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Language clogging that most people notice today is not a catastrophe and even not a problem, but a symptom of the processes, which language faces during its development and which it is absolutely able to cope with. Proofreading websites online exist to help us to face and overcome the problem of language clogging. Smart Essay Rewriter is among the best websites that offer proofreading, editing, rewriting, revision and other types of services. Our specialists work with all kinds of written papers of any difficulty level. We know what exactly requires to be changed in your paper. Our experts will remove “the garbage” and make your paper “clean”. Use our services for better result. By the way, we provide help at reasonable prices, so you may not worry that cooperation with our website will cost you a fortune. Our prices will surprise you pleasantly. And now let’s return a little bit to the problem of language ill use. In this essay we are going to tell you how to use language correctly in order to write good paper, in particular good paragraph.

The essence of the problem is quite obvious: great mass of people does not know how to write correctly, makes terrible spelling mistakes, does not want to learn to write grammatically correctly and even to use automatic grammar checkers (which now are installed even in Internet browsers).

Grammatically correct speech is one of the forms of politeness that works in public field and almost does not work in personal. Most people used to write something more often in personal correspondence, and public written speech was considered sphere of specialists. Today, when printing has become widely available and Internet literally lies in our pockets, we finally have begun to write publically. Concern that comparing with the previous “elite” epoch published texts have lost their quality is obvious, but still there is no catastrophe.

Users sooner of later will organize themselves and learn not to make most errors that hurt the eyes now. On the other hand, the most irregular rules will be “thrown away”. In any case, language is expected to meet not decay, but growth of use and development.

Full paragraph

We can say with confidence that essay creation issue is quite complex. The issue is not simple and contains a lot of pitfalls and tricks. Being professionals, we have deep knowledge on academic written works creations and processing, including essay. That is why academic writers of our proof reading website Smart Essay Rewriter want to share with you a piece of their experience ( And naturally we are going to begin with the “bricks”, with the foundation, on which any successful academic paper is being built. We are talking about correctly written paragraph. This is one of the bricks of any written paper.

What is it?

Paragraph is an “autonomous” unit of a written reasoning that contains certain question or idea.

During paper creation you can not build clear system of argumentation if you do not have correct “building materials” for it, i.e. the “bricks” that we have already mentioned. Paragraph is the essence of academic paper. If your paragraphs are incorrect or poorly written, then you will never manage to create a good paper. Paragraph consists of at least several sentences that present us some idea. It is not empty and should not be empty. Competently structured it proves that you are aware of the subject you consider.

Good paragraph is not:

  • random sequence of sentences;
  • a description and not a retelling of other people’s thoughts or of original source. Such an approach does not contain your analysis, and it does not support your arguments. Read “Where To Find Arguments For Your Essay” article on our proofread website (;
  • a waste of time (we give a quotation and then retell it writing: “this quotations tells about…”);
  • a mere presentation or enumeration of your thoughts (“the essence of my thesis is that…”). You can not start your paper from the end.

Good paragraph is:

  • well thought idea;
  • connected between them ideas;
  • transitions, both within and between different paragraphs;
  • each paragraph should have beginning, middle (main) part and ending (one sentence can not be called paragraph);
  • proofs of your thoughts.

Each paragraph contains one idea or a concept. Other sentences support this idea giving arguments, examples, references and so on.

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Paragraph becomes correct if it is united, connected and developed.

Paragraph unity means that it should necessarily contain so-called “topic sentence”. It maintains paper subject that is why called “topic”. It can be placed first (classic variant), last or somewhere in other place of a text. It is not very principal thing. What really matters is that a reader could easily find it. All other sentences should supplement or have relation to the major idea. If additional sentences do not perform this function, it would be better to remove them.

Paragraph connection reflects logical bridges betweens sentences. Sentences can be connected by using repetitions of key words, using of synonyms and pronouns of already mentioned nouns, and also using of transitional words.

Paragraph developing allows to capture reader’s attention and to develop main idea. We use arguments, details and examples to demonstrate the reality and essentiality of our ideas. Proofs should illustrate the thesis, and not just retell it.

TEE rule

Summarizing information about structure of a paragraph, we can form the “TEE” rule:

  • Topic sentence;
  • Explanation;
  • Example / Evidence.

Namely, any paragraph should always consist of a major sentence, thought explanation, examples and proofs of your opinion.

Paragraph does not necessarily contain final, summary sentence. Nevertheless, if paragraph is too big, final sentence will help the reader to structure the thoughts given in it.

Introduction and conclusion

Introductory and final paragraphs of your written work do not differ much from others. Introductory paragraph should present the paper subject and demonstrate its importance. It should attract attention of a reader and reveal the paper content. Give the main argument. The more arguable it is, the more attention it attracts. Tell how you are going to answer the main question. Claim about your plan, in order to give the reader know what to expect from your text.

Final paragraph in its importance goes right after introductory. Having read it, the reader will decide how to evaluate your paper. It should summarize all the main points (using new words, your task is to present the most important information of the above mentioned in several sentences), without changing their meaning. Here, in this element of written work it is necessary to present your final conclusion and make sure that the question set in the beginning is answered completely.

There should be no new material in the last paragraph, i.e. information that is not given in the main part. Also there should not be mere generalization (you need to be unusual and ingenious) and quotations (give only your own opinion, not others’ thoughts).

So, it is no longer a secret how to create a good paragraph. We are going to present you much more useful information on academic papers building, using which you will reach success in written works creation.

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