Interesting Facts About National Grammar Day


National Grammar Day is an official way to celebrate language. What is language without grammar? Surely language appeared before it, but grammar is a set of rules that gives language a structure, it is a way to understand each other, to bring people from different countries in one conversation. National grammar Day shows us how important it is to use grammar in everyday life. Let’s find out how this day was established and what you can do to celebrate it.

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The origins of National Grammar Day

The National Grammar Day is celebrated annually on March 4. Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Grammar and the author of “Things that make us [Sic]" created this holiday in 2008. She explained that she wanted her students to learn grammar in a fun and interesting way, which echoes really well with the National Grammar Day’s website: “language is something to be celebrated”. The National Grammar Day was commemorated by the former president of the United Sates George. W. Bush when he was inaugurated.

It’s a special day for people to celebrate grammar, share tips and trick on how to improve it and share a laugh while reading jokes about those who struggle with learning it. The National Grammar Day’s motto says: “Write and speak well and help others do the same”.

Why should you celebrate The National Grammar Day

  1. A study made by Harvard Business Review and Forbes magazine showed that those professionals, who made fewer mistakes in their LinkedIn profiles, have higher positions. So we can conclude that the better your grammar is the more likely you are to make higher achievements.
  2. In a dating world, bad grammar turned out to be a big turn off. According to an online survey, conducted by Kibin, more than a third of participants think that good grammar is sexy. Learn your grammar and you will have more chances to get a hot date.
  3. Making grammar mistakes can question how true the information you give is. People who will notice your errors can start to contemplate the credibility of your words. Remember, checking your grammar means checking your facts.
  4. Grammar mistakes can also affect the image and quality of a company. A report made by the BBC showed that spelling mistakes in online sales cost a lot of money.

So now you know how important having good grammar skills is and think about what you can personally do to make a contribution to the day that celebrates it. Here’s how you can participate.

What can you do to be a part of the National Grammar Day

  1. You can post funny grammar mistakes or your favorite gaffe on social media platforms. Let the world laugh and take notice.
  2. Share your biggest grammar pet peeve and find out what other people can’t stand as well.
  3. Watch grammar videos on YouTube with your friends and family. Grammar Rock is a particularly good channel for doing so.
  4. Contact your favorite teacher or call your parents and say how much you appreciate the grammar knowledge that they gave you.
  5. Go to a book shop or find online a good book dedicated to grammar and read it. Some of them can be really entertaining and you will revise what you know and learn what you have forgotten.
  6. Check out GoodReads – a website, created for book lovers, there you can find funny typos and jokes or grammar books reviews.
  7. Take a grammar quiz online to check your grammar knowledge.
  8. Read Martha Brockenbrough’s the Society for the Promotion of Grammar’s blog and have a laugh at the grammar mistakes posted there.
  9. Purchase a t-shirt that says “grammar geek” on it.
  10. Create a grammar police group, just like the one that students from the University of West Florida created. People can call a special hot line or email grammar-related question to the group of experts in grammar.
  11. Write a blog post about to the National Grammar Day or if you’re an English teacher, dedicate a whole lesson to this topic.

So now you know what is the National Grammar Day about and what can you do to celebrate and be a part of it. At last, check out some interesting things about grammar.

Curious things about grammar

  1. The shortest sentence in the whole English language is “I am”.
  2. There are some non-existent words, called “ghost words” that emerged in the dictionary, like the word “dord”. They have no meaning and were created simply by printing errors.
  3. If you are wondering what is the most commonly used word in the English language then here is the answer for you. It is the word “I”, which is also the shortest and oldest one out there.
  4. A long time ago the word “girl” could be referred to a small child, regardless whether it’s a boy or a girl.
  5. English is the language that is used by all pilots, no matter of their origin.
  6. In the Middle Ages English was a language of lower classes.
  7. Time magazine made a prediction that the word “whom” will disappear after the end of the 21-st century.
  8. During each year around 4 000 new words are being added to the dictionary, which means that one new word is added every two hours.

I hope this essay will make you think about the correct use of grammar and how important it is in everyday life. More interesting essays can be found online, especially if you check essay writing services and their blogs.