How to Avoid Misunderstandings with a Paper Rewriter


Students who claim that their paper rewriter was not as good as they expected often fail to notice their own faults that actually led to the misunderstanding. You should start with yourself: pay attention to the words you use to describe what you need to do with your paper and select the right options when placing an order at a rewriting company. Previously we shared with you a post about article rewriting service from our company, so here we will teach you the basics of working with our academic rewriting services, and you will be able to ward off any unpleasant situations that are ready to emerge. Simply follow our rules, and you will always get the results you expect.

Select appropriate options

When you place an order at our company, you deal with a form with multiple fields. We have designed it so that you can specify all the details about your essay. When we know exactly what your academic level is and how many pages there are in the document, we will rewrite your paper without any fuss. However, some clients think that by selecting inappropriate variants they can reduce the price for their order. Let us show you once and for all why this approach will not do you any good.

Educational systems have established a lot of essay writing requirements for students all over the world. They differ from university to university, but also from level to level. Thus, an essay of a bachelor does not have the same requirements as the one of a master has. And our rewriters know these differences, but they will not be able to apply them correctly unless you are honest with us about your degree.

The same rule applies to all the details in our order form. If you want to receive a quality paper right away, please do not try to mess up with the options. The odds are you will have to start the rewriting all over again.

Do not delay payments

This tip is important because the time of your payment determines when we start working on your order. Our rewriters do not begin to amend your paper unless the company has received the full payment from you. It is only fair if you come to think about it: you may change your mind about the order after several hours or days, but half of it could be already done by that moment.

So, the deadline will be estimated in accordance with the payment time. That is why we recommend you to go through all the steps of placing your order at one go. If you put off the payment, you may eventually forget about it at all. Of course, you will get a reminder from us, but we do not want to think about the consequences in case your order is an urgent one. We ask you to be responsible and conscientious as these features will save you from a lot of misunderstandings with a rewriting company.

Choose your wording when clarifying instructions

This is the cornerstone of our collaboration. We can be good at editing and rewriting, but our professionals has not been taught to read your thoughts. When you expect something specific from our company, you had better type it in for us so that we can see what we can do. One of the most convenient features of our website is that you can communicate with your rewriter directly using our message box! Do not waste this opportunity, and share with us every tiny detail connected to your order. In this way we will be able to unite our efforts and produce the best custom paper for you.

You should also mind your language when sending us your instructions. Please try to be as specific as possible because otherwise unpleasant misunderstandings may arise. Moreover, you should not delay sending us your guidelines. If you fail to deliver them in several hours after placing your order, we do not guarantee adhering to them. For more information, you can visit our Terms of Use page. There you will find the most comprehensive rules that apply to our services, including the amount of time you have after the payment to provide Smart Essay Rewriter with additional instructions.

Keep in touch

Having sent us a question or a request, wait until we give you a reply. It is likely that we will have a vital piece of information for you that you would not want to miss. Our managers are available for you 24/7 so waiting for a message from us is usually a matter of several minutes. Spare this time now in order to avoid tricky situations later.

Another important piece of advice here is that you should provide us only with your valid contact details. If we ask your e-mail address, it is not because we are going to send you loads of spam letters. We just want to be sure that we will be able to notify you about every essential detail that concerns your order. For example, without an e-mail we would not be able to send you notifications about order completion.

Please remember that we keep your personal data within our company. The details will not be passed on to any third parties, and you can be sure that orders placed at Smart Essay Rewriter are 100% confidential. If security is the reason you wish to hide your personal details from our company when using our rewriting services, we are here to cast away any doubts as to our reliability.

Solve issues right when they arise

We have strict timeframes at Smart Essay Rewriter for solving issues that are connected to your orders. Thus, payment mistakes should be reported within 12 hours after you sent us the wrong payment (for example, accidentally paid twice for the same order). Otherwise we cannot guarantee you a refund. When it comes to reporting a low-quality service, you have from 7 to 14 days, depending on the type of your paper. But what we advise is to contact our support group immediately. The sooner you do this, the less time it will take for us to solve your issue, while you will not have to worry if you managed to reach out to us in time.

As you can see, our company can make your life easier if you follow our recommendations. When you want to rewrite your paper at our reliable rewriting company, be precise in your instructions and do not be shy about contacting our managers. Smart Essay Rewriter will provide you with a professional research paper rewriter who will gladly undertake your academic assignments. Put your trust in us, and we will show you that you have made the right choice.