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Ask any student what the biggest nightmare is, and probably almost everyone will tell one word only – “essay”. Yes, essay as one of the college papers types is often a pretty challenging task. We know and realize it very well. It is a common fact that most people face many difficulties with essay creation, especially when they lack time (and unfortunately people almost always lack time). That is why, professional services in this field are invented, created and exist. Team of professionals, which represent online essay writer, is here to help others, to save their time and make their life easier. On our site we provide writing along with rewriting services, fixing and correction, formatting, plagiarism check of college papers and many-many other related services. It is hard to find a website, which combines everything, beginning with popular common services, ending with individual orders on text processing. All this is accompanied by high quality, complete text originality, cheap price and many bonuses (read more here: If the goal is super result, then our site is your wise choice! Now let us talk a little bit about one of the most popular college written works types, and what each person can do to improve its quality.

How to create essay correctly

An essay being a part of a final test has strict requirements about its building. We are going to present them, so read carefully and remind them. Requirements to essay:

  • Content of an essay should strictly meet chosen subject (if no, here are useful advice on how to improve essay).
  • An essay should be based on knowledge of a subject.
  • An essay should show that its author has wide knowledge of a subject.
  • In an essay one should demonstrate good knowledge of required terminology used in it. If one uses a term, which does not have clear definition in science (for example, a term “symbol”), it should be specified what it means in this very case.
  • There should not be factual errors in an essay: it is not allowed to confuse names, events, their time and place, details and nuances, errors are not allowed in quotation, date, etc.
  • Content of an essay should have strictly ordered and well seen logic. Main components of essay should be necessarily preserved: introduction (“entry to the topic”), main part (“main ideas and their proofs”), conclusion (conclusions on the topic, summary, “exit from the topic”).
  • All thoughts (ideas, thesis, statements, etc.) need to be proved (since thesis is mentioned here, read about it in a little bit different meaning: There should be references to famous, well-known competent authors and their works. Any additional materials should be correctly presented in a work.
  • Quotes need to be absolutely precise and correctly formatted.
  • Style of an essay should be single. Conformity of style and content of an essay is obligatory.
  • Avoid familiarity talking about authors (writers, scientists, researchers, etc.). We are not talking about our neighbors, so it is obligatory to follow reader's ethics here.
  • There is no obligatory rule to use epigraph in an essay. It depends on author’s desire. Use strategy to write essay, which we have prepared.

Pay attention! Working on essay, it would be great to create a plan of thoughts development. So-called “problem plan” is more preferable, because it allows at once to formulate problem questions, detailed and evidential answers to which will be a greater part of an essay text.

To cope with an essay it is required to know what kinds of topics exist and how to work on them. So, there are the following essay types:

  • Problematic,
  • Comparative,
  • Survey,
  • Topics connected with disclosure of the writer's skillfulness,
  • Analysis of a literary work (lyric, drama, epic work),
  • Analysis of an episode,
  • Essay based on quotation,
  • Mixed,
  • Free.

Problematic topics are those, main content of which is setting of questions (problems) of scientific, esthetic, or ethic nature. Formulation of such topic often includes a term “problem” itself. If formulation of such topic begins with the word “problem”, then work itself should be begun with explanation of this concept. In such topics one needs not to answer questions, but make them, looking for compliance with issues set by famous personalities or dictated by time. Such topics require obligatory strict logic of information presentation. Also, find essay arguments easily with our assistance.

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Comparative topics are those, which suppose comparison of two or more objects by their features. Formulation of such topics usually includes several objects connected by conjunction “and”. In a comparative topic an equal attention should be paid to all objects of studying mentioned in formulation. Comparative topics necessarily suppose sequence of presentation and presence of obligatory general conclusions made on the comparison.

Survey topics are distinguished by their wide cover of material; they often suppose only description of material or it reproductive presentation. Sometimes such topics content consists of consideration of changes in an object over time (for example, within different epochs). In this case a topic includes comparative elements.

Suchlike topics suppose not depth of material development or processing, but width of its coverage and ability to see an object “from above”, noticing all its major features within their development. It is also required to give many quotes, examples and know how to compare them.

Topics connected with disclosure of the writer's skillfulness imply good knowledge of special terms and well mastered skills of their handling: one needs to know how to describe an object, how to analyze and describe it, to see features of author’s thoughts presentation, to know well composition of a work, its structure, etc. The most essential is that one needs to see esthetic and idea value of work elements, which compose its uniqueness. The aim is to present singularity of author’s artistic seeing by means of analysis of its components, basing on which the topic is formulated.

Essay based on quotation. Here it is important to define subject of a quotation, to formulate problem question hidden in quotation, and name its aspects, which one is going to present in detail in essay. It should be mentioned where quotation is taken from and whom it belongs to. If quotation has general nature, then it would be better to define the circle of works, which one is going to cover in essay (enumerate and briefly describe them according to topic and quotation problem). Here it is important to have a skill of correct works selection for analysis.

Naturally, major amount of topics include elements of different kinds: descriptiveness (survey), problem, text analysis, comparativeness; that is why it supposes versatile approach. Topics, in which different approaches are combined, are mixed ones. Here it is necessary to define on our own what approach (survey, problematic, or any other) is going to be leading one.

Free topics suppose wide-ranging wording, which is not “attached” to anything (epoch, work, writer, etc.). They are usually based on man’s life experience. However, it is necessary to remember that there can be risk to go “too deep” into philosophy direction, so, be careful wit that (unless it is required to create an essay on philosophy). Free topics more than others allow or even encourage to express one’s personal attitude to different problems. Here it is demanded to be able to select material for analysis, to “cut off” everything excess not to go far from essay subject, not to miss important details to avoid superficial disclosure of subject.

Professional essays editing service: no more reasons to doubt

We have presented just some information on essay, its types, etc. However, even this is already enough to start making essays better. We are going to continue sharing useful advice on this issue in the future, so visit our site more often, keep in touch with our expert team in order to learn the latest news. The best editors, writers, revisers are ready to support our customers any day round-the-clock, providing them with editing, rewriting services whenever it might be demanded. Our site is a living proof that we are a serious online company. We offer expert help and our work is of superior quality!

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