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Today great attention is paid to plagiarism issue in relation to written papers. Since number of texts of all kinds on the Internet is just unimaginable, it becomes harder day to day to create a really original paper. That is why our online company called SmartEssayRewriter provides professional services on plagiarism check and further rewriting of papers in order to increase their originality. Our online company is not only cheap essay writing service, but also professional site that performs all types of college and academic paper services. We are already famous in academic fields, consequently we get a lot of questions connected to papers creation, check and processing. Today we want to give answers to some of most commonly asked questions. Get more information in “FAQ About Our Essay Editing Services” post published in our blog: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/faq-about-our-essay-editing-services. We hope each visitors of our site will find necessary answers in this post. If no, in any case contact with our supportive team is available every day every single moment. We have made a big effort creating this post, so it definitely should be useful for anyone who will read it, regardless of what aims he or she has visiting our site.

Paper was checked for plagiarism certain period of time ago. Can results of plagiarism check become obsolete?

Yes, they can. Internet databases, online libraries constantly replenish with new incoming information. That is why, even if your paper has been checked, but some time has already passed, it would be better to recheck it once again before presenting it. Especially, when it goes about dissertation, this is an obligatory rule. Before placing your thesis on site of your educational establishment (now most of them have such a requirement), recheck its text for plagiarism. According to rules, text of dissertation is not allowed to be changed after its publishing on site. Judging from our own experience, authors of papers are shocked when they learn about low results of their papers check for plagiarism. Usually it happens with thesis papers, authors of which checked them for plagiarism a year or two ago and were absolutely sure about their high originality.

Is self-quotation taken into consideration in plagiarism check process?

A lot of questions are connected with identification of “borrowings” from earlier works of a person, whose papers are being checked for plagiarism. It especially concerns thesis papers. Formally speaking, text of dissertation paper should be original itself. But what to do when, let’s say, PhD thesis is a continuation of Master’s thesis? Or what to do when author refers to his / hers own earlier work, which has related subject, published before dissertation?

We know that now following consensus is accepted: author's own works (but no more than 15% of text) are eliminated from reference list after initial inspection for plagiarism if:

1) these works are created without co-authorship (or there is a distinction of authorship in a quoted article / monograph);

2) quotation is correctly formatted (clearly, with quotation marks, in bold, it has exact names of authors and works).

Described actions help to make quotations “white”, i.e. correct. What important is that originality level mark is getting higher.

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Are references to used sources considered as borrowings?

Usually and mostly list of sources used to plagiarism analysis process is not included. As a consequence, we would like to give recommendation: do not present in thesis (and other papers) references to used sources as footnotes (lower footnotes or endnotes), but only as references to bibliography (list of sources), for example [57, p. 5; 64] In thesis works (dissertations) only main text without applications and a list of sources used is analyzed. Diploma works (Bachelor and Master degree) are being analyzed according to rules accepted in higher educational establishments. Read more about services provided by professional dissertation editors here.

Does plagiarism check of your site differ from check of other websites?

To some extent, yes, it differs. Each plagiarism check service is based on similar processing systems. However, meanwhile other websites may show sufficient level of your paper originality, our professional service will find any possible trace of borrowing. In combination with work of skillful and experienced team of experts our service allows to eliminate each tiny sign of plagiarism from your work. Do not rush to rejoice when some online service checks your paper for plagiarism and shows 90-100% of originality. Of course, it can be absolutely possible that your work is really that good. However, we advise to order check for plagiarism along with rewriting service and make sure that your text is really original. Do not trust to soulless machines only, but use assistance of real specialists.

Is it necessary to fill in special form or to register on your site to order plagiarism check service and get my paper rewritten?

Visiting our site, each person will see “Order now” icon. Press it and you will be redirected to “Sign up” page, where you will see special form you need to fill in. There is nothing difficult in it. The form is quite brief. You just need to fill in following fields: Full Name, Login, Password, E-mail, Country, and Phone. Also, it is possible to calculate final price for your type of paper without signing up. Just go to “Prices” section, where everything is described very precisely and clearly. We are glad to announce that our payment system is very flexible. You are free to choose convenient for you way to pay. Also, we provide special discounts for new and returning customers. Reason why it is better to choose our academic editing services read here: http://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/reasons-to-choose-our-academic-editing-services.

How much time does plagiarism check process take?

Usually, we do not set terms of work performance, but our customers set deadlines on their own. Making order, clients also write us their notes with personal requirements and mention in what time they need to get their work ready. Our task is to follow your requirements. Clients get their rewritten papers by e-mail. If one orders rewrite service plagiarism will be removed from paper absolutely and text will become original and errors free. Weigh all pros and cons and make decision on what kind of services is required. Do not let doubts confuse or bewilder you. Make choice right now. From our site we can guarantee high quality of work performance, friendly support, timely delivery. We always keep our promises!

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