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When you create any text, especially when this is an essay or other academic paper, you need to keep in mind it should not maintain any flaw. When you finish it and you are ready to present it, do not rush. First make sure that it is really flawless. Often it is hard to check your own paper, so some errors can be omitted. That is why you need an academic writer. This is the service that takes care of your paper infallibility and accurateness. The team of experts works hard every day to provide you with the highest quality services. Here you will get any required help and support. If want to learn more about us, visit the main page. All information is in free access. In the mean time we offer to read this post to realize the great importance of the language preservation.

Is language developing or degrading?

Some people say that the preservation of language, literature and culture is the national security issue. This is the preservation of one’s identity in the global world. Only lazy people do not discuss the fact that during the recent years language degrades because of the low education of citizens, poor erudition, abundance of slang and unjustified borrowing. The Internet has replaced books, social networks are used instead of literature. All this is the reason for an extremely poor vocabulary, total illiteracy and inability to express one’s thoughts clearly, consistently and convincingly. Ability to improve essay easily will come in handy: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/how-to-improve-an-essay-in-7-steps.

School curriculum

It has long been known that it is easier to teach correctly at once than retrain later. Especially grown-ups lack time for self-education, consequently there are fewer chances to correct the gaps they have since childhood. Many people begin to speak and write incorrectly in school and continue doing that for the rest of their lives. Or their language becomes even more deteriorated with time, what is much worse.

The governments and authorities of almost all countries take care of the language preservation. They develop and organize concrete steps to preserve and develop it, to return and increase interest in reading and its supporting and, of course, to deepen the humanitarian component in education. They develop special conceptions on the language and literature teaching and try to increase the activity of different supporting organizations.

Essay role

Essay is one of the most ancient forms of knowledge check, which any person learns. Since ancient times people used it, and if it is excluded from the curriculum, it may lead to catastrophic consequences. It may literary kill the educational system. Fortunately, educators realize it and do not allow such development of the situation. Another problem is the tests, which do not teach children to think but put a tick or a cross only. Educators claim that for some (or even for most) learners such system of knowledge evaluation using tests is not acceptable at all. The ticks and crosses are not enough for most subjects and academic disciplines. That is why essay writing is extremely important in the process of studying. That is why we have prepared leading essay proofreading service for you. Oral component of education, which demonstrates speaking skills, also plays significant role. Such oral component is already inserted in some systems of students attestation. This can be treated as one of the first much promising steps to the revival of education.

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Oral examination is not only humanitarian subjects, such as literature, history, geography, social studies, but also many natural sciences. In chemistry, biology, physics without oral component it is not possible to know exactly if a learner has acquired knowledge and if he (she) understands correctly the main laws and principles. Or maybe he (she) has trained to solve similar tasks only, write the original data in the necessary places and get the right answer without realizing the essence of a solved task.

Entering any faculty, students need to pass not only written but also oral exams. An enrollee is supposed to demonstrate the admission committee that he (she) can solve not only the same type tasks, but he (she) really understands the sense of the processes and laws.

Language in everyday life

It is just unbearable sometimes to listen to people who use senseless borrowings or illiterate words. In some European countries the situation risks becoming tragic because people there start to write the words of their native language in Latin letters. Using transliteration people write texts when they do not have the required language layout. That is why they have to use Latin letters to write the words. For example, in Serbia there is a newspaper that acts pretty extravagantly: in paper form it is Cyrillic, but on the web it is published using the Latin alphabet. In such countries the use of writing style instead of a native language is believed to be a sign of “Europeanism” and “adherence to common values”. Such writing style is not acceptable in academic papers. So, hire proofreader from academic paper proofreading service not to let flaws skip in your papers.

It happens since ancient times. Illiterate and uneducated people try to seem more educated, modern and professional. That is why they create such language mixes. In reality their attempts look like a creepy parody of their native language and some other. Thus, instead of learning at least one language well, they do not know either one or the other. If you want to speak English well, this post will come in handy: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/usage-of-present-simple-in-english.

Language as a nation survival condition

Some classic writers used to say: “National idea is the national language. This is the pass to the history. This is the history itself. The “numbness” of one or two generations may lead to the historical death. Language is the non-written constitution of a country”. It is said well and precisely. That is why it terrifies, taking into consideration the level of language degradation we can see now.

Language is called “nation history” or “civilization and culture name”. Its learning and preservation is not a mere time spending, but a current necessity. The language issues are discussed not for the first time, and maybe now they require even more attention than previously. It goes about preservation of ethnic identity, about being a nation with its own features, traditions, originality, about preservation of historical continuity and connection of generations.

Today almost each country combines different nations, nationalities, confessions (religions). At the same time their originality, cultural tradition, languages and customs are preserved. National minorities in big countries stand up for their language, customs and traditions. This is their main way to keep their national identity, language, customs, traditions and transfer them to the future generations (speaking about future, here are some tips on how to master future simple). This is what others need to adopt and start doing the same. It seems that we all should start treating our language and cultural roots seriously, not throw away the wealth we have. We need to support and develop our native culture taking into consideration our own experience and the best examples of other nations. Our task is to turn to the best world traditions, to the best world practice and popularize national languages and cultures inside our countries and abroad. Each language is the national property, which we are proud of and which we are obliged to preserve.

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