An Essay on Medicine: Example Editing


One of the basic stages of choosing a research paper writing service would be to check what works the company has already delivered to its clients. This is the reason why we recognize sharing examples of editing with our readers as one of the key factors in establishing fiduciary relations with them. Here you will find one of our works that deals with a medical study; editors from Smart Essay Rewriter has enhanced the text, and now we are willing to show everyone the result.

The editing work is basically done in several steps:

  • we define the topic to select the most appropriate author among our numerous staff;
  • the assignment together with the customers’ comments goes to the selected specialist;
  • he or she analyzes the essay, determining whether its language corresponds to the requirements of academic English, and, if necessary, makes amendments;
  • the final text goes back to the client, with all the corrections made and highlighted, so that everybody can see what exact changes the essay has undergone.

The sample given here is the analysis of a medical study. You can see how we have ameliorated the grammar in the essay by means of getting rid of mistakes, and also changed the wording of particular phrases that sounded too awkward or inappropriate for the academic style. Now the essay is a perfect example of a paper that will be without any further fuss accepted by a professor. Superfluous excerpts were taken out, and now the work is concentrate of vital facts and their analyses, devoid of any personal opinions and emotional remarks, exactly as it should be in academic writing.

Reading our editing examples, you can decide for yourself whether the services of our professional writers and online essay editors looks appealing and cost their price. We find it necessary to remind that our editing rates are extremely attractive; they are calculated fairly and are aimed at students. Smart Essay Rewriter makes quality editing affordable to everyone.