeping the mark” and performing careful work with a text.

3) Literacy is back in fashion. Internet. Finally, nowadays. Literacy, logic and nice thoughts expression have become obligatory factor for success of a text in literature, business, science. Along with this they started to set new demands for editors. Now an editor should make text work for target audience. This was not taught before. Editors had to get additional knowledge on advertising, PR, marketing, sales management, etc.

Another phenomenon of modern times is online media. Level of editing in the web could have been better. Even if it is getting approved, still, it is happening too slowly. That is why big internet portals attract editors from well-known publishing houses. For us internet advantage is possibility to work with customers all over the world. We can work with clients and authors regardless of their location.

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Text editor – what is it?

Any person can say he (she) is an editor. Technician, physician, or economist may work as an editor. Self-taught editors are met on the internet more often. Each of them edits texts as much as possible. Other question is whether author or client gets desired result. However, not everyone is able to edit text well. Read more about this here:

If one thinks about how to choose an editor, then attention should be paid to education, general work experience, experience of work with texts of specific subjects, participation in editing-proofreading projects, prices, personal interests and hobbies of an editor (if possible).

Main requirements for a real editor are special education and an innate sense of language (read about top places to practice language). At the same time it is supposed that a modern editor is not only an erudite professional, but also creative comprehensively developed personality, a person with a progressive thinking, who knows techniques of work on the market, who studies demand for publishing products. A good text should be interesting, logically written, and used data should impress and encourage reader.

With time, we have made sure that except professionalism for successful communication with authors and customers such qualities as sense of tact and humor, sociability are also demanded and even obligatory. By the way, an editor can find common language with customers thanks to common interests.

Why a text should be proofread and edited?

To say in short, a text should be proofread to check its correctness and integrity and to make it clearer. It often happens that, for example, a translator too literary adheres to original text, meanwhile, an editor sees general picture. Our package of services contains text editing and proof reading. A text written by its creator is often a draft for our team of editors, who check work making it match all modern requirements and preserving original idea and style of a text. What for? Such a question can be made only by a person who has never been dealing with or ordering professional services on proof reading or editing previously. A lot of people, who at least once had to remake (rewrite) greatly a text, no longer make such a question and prefer to get a text ready to be used, i.e. text proofread and edited. We are occupied with this work each day and notice that even a very talented person can miss something or misinterpret a word or a term, misusing it.

Work of our editors and proofreaders is to check a text logically first of all: whether sentences have sense (, whether they match general context, whether a certain term is clear to potential readers, whether terms are used systematically in a text and whether they correspond to accepted terminology in this sphere. An editor reads a text faster that any other non-professional. It helps to notice defects in style and words use. Such skill is also developed by a habit of constant work with a text and experience, which an editor gains during day-to-day work: an editor sees what needs to be checked in a particular text and what sources should be used for this purpose.

It is important that a text is processed thoroughly by an editor or proofreader, i.e. someone, who is not its author, because text author can not notice errors. At the same time, such a system creates preconditions for the optimal team, which consists of text author and editor / proofreader. Such team gathers highly specialized knowledge and large experience, so-called sixth sense of an engineer and sense of language of a philologist, or knowledge of law field with economics and knowledge of different languages. A man, who thinks within frames of one specialty, can easily not notice that a chosen by him term does not match with terminology of other fields. An editor, who is used to work with various texts, such a mismatch catches the eye.

We pay special attention to the fact that a text should be checked by an experienced editor or proofreader, not just another specialist in this field, who does not have experience of broad text editing. An editor’s work requires ability to generalize along with attention to details, life experience, ability to work with a great amount of additional materials simultaneously and be able to orient in modern abundance of information. A lot of professionally written texts pass through editors, who polish them. Job of an editor is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with style of thinking accepted in a particular sphere in a very intensive mode.

Our editors and proofreaders work at online agency, where they can seek advice at each other or use additional reference materials. Even working remotely, each member of our team has absolute support of other specialists. Let good text of high quality be with you! This is what our editors with great experience wish everyone.

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