Problems a Paper Editor Can Solve


If you are one of those people who cannot for the life of them understand why somebody would need a paper editing service, this article is meant for you. Here we will discuss in what ways professional editors can make your text better and why you cannot achieve such a result on your own.

Just for you to know: a jack-of-all-trades is a rare species of humans; people who can deal with many different assignments usually tend to lose a certain amount of quality on each of their tasks. That is where our educational system has a serious breach: we expect mathematicians and physicists write their papers as grammatically correct as a philologist would do. That is why it would be quite reasonable not to torture yourself in case you have poor writing skills. Try instead to make use of paper editing services because they can solve a range of different student problems.

Issues with formatting

First of all, here comes formatting. It is a criterion that has nothing to do with your professional skills, but all students, however, must stick to certain formatting requirements in order for their paper to be accepted. Academic formatting includes:

  • the choice of font;

  • intervals;

  • the size of margins;

  • ways to highlight examples and formulas;

  • formatting for tables and diagrams;

  • the correct insertion of pictures, etc.

It may seem hard for you to keep in mind all those, that is why a lot of students need paper editing after they finish writing their texts. Smart Essay Rewriter can deal with formatting with a snap of our fingers. Our experienced writers have formatted such a great number of papers and essays that they know by heart how to present your academic writing.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

We already mentioned that not everyone is gifted in terms of grammar. Some people, especially those with an analytical mindset, find it very difficult to manage grammar rules, let alone to apply them in practice. Their papers are usually abundant in incorrect structures and sentences, but it is not a problem for our editing company. Smart Essay Rewriter can eliminate all your grammar and spelling mistakes in academic writing in a way no editing software would do it. A trained eye means a lot in this sphere, so we consider it our advantage that our writers are extremely efficient in spotting mistakes.

Some students claim that their sentences are perfectly correct, but our editors change them anyway just to show that a paper had imperfections. Let us clarify this: academic writing has its own bans that are totally acceptable for other styles of writing. Among these we can mention:

  • the use of contractions;

  • idiomatic language;

  • sophisticated stylistic devices and so on.

Of course, these are not mistakes in English, and many works would only benefit from these linguistic units: fairy-tales, for example, or any fiction books. But there is no way such vocabulary could suit your academic paper. That is why Smart Essay Rewriter always restructures formally correct yet completely inappropriate sentences.

The logic of your paper

Some papers, and especially those written in haste, have a rather fragmented structure. It is obvious that the author lost the thread of thoughts and wrote everything that came to mind. We do not say that such works are worthless; on the contrary, they usually contain a solid research, but it is presented in a sloppy manner. Smart Essay Rewriter will help you return the logic to your text by rearranging passages and adding specific structures, such as parentheses.

You may underestimate the importance of such phrases like first of all, secondly, then, therefore and others, but it is them that make your work organized. It is a lot easier to track down the flow of your thoughts if you at least mark the milestones. No need to worry if you usually do not. That is what our company is here for. Send your essay to us for editing, and you will be surprised how perfectly logical it will appear after we work on it!

Referencing style

References in academic writing are a key factor that help you avoid accusations of copy/pasting other people’s words. It the world of academia it is called plagiarism, and this mere word can result in your failure to complete a course. If you want to ward off this problem, feel free to turn to our online paper editor.

Our skilled professionals will insert all necessary references in no time, and, if they feel the need, they will also delete inappropriate citations and replace them with the proper ones. Smart Essay Rewriter will do everything to leave you and your professor satisfied with an essay. This is guaranteed by our money return policy: if the percent of plagiarism in the text we send you back is more than 10, you are eligible for a complete refund. Bearing this in mind, you can stop worrying about plagiarism issues when you start working with us.

If you feel unsure whether our editors can manage the particular referencing style that you need, contact our manager to ask this question. But we assure you that we deal with all the referencing styles effective at the moment. Therefore, you should not worry before sending your paper to us. Just specify what is the exact style you want, and our specialists will do all the rest.

As you can see, there are at least four problems that will be solved automatically once you decide to put your trust in our paper editor. First of all, your paper will get formatted according to the most recent criteria; second, all grammar imperfections will be eliminated; third, we will restore the logical sequence of your arguments; last but not least, we will insert quotations in accordance with the referencing style you need. It gets much easier to earn good grades for your papers if you write them in cooperation with us. It allows you to forget about such notorious processes as looking for your own mistakes or rewriting sentences in order to get a higher result of uniqueness. Our editing services help you simplify your life.