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There are certain types of errors, which almost all people repeat again and again, which are so hard to get rid of. Each of us probably is aware of them, tries not to make them, but it just happens even with the strictest self-control. This is the reason why we need help of someone who can notice errors we have missed and fix them. When we are talking about academic written works, we need assistance of experts in this field, in particular, professional revisers, proofreaders, editors, rewriters and services provided by them. Using various paper writer services, we protect ourselves from errors, which slip in our works. Everyone decides on one’s own what service to use: paper creation or rewriting, assignments revision, proof reading, editing or something else. We can help to define what exactly service is required for each particular work. Contact us, send us a document for processing: we will help to define what is better to do with it. Do it without hesitation, because among other things our professional help is absolutely affordable.

These malicious errors…

Some mistakes in written works are made so often that it seems they have become “professional” common issue and got into the habit of many authors. Mark Twain once said that nothing else requires fixing so much as one’s habits. We will try at least to point at these “habits, which require correction”. List of the most frequent errors of many authors is presented further.

1. Long sentences. Whatever strange it may be, but it is easier to write with long sentences, because a long sentence is often “a thought as it is”, unprocessed, uncorrected, chaotic. The lack of precision in words selection makes an author thread one phrase on another, explaining the meaning and expanding the sentences. Precise words should be selected – this is the most difficult. Volume phrase is often an unstructured product, which contains much excess. Unreadable text, heavy in meaning periods, necessity to reread something already read – all this makes us stop reading at all. A text that consists of long sentences only loses.

2. Fear of long sentences. To be afraid of long sentences is even bigger mistake. The alternation of sentences of varying length and intonation itself brings rhythm of a text, creates its uniqueness. Do not be afraid of volume; be afraid of lengthiness and inaccuracies.

3. Business cliché. There are phrases, after which people just stop reading any text. They are used so much often that they get on readers’ nerves.

4. There is no better editor than I am! Do not be misled by this fallacy. There is no such an author, who would not need an editor (essay editing service helps in any case). Even if an editor decides to create a text, then this very text should be shown to other editor.

5. The first paragraph is the core. This is not like that. In ninety percents of cases in a ready article, it becomes "core" only after a procedure, which is advised by editors to beginning authors (academic and scientific paper editing online will assist in this issue). The procedure is to remove the first paragraph from a text. Remember: very often material wins if the first paragraph, in which author "has been preparing, accelerating and gaining strengths", is just removed.

6. One fact – one post. Some authors believe that it is possible to build an objective, useful, interesting for a reader text basing on a single fact. They lean on it, presenting this fact in different interpretations. If the aim is “to pour water”, then the tactic is correct. If the aim is to create a good article, do not be seduced by this tactic ( One thought is one article, but in no case one fact – one post.

7. Abbreviations. Do not overdo with abbreviations. Among our readers, there will definitely be those, who are not acquainted with a certain used abbreviation. That is why it is better to decrypt abbreviations if they are not commonly known or in widespread use.

8. The abbreviated spelling of the words “thousand”, “million”, “billion”. It is better not to abbreviate them at all. For “million” such abbreviation as “M” is accepted, but it can be confused with something else. So the best way is not to abbreviate them, write them in full.

9. Abuse of professional vocabulary. Even if we write for professional audience, we should not overuse professional lexis. Abundance of professional words / terms makes text dry, less live and interesting. Stick to the “golden middle”.

10. Complexity of language. Main advantages of a text are lightness and simplicity of style. Complex language is not a sign of author’s intelligence; it is the sign that author has not managed to express thoughts more simply and clearly. Write as much simply as possible. “Aerobatics” is an ability to express the most complex thoughts with a very simple language.

11. Non-use of lists. The more clearly a text is organized, the more easily it is perceived by a reader. Instead of long periods, while enumerating, use lists.

12. Neglect to numbers. Statistics, numbers, exact data, comparisons, exact dates, facts – all this is the “stuffing” of any material, i.e. its evidence base. Operate this material if want to write convincingly and objectively (

13. Absence of author’s position. To make text successful it is required to take into consideration many nuances. However, there is a condition-minimum: content should present not an official corporate position, but the position of people, who stand behind a company. Author's position is everything in writing. Writing “without ties” is recipe for success.

14. Repetition of something said before us for many times. In other words, an absence of originality in texts. People do not want to read something they have already read somewhere. They expect from us fresh information, actual, unique or ambiguous view on a problem or event. Each time give to audience opportunity to learn something new. Thus, people will like us.

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15. Conviction that text length is decisive. Modern specialists have different minds on this issue. There are different studies, which claim that post should have such size so that it is possible to read it in seven minutes. However, in a modern media space another tendency is noticed: use of bigger formats of content (manual, white paper, electronic book). One of the researchers, for example, expresses his mind that in the near future those start winning, who invest in big forms of content (volume, deep and qualitative works, on creation of which much time is required, but which audience will appropriately evaluate and appreciate), instead of a great number of medium quality materials. However, no one has doubts that people read text until the moment it keeps capturing their attention. From this point of view, material can be of any size. The main question is: whether an author manages to interest readers making them read a text till the end?

16. Abuse of metaphors. Academic or business post is not a belles-letter text. The less we express our thoughts in a figurative way, the better. Audience appreciates specifics.

17. The absolute absence of metaphors. Steven Jobs presented “MacBook Air” having put it out of a paper office envelope – this was a brilliant metaphor; it was hard to imagine better way to declare about the thinnest on the planet laptop. Life in human perception is metaphorical. Art is metaphorical, text is metaphorical because they are created by life. Symbols and metaphors, if they are precise and convincing, find a response in each person.

18. Excessive emotionality. Convincingness of a text is the result of its logic, but not emotionality. Emotions without logic are exaltation. Emotionality should be used carefully only when it will enhance the logical validity of a text.

19. Absolute absence of emotionality. Honestly saying, it can hardly be called “an inexcusable mistake”. It is better to say that a text enlivened by emotional triggers (humor, talented metaphors, comparisons taken from life, etc.) can be really good or even great.

20. Exclamation marks do not make text more emotional. It is even better to write without exclamation points at all. It will look “smarter”.

21. Blurred picture of the target audience. A text cannot be targeted at everyone. So, it is important to have clear idea of whom we write for. Remember who is going to read our text. It is much easier to write for a real person rather than for an abstract audience.

22. Lack of expertise. We can start creating text only when we have collected enough material and can confidently say that we are well versed in the subject.

23. We do not proof read our own texts. Of course, any author needs reviser and editor. However, it is a must to proof read our own text before sending it to an editor (use reliable essay proofreading service for this purpose). In most cases, professional reputation of an author depends on it.

24. Wrong formatting of a text. Any text / document should be formatted in such a way that it is conveniently read and easily perceived by readers.

25. Too long lists (just like this one).

No errors when professionals work

We all can be wrong sometimes. Errors happen – this is something inescapable. We just need to accept this fact. Likely, there is a reliable way to fix any mistake. With experts’ assistance we can reach error free paper. Each document, each particular case requires suitable services. That is why all variety of academic field services is presented on our site: written works building, rewriting, correction, formatting, structuring in accordance with the latest requirements. Provided assistance has reasonable cost: the prices are cheap, the quality is high. What else can be wanted? Visit our site, get convinced in our professionalism.

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