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Start being literate since birth

Any human being starts getting acquainted with language from very first minutes of life. Growing up, we learn more about language, its features and norms. Thus, we develop constantly our language skills, consequently communication skills are being developed simultaneously. By the time a child goes to school, he (she) needs to be able to read in syllables, also, be able to conduct sound-alphabetic analysis of syllables and words, in particular:

1. Determine by ear a sound (letter), which a word begins or ends with;

2. Be able to name a word, which begins with a certain sound (letter);

3. Determine place of a sound in a word: in the beginning, end or in the middle.

Books to help

There are a lot of books aimed to develop appropriate skills at children. These books are widely used by educators. Their material can be used in any possible way, i.e. topics can be expended or shortened, number of written exercises can be increased or reduced, etc.

Such books usually contain guidelines for an instructor (educator or teacher). Illustrative material of a book will make it easier for a child to learn grammar of a language. Besides, it can be also used for development of oral speech of children. Often, such books can bring quick and amazing results. There are books of different types for different ages. Such books are great helpers for preschool children. They are often used as additional material for children at junior school, because they often present information very clearly and even better than in modern school books. Books contain major language rules, which children study, so it would be better to present suchlike book to a child before going to school. It will make studying process much easier. Additionally, such books are usually big size and very colourful.

Such an educational preparing book will help to complete preparation of a child for school. It will be a helper and assistant as for educator, so as for parents. Implementing tasks (not playing), a book will help even a home child get used to serious education at school (however, grammar games are also useful: Having learnt simple language rules (as book presents them), and having attended language classes for the first time, a child will feel at home (in direct and indirect meaning).

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A famous writer used to say: “People lack words only when they try to express something they do not understand well. Man expresses thoughts well when idea possesses him, but man expresses thoughts even better when he possesses the idea”, i.e. when a man has grammatically correct writing and speech. Today (as well as at all times) being literate means to own constantly inexhaustible riches of a native (or foreign) language in its written and oral form. It implies language rules, stylistics, genre, stylistic devices and expressive means, lots of other terms and definitions in literature, etc (here are additional tips on English punctuation). It is necessary not only to learn by heart rules of spelling. The easiest and most effective method of language learning is reading if classic books, classic writers, from whom we draw the basics of culture and grammar. Here is a list of books to improve grammar.

It will help to understand oneself, to believe in oneself, will help to develop desire for beauty, to become more literate. Literate and cultured people are always demanded in society. However, to reach such heights (i.e. to become literate and cultured), it is required to work constantly on self-improvement.

Being illiterate is like being blind

Folk wisdom says: “Illiterate person is like a blind one, failures and troubles always accompany him” or “More grammar, fewer fools” ( What does it mean to be literate today? This is not only ability to read and write, but a literate person gets a lot of opportunities. Today it seems that each person on Earth is literate. However, it is not like this. Many countries in Africa demonstrate high level of illiteracy. Even in so-called civilized countries only few people were literate and educated a century ago. So many years it took to give people good education.

Nowadays, it is important for each of us to be literate. Every year (if not every day) new more complex machines are created, new discovering is made. In order to remember, describe, transfer this new knowledge to our descendants it needs to be fixed somehow, to be written or recorded.

A literate man will easily speak foreign languages and read books of foreign writers. Being literate for each of us is a must. Another proverb says: “A golden bed cannot heal a sick man, a fool man cannot benefit neither from rich, nor from fame”. One can hardly disagree with this wise statement. Only a literate man can wisely use property and fame, meanwhile, an illiterate one will lose everything. Being literate means being master of life.

Grammar knowledge is a norm

Grammatically correct writing nowadays is a norm. “Never judge a book by its cover” principle has changed its meaning a little bit today. Now it is essential not only to be literate, it is important to be versatile, to own bigger amount of information and skills. In this case only one has more chances to achieve something in life. “Cover” of a text is its grammatical correctness. Sometimes perfectly written but grammatically incorrect work nullifies everything positive. It becomes impossible to read. They say that sharp sound hurts ears, we can say that illiterate work hurts eyes.

Being literate today is owning the riches of one's native language in its oral and written forms. These riches are unexhausted. Unfortunately, today people willingly destroy these riches, insert “ill” words or senseless fashionable lexis (read more about languages to avoid in essay). It turns out that it is hard to be literate. Laziness of man does not have limits. In order to be literate it is necessary to read a lot. It does not matter whether one read electronic or old paper book. It is important to read a lot, to develop one’s vocabulary, to learn new words. When one reads, intelligence is being developed along with literacy. There is no reason to hesitate, feel shy or be lazy to look into a dictionary when one has doubts. There is no such a thing as “useless knowledge”. There is just knowledge, which we cannot use fully on practice. However, there is principle of “boomerang”. Some day this knowledge will definitely be useful, for example, when applying for a job or entering university. It does not matter. Priority is always given to literate students and specialists. Today no one wants to deal with unprofessional workers or illiterate incompetent men. Literacy now is priority.

Kind of conclusion

We have tried to present as much clear as possible importance of literacy and being literate. Of course, modern life has great number of demands. A lot of everyday tasks are quite time-consuming. That is why very few people want, are able to or can afford themselves to spend precious time on creation of written papers. That is why again we advise to give preference to best online written papers service and its team of highly qualified writers. Why we? It is easy: we have more than nine hundred thousands completed orders, almost four hundred editors and writers, eight out of ten customers get excellent grades, nine out of ten customers become our regular clients. Numbers speak for themselves. Ordering written works making, fixing, editing, revision, proofreading, etc. services on our site, our customers do not lose anything, but instead get much use along with much free time. Anyone can become one of them. Just make several clicks and try great service now!

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Someone needs to make a plan before start writing. Others do not make it, they form a structure in real time, as if the text is written by itself. One way or another, ordered and structured texts are much easier perceived by the reader. It is very good if the text will be divided into small fragments and has their own title. Professional custom writing services are the best helpers in texts improvement.

Fragment headers should explain what this part is about. It is not necessary to understand the rule literally and call the paragraph on the wild animals of Africa "On the wild animals of Africa." Metaphors (not too contrived and intricate) or questions (“Who lives in the savanna?”) can be used in the course. Numbering also helps to build text. Especially, if the numbers are not assigned automatically, but reflect the logic of presenting facts (“first,” “second,”).

Even if your design does not imply subheadings within the material, do not rush to abandon them. Sometimes, it is useful to headline each part of the text for yourself in order to see clearly the sequence of thoughts. Having defined the structure, the subtitles can be removed. If the task is to write a complete text, rather than a set of theses, tie the paragraphs together, adding “liner” to the following ideas. If for some reasons you understand that you cannot handle the written assignments, contact the professionals from the

You ponder each sentence for a long time, phrases do not add up, but does the meaning run away while you are thinking about phraseological units and compatibility? Write as you like, not thinking about the style and the selection of words, but think about what thought you want to convey. And then go to drink coffee. Seriously. A small break at this stage of the work (you can still read something not related to your topic) will allow you to look at what you have written with new eyes. There is already time to be a strict and attentive editor or ask for help the real professional who knows how to make any text perfect. Essay rewrite online is the best option in this case.

Ask yourself questions or have a dialogue with an imaginary interlocutor (you can do it even out loud if you are not afraid of misunderstanding of others). Imagine, that you are doctor Watson, who clarifies, asks, and puzzles, thereby showing readers the way of Holmes's reasoning.