Essay Proofreading: How It Can Change Quality Of Your Essay


Essay proofreading

If you are not a man of letters or a professional journalist, it can be a challenge to write an essay. You are confused how to start writing it, where to find an inspiration, how to make it meaningful and to avoid mistakes. Someone finds it difficult to look for own mistakes in the text and it is really a serious mission. Fortunately, you can use our cheap essay writing service where you may find not only proofreading but any type of rewriting services. Our talented writers are going to create exactly what you need. All our papers are of the high specification and everything you receive from us is free of any errors. We can ensure that the paperwork you order is absolutely unique and followed by the instructions you give us. It is easy to select the type of paper you want to be done. Native English speaking writers provide the order on time no matter how difficult the task is. Nevertheless, we do our best to share the helpful tips and advice about proofreading which you may see below.

What You Should Know Before Proofreading Essay

Foremost, you have to study the arguments in the essay so that the thoughts, feelings and the experience can be clearly traced in it. With the help of an essay, you can understand author’s attitude towards the described problem or a theme. When you finish the essay, you need to leave it for a couple of days, and only then start proofreading the text. It is proved that this method allows you to identify a great number of mistakes in the text. When you try to convey own thoughts, it is easy to get confused and forget about grammar, spelling or punctuation rules. This is a reason why everyone should look through the essay. Moreover, this is the answer to the question why do we need grammar school. When you check your text, you do not have to overwork it as this writing does not have too strict rules according to its content. If you were asked to write an essay by a teacher, it does not mean that you have to write it specifically for her/him. Your task is to rely on the readers except for your teacher. The reader has to find the answer to the main question of the essay and the text has to be natural. For example, if you write about the choice of the profession, then the text should include the following:

  • First-person narration;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of choosing different profession;
  • Mention own qualities and what profession suits you better;
  • Give a reasonable argument why it is important to choose the profession responsibly;

It can be interesting for you:

One of the purposes to write an essay is to check your skills of reflecting own thoughts through the text. It is not necessary to write like a philosopher, it would be enough to show you are an expert in certain field. Essay represents not only an idea but you as a personality. If the essay has to tell a story about you, it is your goal to show own development and achievements. However, a lot of writers used to give a taste of own quality only from the best side.

Find out:

Include as many examples as you can, it can be an example from real life, own experience. It is observed that a reader percepts the information better if the examples are given. The examples activate the person’s imagination and evoke the creation of the pictures in the head. Adding some humor to a serious theme can be an excellent idea. It points to the fact that the writer is not afraid to risk and against a cliché in the texts. Honesty is the major criteria for writing a good one essay. Fake thoughts and the illusion of some point of view can be easily seen. 

To help you with the proofreading the essay, here are a few statements on which you should give the answer or explain, if they are mentioned:

  • If you mention a certain event in the essay: “Why is this even important?”, “Has the event changed something?”
  • If you describe a certain person as an example in the essay: “Why have you chosen this person?”, “Does the person have any influence on something?”, “Can the person teach us something?”
  • If you do not agree with something: “Why you do not agree with something?”, “What examples can you give to prove it?”

Read and learn:

What To Change When Proofread

There are a lot of the lists with the widespread mistakes students make in their writing, which still does not teach them anything. The programs on the Internet can fix any mistake or misunderstanding in your text but there is a situation when you simply cannot afford to use it. In this case, it is necessary to keep in mind the following:

Long introduction or lack of the details. Students very often enumerate the arguments without any explanation and examples. Make sure your introduction explains the theme briefly and make readers be interested in it to continue reading the essay. Facts also matter in disclosing the topic. For example, if you write about the importance of grammar in the essay, it can be interesting for the reader to find out the facts about grammar day.

Verbiage. The essay should not be too long or too short. Therefore, you have to think about how to include all the necessary details to write the essay appropriately. When you reread the text exclude some details which do not refer to the theme as it distracts the readers’ attention.

Long phrases. Those who consider that long sentences and phrases show writer’s intelligence are definitely wrong. The reader can be confused if the text is overwhelmed with the long sentences. It is better to change a short one with the long sentence or phrase.

Fusion of the words. Do not use cyclopedia’s words or words with no translation in your essay. The reader may not understand the meaning of such words and an attempt to look clever can make the reader refuse to continue reading the essay.

Correspondence of the theme. It seems weird when the headline and the context are different. The topic and the main idea have to hang together.

Usage of the epigraph. Same as the context, the epigraph should be connected with the theme of the essay.

Logical sequence of the text. Every text has a plan and every statement should explain the following context so the reader can grasp the main idea.

Quotes. If you use in the text quotes, you should learn the correct usage of them and punctuation rules.

Our team of the professional writers understands how difficult today to study and how many attempts students should do to succeed. Whenever you wonder how it works, you may chat with us online and we enlighten everything in detail.  It does not matter what complexity of work to do as we aim to provide useful information and a set of services anytime you need it!

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