Edit My Essay: Tips and Tricks


There is a great way to make your essay a masterpiece and it is to edit it. Whether you use an online essay editor or ask your friends for help, it is a useful tool that will help you not only check if you made any grammar mistakes but also if your context is right and to the point. So let’s take a look at the ways you can improve your work.

Editing tips to use when writing an essay

Sometimes there are only a few steps that separate a good essay from an amazing one. Editing your essay can help you take those extra steps, so it is worth to spend additional ten to fifteen minutes on checking it, just to make sure that the structure and grammar are on point. These are some tips that you should have in mind when writing and editing your essay. If you cannot possibly find time on this, we can provide you with editing services, which you can find here.

  1. Try to have some free time after finishing your essay and before editing. This way you can see everything with a fresh eye. If you start to edit something you’ve been working on for a while straight away, you won’t be able to see potential errors.
  2. Start with checking the structure. Make sure that all of your arguments have a point and lead to a logical conclusion, also, that they are placed in the right order. Maybe it would be better to change the paragraphs or move an important argument closer to the end? Don’t forget to reread your work again after making the changes.
  3. If you spotted that your sentences and paragraphs are too long, cut them. They are usually harder to read and can appear boring. Try to keep your sentences as long as three clauses at maximum. Long paragraphs can be perceived as off-putting by the reader, so leave some space between them. Make sure that all of your ideas are short and presented in clear statements backed up by brief evidence.
  4. There is an alternative way to shorten your sentences. Just tight up the wording. There are many ways how you can paraphrase your sentences with using fewer words, try to look up for them and make your sentences more concise.
  5. Do not use thesaurus more often than you should. It looks very obvious when people try to replace simple words with more complicated ones. Keep your language in check, it does not always make you look more intelligent, on the contrary, words can play a bad joke on you, if you use the wrong synonym, without realizing it.
  6. One of the main reasons why you should always edit your essay is to check for repetition of words and even ideas. It is very easy to repeat your words when you are writing, but it is better to notice it by yourself before your teacher or professor does. If you found the repetition of ideas, think of the best time to present that idea in your essay, whether it is at the beginning or in the end, and delete the rest.  It is fine to repeat common words like “the”, but try to avoid using “also” and other connecting words too much.
  7. Be aware of spellcheck. It will not see every single mistake. It does not mean that spellcheck is not useful and you should stop using it, but you should not fully rely only on its abilities. It is wiser to check everything again after using this tool.
  8. A great tip is to start reading your paper with the last sentence and continue in the reverse order. This way will help you to see your essay with a new perspective and it will be easier for you to spot errors.
  9. Another advice it to print your work. It is proven that you can notice more mistakes if you read the printed copy other than the one on your computer. Take a marker and circle every error with it, then correct it on your computer.
  10. Try to replace weasel words, like adverbs that soften the point or words with numerical vagueness. Avoiding them will make your essay stronger.

College essay editing service

An essay editing and proofreading service, like the one you can find on this website, can help you to improve your essay by checking spelling and grammar mistakes and create an essay for you, avoiding plagiarism. A team of professional editors will edit paper, correct everything that is needed to be corrected, while making sure that your style of writing and main points and ideas are being saved. These are a few reasons why you should use the services of a professional editor.

  1. Hiring professional editor is more reliable than asking your friends or family member to check your paper. A professional editor has a lot of experience in this field and will be able to notice what others can’t and they know the most common mistakes people use and how to correct them. Moreover, they can help you to make your essay stronger and more readable.
  2. Professional editors will do their job without being afraid to hurt your feeling by pointing out on your mistakes and errors. Also, they will do your work by the time that you need it to be done.
  3. Professional editors can not only correct your mistakes but also explain why it is a mistake, which will help you to avoid repeating it next time when you need to write something.
  4. They will provide their services in order to improve your essay, not change it. Professional editors will help you polish your ideas and make them easy to understand and follow.
  5. Using professional editing services will allow you to stop stressing and worrying about making mistakes and make your focus on the content of your essay.

If you want to make sure that your essay is as good as it can possibly be, your best bet is to spend some time editing it or, if you don’t have any time or simply think that grammar is not your strongest point, then it is better to get some extra help by using professional editing services. We can make your essay turn from a pumpkin to a beautiful carriage.