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So, let us talk about the topic that does not leave anyone indifferent.

What is the man’s purpose?

It's amazing how many people are looking for their destination, and how little of them can say that they have found it. And some do not even think about it. There are also such lucky people, who have developed in such a way that they are engaged in a business that corresponds to their destination in life. We have already said that by realizing our mission, we are fulfilling a unique mission that contributes to our improvement.

Work within the framework of the destination is amazing and does not look like work for the sake of work, career, money. It brings pleasure and harmony to life. There are several signs or criteria of the case that lies in the field of your destiny.

  • Feeling of the fullness of life
  • Feeling of need, relevance
  • Happiness both from the result and from the process
  • Thirst and desire to do business
  • Desire to develop in the activity
  • The ultimate goal outweighs the momentary failures
  • Focus on activity, not on earning money. 
  • Difficulties that occur in any activity are overcome easier.

In contrast to what has been said, any activity outside the destination can be quite good, but such activity does not give the above sensations. Sometimes it can be interesting and exciting for some time, but sooner or later work outside the vocation leads to the following:

  • Feeling of emptiness, meaninglessness of life
  • Feeling of detachment
  • No joy and pleasure from the work process, in difficult cases and from the result too
  • No desire to develop in business, there is no interest in it

The purpose is unique and individual. It is as an ideal suit precisely chosen for each of us and corresponds to our capabilities. It is important to remember that the true destiny of man always has good intentions. The person's destiny is related to his development and is never aimed at infringing upon other people.

Several important features of the person's destiny can be distinguished:

  • At the heart of any destination is the service and help to others. It can have various forms: directly help with your activities (doctors, firefighters, rescuers, lawyers, social workers, philanthropists), provide psychological support and help, teach, transfer knowledge, create something useful, repair and much more.
  • The destination is never aimed at infringing people, their oppression, death, immoral acts. Therefore, it can not be a destiny to take something away from some people and give it to others or to help someone by killing people.
  • As a rule, does not have a specific personal object. The purpose is rarely when it can be focused on a specific person or several, otherwise, it leads to dependence, idleness, excessive concentration on a person (children or some relative). There are such people whose purpose is to raise children. But if this is a true vocation, then such people not only bring up their children, they help other children, take adoptive children or work as teachers, nannies, teachers.
  • Promotes the development of the highest moral qualities of the person him/ herself, is associated with his/ her improvement. Only, when a person is engaged in business with interest, joy, only then he/ she can develop fully. It is easy and natural for him/ her. Developing the best in him/ herself, a person improves not only professional but also spiritual qualities, improves relations with others, the family.
  • The destination is very abstract and is not limited to a specific profession. That is very good because we can realize our destinations in many ways, depending on what we can do now. After all, you can give beauty to needlework, singing, painting, landscape design, cleaning streets and many others. You can help people by being a doctor, a social worker, a consultant, a lawyer.

To understand one's purpose is not always easy. Someone knows it since the childhood, the lucky ones, someone is looking for a lifetime, and some are asking this question seriously, trying to find a vocation and realize themselves in a favorite business.

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Why do not the plans always work and the goals are not reached?

Many people abandon this deal from the very start because no matter how hard they tried, the goals and plans were just on paper. And often, in such situations, we think that we just do not fit the planning in general, and we are wrong. Often, the essence of failure lies in the fact that the basis of all that was chosen is not the right one. It is worth changing this basis, and the plans will begin to work, bringing order to your life and advancing you towards the goals. What is this basis? What is the reason for the fact that the plans do not work and the goals are not reached?

The fact is that we turn the planning and goal setting upside down. We set goals and make plans based on what we want, simply out of immediate desires or from what we have now. There are a lot of things to do, we organize this heap, allocating time for doing things, setting goals according to the current tasks that we have. It turns out that the current tasks, deeds, desires are the basis of planning, not vice versa, planning creates a list of those things that we carry out.

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It looks like "heap method cleaning". When you throw all the things together with rubbish in one pile in the middle of the room, and then sort it out, cleaning floors at the same time: this go to garbage, the pants go to the wash, this pencil should be put in the place, this apple stub goes in the trash, this contract will be put into the folder. And here we also mix all the affairs into one big pile and try to arrange it somehow. While we can identify the main thing, we create the list of cases that we will carry out.

And the most important thing in the proper formulation of goals and planning is an approach from the top down, when we go not from deeds, putting them in precarious order, but do it from our life principles and true deep needs. In order for the plans to work, and the goals to be achieved, these plans and goals must meet our deepest values.

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It is necessary to decide what I want in life, what is its meaning for me. For each person, this answer will be different, and finding it at times is not easy. But it is precisely understanding of the reason why I live gives the real meaning to any activity. So, we can understand our purpose, and therefore, highlight the main needs of the spiritual, emotional and intellectual level: to help others, to give beauty, to make life easier for someone or something else.

Realizing our deep needs, with which our mission is connected, we can understand what are our priorities in life, what are the principles and values. Having determined these important characteristics, we can only set goals, relying on principles, trying to match them. Then, the guaranteed goal will be desired, will be fulfilled. As to your best-guaranteed result in writings, it is easy to achieve with our service We will also make plans, long-term or short-term, taking into account the principles.

And in addition to the current tasks that provide us with life and opportunities to work, we will take steps to meet our mission.

I will give an example from the life of young mothers. Mom stays at home with the baby. She has an incredible number of cases: to wipe the dust, wash the floor, wash the dishes, prepare dinner, change the baby, feed, play, run the laundry, hang it up, clean the toys 5 times a day, make sure that the baby does not stick his fingers into the sockets and do not gnaw the wires, find developing games on the Internet, gather for a walk, take a walk, again wash everything that the child has slapped, again change clothes, feed, play and so on in a circle. In the evening, fall into bed without power. You can try to streamline these cases, to structure them somehow. And it may be a little easier, but soon the planning will either fail or remain at the level of "slightly helped". Why?

Because even with good organization of affairs, we do not understand why we all do this and where we are going? How to act then. One should properly deal with their spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs, define principles and values, at first, and then set goals and make plans. And it may turn out that an important principle of the mother may be the harmonious development of herself, but she does not really rest, she is not being intellectually and spiritually perfect. There is not anything that supports her in these aspects in her daily list of things. What harmony can we talk about there? If the child rising is not the only duty of the mother, if she has some extra tasks dealing with the writings or some kind of studying activities it becomes even worse. The great news is that there is always opportunity to use the help of the cheap academic paper proofreading service. That saves time, money and strength. Yes, it may take some extra time in order to know proofreading rates per page, to calculate the price but the benefit of this, in general, will be much greater.  

It may be that the early development of a child is not really important for her, there is no such value for her, and there is development in daily affairs for her. Why is it there then? Perhaps it is important for a young mother to have a good happy family and, at the same time, engage in her vocation, to create her own handicraft workshop, for example, and to teach needlework. But is there at least one thing on the list to achieve this goal? No. Cooking food, cleaning up is the tasks that provide us with existence, they are natural in our plans. But what about all the rest?

When we go from top to bottom, we determine the true needs, we often find that many things are done without any understanding why we do them. We want but do absolutely nothing in this direction. And even if the situation is not suitable, you can to open our own business read the literature, information on the topic of interest.

So, working plans flow from true goals, and the true goals flow only from true needs. The main thing to do is define your deep needs, principles, prioritize. A technique of goal-setting or planning is a technique, a tool that helps us to realize what we have conceived.

The expert English proof reading services are ready to unload you from the routine tasks and let some free time for making the right plans and finding the true goals. In our turn, we give the guarantees of the successful cooperation with our team.

Why do we need goals and principles in life?

I think you once asked yourself this question. Why do we need these complex and boring writings of our goals, the definition of life principles and priorities? Maybe it's just worth living and enjoying life without worrying about anything? Just do what you want and at the pace you want? You can live and be absolutely happy. But ... there are only a couple of cases when it brings happiness to the person and others.

  • Children can live without thinking about the meanings and goals. They live today, enjoy the life and do not make plans. They live as free artists, creating their own day on their own. And this is natural. This is a children's way, they develop and absorb everything around.
  • The second category of people is those who have reached the level and lifestyle in their life, that provides them with everything necessary without any efforts. Such people are engaged in their most favorite thing. Typically, these people do not set goals to earn something or to buy something. They either have everything already, or their favorite business brings them enough to live a full life. And the main thing is that they are engaged in their vocation, they can act without plans and do what they like, rest when they want. And they do not need anything else, they are happy here and now. They do not dream of yachts, five-storied houses, and expensive cars. They only dream of continuing to do what they really like. These people know how to prioritize, they know what is important and what is secondary for them. They prefer to delegate things, which are not the part of their main goal. So, they know where to find the best proofreading service and how to order the assistance in a quick and comfortable way. They transfer their duties to the professionals and gladly take help of the good essay proofreading service to save time for something that is more important in this period of time.

I think it's clear what distinguishes these two categories of people. They are happy now. They are happy with what they have and do not want more. And all because they do what is intended for them, what constitutes their true essence, they are already fulfilling their vocation, they are already moving towards their main goals.

We, that is all the others, as a rule, do not have this feeling of constant happiness and pleasure from life. All because we often move not to where we really want. We go there, where the crowd, the environment is heading, where it is trendy and prestigious. But each of us has our own path, the most convenient for each of us. And the way along this path brings happiness itself.

Therefore, we, growing up from childhood and still not finding our way, need a compass of our true principles, values and priorities, our personal mission. We all want an ideal, harmonious and happy life. But is it possible to come to an ideal if we do not even imagine how this ideal looks? Each way, the life of every person has difficulties and obstacles. But if we have a lighthouse in front of us, then we see where we should go to come to the dream. Otherwise, we wander in the dark and lose the meaning of our movement.

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