Pleasant Perks from Our Paragraph Rewriting Service


We keep mentioning how our experienced academic paper editors work and why they offer only top-quality services, but now we want to pay special attention to the whole bunch of pleasant perks that you get when working with us. Quality editing and rewriting are one thing: you pay for these services, so your order automatically gets protected from any possible negligence. But we stepped even further in customer-friendly direction. Smart Essay Rewriter has devised a whole system of goodies for our new and regular clients. Now we will specifically dwell on each of them.

Discount for your first order

If you still have not tried to work with our paragraph rewriting service, here is good news for you: when you place your first order, you do not have to pay 20% of the cost! This is because Smart Essay Rewriter exercises a bonus system for new customers. You can read more about it on the pain page of our website. In general, it all comes to this: whatever service you choose (writing, editing, rewriting, proofreading, revision), the discount will apply to it. Your academic level and type of assignment do not matter either. Start saving on your studies right now.

Free blog with useful education-related information

Of course, we lend you a helping hand when it comes to fulfilling your academic tasks, but we do something more than that. We gradually teach you how to do it on your own. If you are a regular reader of our educational blog, then you already know a lot of nuances about English grammar (for example, you will not make typical mistakes in English prepositions anymore), and we are about to publish even more. Keep reading the blog to be the first to know vital things for flawless writing that you may have skipped at school.

Freebies and updates that get delivered to your email address

You already know about the discount for the first order, but it was just the beginning. Our regular customers are entitled to discounts, too. In order to get them you have to subscribe to our newsletter after creating an account on our website. Then you will get regular updates from our service with further pleasant surprises. For example, you will know straight away about new bonuses and offers.

This system will only work if you provide us with your valid email address. We guarantee that you will not receive any spam from our company. Only useful and vital information from our rewriting service!

Round the clock support and service

Our managers work 24/7 to make sure that each client gets answers to their questions immediately. This has proved to be reasonable, and we came to this conclusion from our own experience. But now we offer something more. Not only our support team works for you around the clock, but so do our writers and editors. If you have an urgent order for Smart Essay Rewriter, you can place it at any time, and one of our professionals will start working on it straight away. Some of our staff work overnight to make sure that every student gets their assignments back on time.

Communication with your rewriter

Our company does not deal with your projects according to some unique template. On the contrary, we try to find a personal approach to each of our clients. What helps us most in fulfilling this task is the system that allows you to contact your rewriter directly. It enables you to send us your instructions and requests momentarily, and a person who is working on your essay or paper will be able to take into consideration everything you ask from us.

Just think how convenient it is: you simply copy everything you professor wants from you (probably these guidelines will for the most part coincide with the requirements for academic writing that you can find on the Internet), send this text to our company, and we perfect your essay in a way your professor will definitely like. However, you have to keep in mind that by providing us with essential instructions without which we cannot start working on your order, you automatically put off the deadline. That is why we recommend you to send your personal requirements right away; it will save you some time, and you will get your document back faster.

Refund system

Those clients who wonder what guarantees we give can draw an easy breath. We guarantee a refund for a paper of low quality that you get from us. Professionals who render all kinds of writing and editing services at our company understand that the odds of you receiving a paper of poor quality is negligible. We thoroughly check our applicants before giving them the access to your academic assignments. That is why you can be pretty sure that you will not have to face the necessity to claim a refund from Smart Essay Rewriter.

Protection of your personal data

We understand that when you place an order with our rewriting company, you pass a lot of personal information to us. But you can sleep soundly because we guarantee you that your details will not end up in the hands of any third parties. Everything that happens between you and Smart Essay Rewriter is strictly confidential, and a leak may occur only from your side. That is why we advise you to keep your passwords in mind, not on some sheets of paper scattered around your workplace. In this case both your personal data and the fact that you use our services will be hidden from other people.

How do you like this set of goodies? We feel that you cannot wait to try them all in practice! Probably you will be especially delighted to use your personal discount coupons and read our useful blog on college and school studies. However, our rewriting services do hope that our relations and collaboration with you will never end up in a refund case. To avoid any problems and solve them before they develop into a conflict, do not be shy to contact our managers in any, even minor case of misunderstanding. Prevention is better than cure, that is what we believe in and therefore encourage you to follow all our recommendations to get only satisfaction from our services.