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English grammar and spelling check

What is a better and right way to impress readers than to have an excellent grammar? Students tend to ignore proofreading and editing own texts as it requires time and efforts. However, there is a great range of programs and websites where to fixing a mistake takes a few seconds. If you one of those who doesn't like to deal with paperwork, our team of the best writers provide you qualified service. Except for essay rewriter online, here you may order proofreading, editing or writing an essay from a scratch. And now let’s take a look at typical mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation!

Typical Spell Check And Grammar Mistakes

At least once each of us has made the following mistakes in grammar or spelling. The only thing you left is to look through them and to keep in mind to avoid these typical mistakes in the future. Additionally you have to read books for grammar upgrading. You should not forget about proofreading what you write as it helps to avoid an absolute failure.

1. Subject & Verb. The first rule in grammar is that every subject matches the verb. Most of all students forget about singular and plural forms.

Incorrect: Each of you are qualified workers.

Correct: Each of you is a qualified worker.

Students also forget about ending –es if it relates to the third person.

2. Lay or Lie. This mistake is in the list of all grammar widespread mistakes among students. Lie means to be or stay at rest and it is also the intransitive verb. The other meaning of this word is to make an untrue statement. Lay is the past tense of the word “lie”. The problem is that many people misunderstand the usage of such words. English grammar games may help to cope with it, as it is not only entertaining but easy way to learn.

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3. Nor or Neither. Spelling grammar and punctuation checking includes a lot of various mistakes but these conjunctions are the basic obstacles for students. Nor is used as a function word to introduce the second or a few following things. Neither can be a conjunction, a pronoun, an adjective and an adverb. It means that a definite thing or person is not the one or other of two things or people. Nor and neither can be used in one sentence or separately.

  • Which one do you prefer?
  •   Neither of them.
  • I want to be neither here nor there.

4. Whether or If. Probably everyone used to consider these two conjunctions similar by the meaning and they are wrong.  Whether indicates choices or possibilities and usually is used with correlative or. If is used to talk about the result, what must happen.

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  • If I turn off the sound, I will not hear the call.
  • I am not sure whether they will come up.

5. Farther or Further. What a great difference between these words that seems to be alike. We use further when talking about the distant place, time or extent that you are not able to measure. Farther is used in relation to a certain distance. Grammar spelling and punctuation check are what you have to after each written text if you do not want to make such obvious mistakes.

  • You should think about further issues you may face with.
  • They went farther down the river to see what’s there.

6. Affect or Effect. There are so many arguments about using affect and effect words. Let’s see the difference. The effect is a definite change, feeling after something happens or influences you. Affect is an action upon the person or situation. A single letter confuses the mind of the mankind.

  • Smoking affects human’s lungs.
  • The effect of smoking does not last too long.

Spelling is a sequence of letters which composing a word. You may hear a word and understand it but another person doesn’t. Have you ever realized the importance of the perfect spelling? The mistake that beats all the records is shorten forms of You’re and It’s. For some reason, a lot of students are confused by an apostrophe. Let’s make it clear:

You’re = You are but not Your

It’s = It is but not Its

The last stop belongs to punctuation. Students do not know how to use apostrophes right and add them where it is not necessary.  Remember that only possessive case requires an apostrophe but not the words in plural form. Students in their paperwork tend to put quotation marks without a citation or quotes that look weird. It is impossible to write anything and does not miss commas. On the other hand, there are those who overuse commas. There are many rules of using commas. Proofreading takes time but the quality of the text becomes much higher and it can make your grammar skills better.

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You may not be an expert in writing but when proofreading a text remember about all the described mistakes. Nothing is so satisfying than to understand that you finish a work by yourself but with our quick on the uptake team you will be satisfied as well. . The idea of the essay, its theme or the way you reflect own thoughts can be not a masterpiece, but an error-free text is half of the success.

Being a student is a challenge in everyone’s life. Luckily, such service that you may find here is a godsend for those who want to fix their texts. Our customer’s reviews claim: “They have checked my grammar and spelling. The excellent job!”. It won’t take much of your time! Just place an order and explain to our best writers what content you would like to receive.

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