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Editing and proofreading

You have finally finished writing and it seems to you that it is perfect. However, the practice proves that there are many mistakes. If you’d like to make your paperwork better, you can ask our professional essay writer to help. Our skillful writers produce the content of extremely high quality. They make sure that the customer receives an essay of his dream. The reliable service includes various types of rewriting papers and answers the most disturbing questions. There’s no doubt that you choose what you need!  You will be surprised by the perfect support we provide which is not only oriented on our customer but which is incredibly friendly. We have been helping students globally for years, giving them a chance to get not only the highest mark but to improve own writing skills. Writers check texts for mistakes and plagiarism, making sure the content is unique. The team knows what deadline is and respects customers’ demands.  Fortunately, we help not only with dissertation editing and proofreading but also with an advice how to do it on your own.

Editing and Proofreading The Essay In Parts

Consider the structure. Do not start fixing grammar or spelling mistakes as you may have problems with the structure of your essay. Make sure it is logical and includes the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Pay attention to your introduction as it has to be interesting and represent the theme in the best way. The conclusion should not include any new information but only what you have already mentioned in the essay and what it leads to.

Reread. Print the essay if it is on the computer and reread the essay. Note whether it sounds logical and each word in the text is to the point. We also advise being acquainted with the most widespread grammar mistakes which you should avoid in your essay.

Precise the arguments and facts. Every fact you give has to be reliable. Make sure to study a few of sources as there are a lot of new sources same as outdated. If the argument or fact turns out to be false then you have to rewrite a text as the logical part is collapsed. More about the arguments look here: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/where-to-find-arguments-for-your-essay

Get rid of the parasite words. It’s great if you know the punctuation rules and even avoid spelling mistakes, you still can overuse parasite words. Modal verbs, parenthesis, the abundance of the adjectives, participles may deprave the text.

Break into pieces. The text should have paragraphs and subheadings as it makes the text visually better. It has to be comfortable for readers to look through the text as cohesive writing is difficult to perceive.

Usage of encyclopedic words. Students prefer to use encyclopedic words as much as possible as they think it makes the text more intelligent and deep. Popular English words without translation also are in great demand. However, it is worth to note that most well-known authors became famous not for using such difficult and beautiful words but for the deep meaning they put in the text.

Work through the conclusion. The most common mistake students make is employing the same information from the introduction to the conclusion. The conclusion has to show that you reach a certain verity or solution for the problem. Make readers think over the information after they read your essay. It is great if you ask readers a question so they will do their best to investigate the theme you describe more than you.

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How to write engrossing essay

Theme. You are lucky if you can choose a theme for the essay. If not, then you definitely should not be upset with it as the essay is going to be boring. Every topic has some interesting part of it and you can focus on it. Moreover, some of the readers may be interested in it as every man to his own taste.

Readers. Before you start writing the essay you should what people are interested in, what problems bother readers, what is the most disputed issue. When you analyze the previous information you will have a wider picture what to write about.

Details. When you describe only well-known facts and give common information, the text seems to be dry. Readers tend to understand better when these facts are connected with some situations from real life. It can be compared if the teacher explains mathematics’ rule using the example which pupils understand and know.

Learn additional information on how to create a good essay: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/essay-writing-strategy-step-by-step

Tenses. Usage of Passive Voice is the favorite hobby of the students. Unfortunately, this tense only makes the writing inanimate.  Active Voice can save the situation and liven up the text.

Hook. The introductory part is extremely important. It should grab readers’ attention and force not to stop reading. In this case, you can use a rhetorical question, famous quote, joke, etc. Remember that whatever you choose to use, it has to reflect the topic.

Point of view. Writing the essay what others think about the issue is not a very good idea. Readers probably already know what others think but they do not know your attitude towards the problem. Do not be afraid to talk about it even if your opinion differs.

Sentences. Readers note not only the filling of your essay but its fundament. When you build sentences of the same structure the text loses the zest. However, if you mix the writing with the simple, compound or complex sentences it will sound engaging. Avoiding essay language helps to be out of clichés students used to employ in the text.

If you do not want to go through these stages to make the essay a bit better or cannot make your mind about an expert editor editing vs proofreading, there is always a chance to make a request to write a unique essay. Our communicative writers meet any of your demands. We check any types of paperwork. The experts are going to make sure the spelling is correct, adopting either UK or US English. We check whether the punctuation is used appropriately. Correcting grammar mistakes is one of the most important parts for us. The team of Smart Essay Rewriter provides a worldwide service which is absolutely comprehensive. There is a total guarantee you receive a document in chosen time. You also can contact us via an available support 24/7. All information is secured and confidential for our client’s safety.

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