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Welcome to the best written works editing proof reading service! There is no need to ask what has brought you here. The answer is simple and obvious: being on the site, reading this one or any other post means that help is wanted. No problem! This is the aim of our online agency existence. This site has been created once and now is working successfully to assist people all over the world in written works creation and correction issues. Here the most skillful college paper writers, editors, revisers, proofreaders are gathered, who are also graduates of philology faculties and owners of PhD or Master degree. So, each paper gets in hands of real specialists and professionals in this field. Along with superior quality of executed orders, our guarantees are on-time delivery, strict privacy, round-the-clock support, friendly but professional approach, quality satisfaction and great result. Now we want to share very useful information on memory training techniques, which our qualified paper writers have first-hand knowledge of.

Why do people need to train memory?

Someone may say this is a pretty funny question. Everyone is aware of what good memory is. However, many people treat their memory incorrectly; consequently they do not realize how its training influences other abilities. Their logic is as following: will my memorizing capability increase? But I remember everything I need. I have already adapted to my capabilities, I keep my telephone numbers on my mobile phone, if needed I can write something in my notebook or so. Since our memory problems are already solved, there is no need to waste time on its training. Eventually, not memory is essential, but thinking, intelligence, ability to process information.

Most people think that having developed their memory they will turn their heads into camera or tape recorder. Unfortunately, they do not see other advantages. At the mean time, memory training is not only memory itself, but thinking, imagination, attention, many other things, without which effective thinking activity cannot be possible. So, what does person get training memory?

1. Attention. Necessity to control thinking, constant concentration on objects leads to improvement of attention (tips on essay improvement are here: As a result, it becomes easier to concentrate on current affairs and problems, life becomes more organized, impact of obstacles becomes less significant.

2. Thinking. Memory development improves thinking because constantly we have to work with thinking objects, make up associations that bind them. As a result, we develop associative thinking, which is responsible for generalization and abstraction. We also develop visual-figurative thinking, which is responsible for the reality perception and our ability to solve the problems intuitively. Of course, ability to memorize itself helps thinking greatly. If all necessary facts are present, then in thinking process there is no much need to linger on the solution of secondary problems to get required information. No secret: meanwhile we are looking for necessary information, we forget what we need it for, especially, when we look for it, using the internet: we meet so many interesting advertisements (such as the advertising about reliable article rewriting service online) and other distractions that the process of search becomes “more important” than its result. Thus, when we find what we have been looking for, we forget where we have begun from.

3. Imagination and creative activity. Associations created by mnemonist are often unusual and absurd. Binding the objects, it is necessary to make up something unbelievable. In some time after training start, we can notice that we use methods, which previously seemed too unusual, to solve our problems. Seemingly impossible to solve problems get easy and elegant solution.

4. Protection of human brain from age-related changes. What is not used is lost. Physical abilities of man are a great example. Whatever good physical shape one has, if body does not get physical activity, then in some time muscles will atrophy, become flabby, dyspnea will appear along with many other heart / pressure related problems, etc. If we lead active life style, walk much, attend swimming-pool or gym, then health troubles can be avoided. The same is about mental abilities of human body. There is a widespread belief that with age mental abilities of a man get worse. As the studies show, it is really so. However, worsening of human abilities is not irreversible process. If we continue using our brain, giving it “load”, then its state at least will not get worse. Worsening of brain abilities can be prevented by solving crosswords or logic tasks. A very good chance to train memory right now is to read and remember our tips for thesis editing, which definitely will come in handy once.

Doing the exercises on memory development we can avoid worsening of mental abilities, such as memory, attention concentration, thinking, and others. As it is clear now, memory development helps not only memory itself, but also contributes to harmonious development of other human abilities.

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Mnemonics: mnemonic device techniques

Mnemonic device techniques allow to learn quickly by rote got information, simultaneously training brain to improve its working capacity (also, improve grammar easily: Many of these methods are probably familiar to most of us. Nevertheless, these methods allow improving human memory.

1. Rhyme. Such method implies other interpretation of received data, which simplifies memorizing.

2. Create phrases from the first letters of received data. For example, there is a letter, the first lines of which say: “Have a nice day”. Take the first three letters “hav” and in arbitrary form create a new one like: “Hear amusing voice”, but try to build more or less related to subject word combination.

3. Binding. Basing on the method name, it is clear that here it goes about information combined with a bright illustration. For instance, the objects, which we try to memorize, can be bound to the actions. For example, “a fat cat” is replaced with “a big size cat”.

4. Hints. The essence of this technique is in replacement of numbers with objects. For instance, 0 (zero) is a bagel, 1 is a stick, 2 is a goose / swan (or whatever else).

5. Technique of Cicero (also known as method of loci). Its essence is in representation of objects for memorization in a familiar surrounding. For instance, in order to remember words-objects in foreign language, we need to place them in our bedroom. When we need to recollect any of these words, we get association with the familiar surrounding. Such approach allows to learn new words by heart and it does not require to make great efforts.

Practical advice

We have looked for and selected the best tips related to memory improvement given by ordinary people – internet users. By the way, now they have opportunity to use around-the-clock proofreading services online.

  • Go deeply into the materials you read. If there is difficulty about material memorizing, then very often the reason is incomprehension of something we read. Many people to remember read data need to understand it. Here it is required to use logic and associations, which will stay in our memory.
  • Synopsis / summary. Never stop writing and preferably do it in thesis manner. For instance, there is an important meeting and we need to memorize big amount of information. In this case, we need to write theses, i.e. to highlight the key points. This will help not to miss nuances and possess full information.
  • Structure. If someone does not like writing, this technique will suit perfectly. Read information, delve into it, draw it in the form of a scheme. It is easy – thus, we will always have little hints.
  • Drawing. Probably, the most widespread method of memorization. It is hard to predict what way each of us will choose, because we all are individualities. The most important is that the drawing should correspond to the received data.
  • Slide show. Such presentations are considered to be a very effective method in business sphere. To present information competently, interestingly and tellingly it is enough to create a scheme of a text using intellectual cards. There are numerous online programs for such purposes.

It should be said that it is difficult to describe in one article all methods, which allow to perceive and memorize information better. That is why we give a single simple advice: theory and practice – this is the base of excellent memory! The base of an excellent paper is the professional online checker. We offer all kinds of college paper related services. We provide flexible payment system, discounts, free services. Our prices are cheap! Also, on our site resume rewriter option is also available. So, having read this post, you get not only much useful advice, but also a chance to edit resume and develop career online. Do not miss it!

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