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Check my grammar

The most common situation that happens to all students is when they consider the written essay almost a masterpiece but then for own surprise do a lot of grammar mistakes. It does not come that easy as you need to proofread the essay, making sure you do your best to cope with the task. Online essay writer that you may find here, has already written dozens of essays, research papers, resumes and other types of paperwork, which students find out to be outstanding. This article also may help you to learn more about typical grammar mistakes and how to avoid them.

Proper Correcting Grammar To Be Done

1. Noun and Verbs. It is important what form of a noun or verb student chooses. It can be the singular or plural form that makes a great difference. Moreover, noun expresses the subject or object. As for the verbs, students forget about endings for the past times and have difficulties with the modal verbs, their actual meaning in a certain situation.

2. Pronoun. Some students prefer an excessive usage of the pronouns that sounds not really good. You have to make sure that the pronoun and noun agree with each other as a pronoun can be either singular or plural.

3. You’re/Your. Many students automatically write the wrong word meaning absolutely another word. “You’re” is a shorten form for “you are” in Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses while “your” means that something belongs to you or somebody else.

4. Passive Voice is probably a blot of all students. In Passive Voice, the object comes to be in the first place. It is important to not overuse this tense which makes your writing less alive.

If you would like to know how to upgrade grammar skills you have to pay special attention to the next notes.

5. They’re/Their/There. These words may sound alike but you have to write them properly as the meaning totally differs. “They’re” is a shorten form of “they are”, “their” means that something belongs to them – other people, and word “there” points at the direction or location of something.

6. It’s/ Its. This mistake is the most widespread in English. A simple apostrophe changes the meaning of one word. “It’s” is a shorten form for “it is” while “its” is a possessive pronoun. English grammar corrector may fix the mistake you make while typing online, but to avoid it in the written essay or any paperwork, you have to learn it.

It is worth your attention:

7. Comparison. A typical mistake in comparison is when students try to compare things is that they forget to add conjunction “than” and to give an example of another thing, object, etc. For example: “He is taller than his brother”.

8. Me/I. People consider these nouns to be similar but make another common mistake. “I” is used when you speak from own point of view, retell the events. “Me” is a possessive noun which means that something refers to you or has to be referred, etc. For example: “I will send a letter tomorrow”. “Send me a letter tomorrow”.

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9. To/Too. It may seem that you write a good essay, but as a result, you make so obvious mistakes which surprise you after proofreading. “To” is a particle used for verbs and nouns while adverb “too” means in addition to something, to express a high degree or extent of something. If you often wonder how can I correct my grammar then revising English rules is what you need. By the way you always have an access to the examples of editing.

10. E.g/I.e. This type of mistake is usually made by students who are not aware what it means but they definitely see and hear it somewhere. Abbreviation “i.e” means in other wards or that is while “e.g” means for example. Be careful when you want to write a certain word or abbreviation if you are not sure what it means.

11. Who’s/Who/Whose/Whom. It is easy to be confused with these group of pronouns but they can be easily explained and have to be learned. “Who” shows what person is or people are while “who’s”  is shorten form for “who is”. “Whose” explains that something belongs to a person. “Whom” is preferably used in formal writing or speech and it is an objective case of “who”.

12. Then/Than. Isn’t it wonderful how a single latter can change the whole meaning? An adverb “then” is used to indicate what happened or happens next. “Than” is a conjunction to compare things.

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There is no doubt that there are more mistakes students make while writing an essay but here we described which you definitely faced with. Luckily, on the Internet, you can find online grammar checker that will do a great job for you and dozens of tips on thesis revision. We also advise you to follow the instruction about improving grammar skills which include:

  •  Learn all parts of the speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, conjunctions, adverbs, articles and others.
  • Do not forget about the words order: the subject + the verb + the object. It is a simple sentence but there are also complex and compound sentences.
  • Revise the tenses in English. The most important in learning any tense is to remember the auxiliary verbs and whether the verb is changed in the past tense. If the verb is irregular you have to learn all of its forms for the past tenses. There are over hundred irregular verbs but to learn them is pretty easy.
  • Read more books. Moreover, it would be better to read different styles and genres of paper works. Do not exclude magazines and newspapers, scientific articles. Long and the short of it is that you have to be broad-minded.
  • Try to write every day. It can be a brief story, a plan or just random thoughts.
  • Proofread what you write. Proofreading helps you to find own mistakes. When you finish writing an essay, go and get some rest, and start proofreading the writing a few hours after.

Online grammar checking is a useful modern invention but it cannot replace a professional help that is provided by our writers. Here is everything you need and look for! Low prices and special offers will please you for sure. Pay for an excellent rewritten text or get your money back. Whether you want to write a unique essay from a scratch or rewrite it then our best-qualified writers are ready to handle this task for you.

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