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Nowadays level of education system quality often causes resentment. We can hear many complaints from all parties / participants of educational process: educators, pupils / students, parents, etc. What to do in this situation? Of course, it would be great to practice self-education. However, it requires time, meanwhile, result is often needed immediately. Thus, we suggest to apply for professional help. Our online word rewriter is a highly professional site, which offers numerous services related to academic written works. What do we provide and guarantee? PhD and Master’s degree owners expert team. We provide superior quality at moderate prices. Delivery is always on-time. Our customers have possibility to use live chat / customer support any time. Papers processed by our experts are completely original. We take care a lot about confidentiality of orders. Also, if a client’s demands are not fulfilled, we guarantee to give money back. All advantages speak for themselves. Make wise choice now.

How to learn literate writing: helpful for kids and grown ups

Basing statistic data, generation of 1960s – 1980s is better educated comparing with modern one. Routine of modern kids and teenagers is occupied with new. These devices not only take huge amount of time, which young men need to get knowledge of high quality but also, unfortunately, contribute to their degradation. Nowadays kids study to type earlier than to write with a pen, they do not read enough; meanwhile, educators in most cases prefer to ignore the development of literacy of their pupils. Nevertheless, skill of literate writing that contains no mistakes will always preserve its significance. They say good education, just like classical music, is appreciated at all times. Whether grammar really matters? We have gathered some material on the controversy about grammar schools, which can help to answer this question.

Skill of literate writing: what do we need it for?

Most people are skeptic about this issue: what is the difference how a text is written when an opponent understands it as it is? There is a cartoon, in which a main character's life was dependent on the correct position of coma in a sentence. Literary error free writing skill is demanded, above all, for people to understand clearly what other person says, i.e. to avoid double interpretation. Orthographic and punctuation norms have equal importance with highway traffic rules. It is scary to imagine what will happen if all drivers will start breaking rules: chaos will reign on the roads, or there even accidents may happen.

Besides, errorless writing skill has such advantages as:

  • educated man always creates positive impression while meeting; it has huge importance for people, who due to their field of activity have to communicate with customers via letters;
  • education is a tool, which gives power, with the help of which we can rule other people;
  • an adult, who is aware of language rules, will not be ashamed in front of a child-pupil, who asks to help with home assignment;
  • for those, who possess errorless writing skill, to make up an application, resume, explanatory or any other note is not hard (or just use economical proofreading services online);
  • illiteracy creates only negative impression, in spite of people try not to show it; only human can proof read or edit text absolutely correctly.

Due to this very grounding, great attention should be paid to our literacy. Keep in mind: people are never too old to start self-development. A lot of people are convinced they can never be taught mistakes free writing, it is just too late for them. Honestly saying, it is not like that. Naturally, children are more easily taught rather than adults. Nevertheless, this is also possible. We are going to share how to develop error free writing skill, also, what easy techniques can help to increase level of one’s intellect.

How to study error free writing?

1. Books! Very reliable way to improve our literacy is book reading. Visual memory without one’s own will fixates spelling of complex words, word combinations, consequently, one can recollect spelling of a complex word without much difficulty (here is a list of difficulties, which our editor can solve: However, we should be choosy about books. It is better to prefer classic writers. Also, select books according to personal tastes. Likely, a lot of literary directions exist. It would be better to get rid of novelettes along with periodicals since level of grammatical correctness in suchlike texts is often pretty poor. For example, students of philology departments are often given a task to find orthographic and punctuation errors in fresh newspapers and present them at a seminar. Reading of classic, among others, allows to open the mind: one learns meaning of new words, enriches speech with beautiful metaphors, comparisons, other figures of speech.

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2. Write dictations. Basing on philologists’ strong opinion, this one is among the most working techniques to develop errorless writing skill as for a child, so as for a grown up. For example, a parent with a child can educate each other by conducting dictations by turns. Right after writing / checking dictation, it is required to conduct work on mistakes. We warn: be careful about text selection: whichever abstract from fiction book is not appropriate for this purpose. It would be better to purchase a special dictation book approved by Ministry of Education. Perfectly if after each text author gives review of correct spelling along with particular case of punctuation marks use. Thus, we will study more easily realizing made mistakes.

3. Study school books. At free time revise rules, do exercises, write word dictations. Not necessarily school books should be used for this purpose because these books are created for pupils. For grown ups, it is better to use language reference books. Fix knowledge got by doing exercises given after below the rules. By the way, such holiday as Grammar day exists. So, celebration of national grammar day can be spent doing exercises on language skills improvement.

4. Study texts by heart. It can be either poems or prose. Such method will help not only to increase literacy level but also to improve memory. Besides, recited in a correct time in correct place quotation of a famous classic writer will make others (friends, fellow, bosses) think better of you. When learnt abstract is recited by heart, it should be written on paper. Thus, visual memory is also trained.

5. Look into the dictionary! This is absolutely okay. Even qualified editors, who have really huge impressing experience, always have orthographic dictionary next to them. Thus, they always have possibility to ascertain that an errors has not slipped in a word. Choosing an editor, it is essential to consider its professional experience. What else has significance is in our material:

6. Exercise in pair. If we want to write correctly, we should involve other person into this process, because work in pair is simpler, more fascinating. Conduct dictations, recite poems, agree on correction speech errors if necessary. Suchlike lessons, among others, may also help to improve relationships with a person we study with.

7. Create personal “hard words” dictionary. Our brain, unfortunately (or maybe hopefully), is not perfect. We all with time forget something we used to know or study. Purchase a scratchpad, make notes on words, spelling of which causes difficulties, which are hard to be remembered, and revise it regularly.

8. Simple rewriting of texts helps greatly. Take any dictation book or take a classic writer’s work and rewrite five-ten pages per day. Educators often recommend such technique to pupils, who are aware of rules but do not know how to implement them practically. If a person has bigger tendency to typing, then it is recommended to try online typing lessons. These education programs help to master “touch typing”, also, will influence literacy improvement well. It is obvious now: literate writing is not very much hard to study if we have desire. Just keep on trying! Everyone can do it!

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