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Proofreading sites: do not be mistaken, choose the best one

Each day many users make such a search query as “proof reading site”. And what do they see? Dozens, hundreds or even thousands of links and references are right there in front of them. Naturally, it is so easy to be lost. What to do and who can help in this situation? We will gladly give a hand. Among such variety of sites it is so important not to be mistaken and choose a really good professional website. There is no need to “go far” or surf the internet for hours or days looking for it because this online paper writing service, you have just entered, is just what required. We offer expert assistance in all academic papers related services. Affordable prices, on-time delivery, friendly customer support, complete confidence and super quality – all this is available on the site. Visit us and see everything on your own. In the mean time, check out this post dedicated to errors, which many people make. These errors have general nature, but they are often seen when one tries to create an academic written work.

How intelligent men can stop doing silly mistakes

Error discovering is the first step to its correction and getting rid of it. Methods of cognitive therapy help people effectively to get rid of routine daily emotional errors that confused even the sanest people. Cognitive therapy is based on methods of logic analysis. It makes us use effectively power of human mind for building of consistent logical constructions instead of searching for excuses. We are able to develop new habits, which are much healthier and useful than old ones. Best proofreading site can really help in many matters. What is so special about us? Read here:

As it has been already said, discovering of a mistake is the first step to getting rid of it. However, before proceed with analysis of the most common, as we believe, errors in human behaviour, let us notice that someone may not agree with adding some of the following mistakes to this list, or vise versa would like to add something that may be missed here.

For example, point six here will be maximalism. Of course, it can be determined and evaluated differently, and a phrase “high exactingness” may sound as a compliment. However, usually desire to reach perfection turns into a trap (those who seek for perfection should be aware of common mistakes in English prepositions). For example, if one decides not to give order to customer until it will be perfect, then this person will probably break deadlines. For a customer one’s inability to complete work on time does not mean pursuit of excellence at all. It becomes possible to see difference between productive thinking and false thinking only after analysis of results. If high exactingness and striving for perfection brings success and satisfaction, then they are not treated as defects of temper. However, if one’s exactingness more likely leads to failure rather than success, if it does not bring pleasure at all, there is sense to reconsider one’s attitude to it. The same approach can be used with the silly mistakes, which are presented further (if interested, read about how foreigners make grammar mistakes in our blog).

1. Syndrome of a little chicken. In a children’s fairy tale a nut fell off a tree and hit a chicken on head, but the chicken thought that celestial vault collapsed and fell on it. Similarly, people often make completely disastrous conclusions, without trying to think about something at least for a minute. Fear paralyzes man’s spiritual and mental world.

2. Thoughts reading. One of the most common illusions is that we are often sure about our ability to read others’ thoughts, and other people can easily orient in our inner world. “I am not going to tell anything, he (she) should guess it on his (her) own” – this is a very widespread statement that definitely leads to deep disappointment, when eventually it becomes clear that other person has no idea about what should have been done. Furthermore, this person was not aware absolutely that someone was expecting something.

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3. Tendency to take everything too personally. Many people are ready to take personal responsibility for anything happened. They are responsible for someone’s bad mood, for bad weather, including earthquake on another side of the planet. Naturally, they have no other option, but being angry or upset.

4. Halo of glory. Typical mistake of celebrities, however, even ordinary people (who do not have PR services in their possession) often become victims of this error. Its sense is about “holy confidence” that some achievement in any field automatically guarantees success in all other fields without those efforts made during the first victory.

5. Trusting to critics. This error is contrary to the previous one, but it is not less harmful. The point is that a person without thinking accepts and trusts in any critics. However, here it is necessary to make a question: “Who are the judges?”

6. Maximalism. This feature means pursuit of excellence in all possible spheres. It sounds absolutely amazing. Hardly one can disagree that high standards setting is something bad. However, exactingness becomes excess when standards are so much high that one cannot reach set level. It is silly to strive for one hundred percent perfection and get zero result. In order to avoid such situation, we have prepared this post:

7. Sick comparison. Comparison and contrasts finding is a good method of differences analysis. However, people often suffer from paying too much attention to those differences, which are not in their favor, or when they blindly trust in negative assessments of others.

8. “But what if…” Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Here is what way of thinking “But what if…” leads to. One is bothered with something that does not exist, or probability of which is close to zero. In such a way, reasoned worries about health and family well-being are supplemented by troublesome distractions that reduce potential, which one could use to face real difficulties.

9. “You must!” Must is a usual everyday phrase, but not in case when it defines order, which is not negotiable. Otherwise, the most commonly used word turn into categorical imperative, which demands: “Do not you dare avoid this path! This is going to be your fault! You will be embarrassed”. People who often use “must” toward themselves often build “high walls” around them. They are so much concentrated on what they must and must not do that they just do not have time to think what is going on in the present and what is waiting for them in the future. Speaking about phrases and words read what language to avoid in essay in material published by our experts.

10. “Yes, but…” A man who often uses this phrase often looks for some negative sides, which are stronger than everything positive. People who have suchlike style of thinking often stand on others’ way, but also prevent themselves from reaching heights.

So, avoiding or at least trying to avoid above mentioned mistakes, it is easy to achieve long-term results in short time. However, it can take time to reconsider our attitude to many things and start acting differently. Meanwhile, there is something that almost does not require time, also, results are always great. We mean professional services in academic papers sphere (including website proof reading services) provided by experienced writers. Ordering any of our services, customers get bonuses along with free amendments.

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