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Issue of illiterate writing, general ignorance and absence of desire for preserving and development of at least basic skills has been discussed for many times. Minds about it differed. One common opinion has not been accepted yet and probably will never be accepted, because this issue belongs to “eternal ones”. However, professional paper writers of site Smartessayrewriter.com once again raise this subject trying to look at it from a different angle. In this post we are going to highlight problem of poor writing as a result of phenomenon called dyslexia. Again our customers, visitors and readers will have opportunity to make sure that professional services on paper editing, revision, rewriting and others have great importance. All of them can be ordered on our site with just one mouse click.

Many famous and talented people used to speak and write illiterately

Often people who speak or write incorrectly are called “stupid”, “unable” and so on. Also, others make pretty sad predictions about future of such people. Do not listen to them! Probably such person has great skills and brilliant future expects him or her.

Let us introduce you

Hans Christian Andersen. At the very beginning editors gave him his papers back without having read them till the end, and there were rumors for a long time all over Copenhagen about a “brilliantly illiterate author”. They wrote in a newspaper: “Person, who mocks that much his native language, can not be writer". It is almost true; usually people who suffer from dyslexia choose professions that are not connected with reading or writing.

Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976) was a detective story writer. Famous English writer Agatha Christie, so-called “detective stories queen”, wrote more than 80 books during her lifetime. However, not everyone knows that little Agatha could not learn to write. She used to make so many mistakes and write so much slowly that parents were forced to take her from school, and girl had to continue studying at home. Till the end of her life she did not manage to learn correct writing and was constantly making huge number of orthographic mistakes. Fortunately, today help of professional editors is much more available. Look through “6 Reasons Why Students Need Paper Editors” post, which proves real effectiveness of expert help: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/6-reasons-why-students-need-paper-editors.

Leonardo da Vinci used to write and draw with left hand and left about seven thousand pages of his diaries written in mirror manner. They can be read only with the help of mirror or by turning paper to the light.

Peter the Great used to write absolutely incorrectly and whatever his teachers tried, there was nothing they could do to him. Peter could easily ignore absence of some letters in a written word. He also made a lot of orthographic mistakes.

King of Sweden Carl Gustaf never uses prepared in advance speeches, not because his is to lazy to prepare them, but because he is just not able to write them.

Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) was inventor. Teachers thought he was stupid because he did not speak and write well, was not able to memorize anything. He was considered absolutely non competent in Mathematics. If after all that he gave up, then he would have never invented phonograph, which became world first sound recording device!

Ingvar Kamprad. He can not read and write well. His source of wealth is “IKEA” company. He owns about 31 billion dollars. His motherland is Sweden.

It is just impossible not to mention here George Bush, who also suffers from dyslexia. He can say “pace keeping” instead of “peacekeeping”, he muddles together words “tactile” with “tactical” and can say “terriers” instead of “barriers”.

Doctors believe that it is possible to treat dyslexia, however in America they do not try to “fix” such children, as well as those who write with left hand. By the way, do not get upset if you can not master grammatically correct writing. Tips on how to elevate grammar skills are published on our website. Scientists say that dyslexia is, as a rule, a sign of genius in some other fields of knowledge or activity.

Lyndon Johnson (1908 – 1973) was thirty sixth President of America. Johnson was distinguished by sharp mind, wide knowledge and illiterate writing. Legend tells that he used to make a mark “O. K.” on the reports that he read, what meant that reports were all right. However, this mark should have been written as “A. C.”, since in correct English it was abbreviation from “All correct”. But this mistake “O. K.” has remained and sounds like first sign of Americanism. In order not to make similar mistakes, read “Most Popular Grammar Mistakes Made by Foreigners” post, which presents common and curious cases: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/most-popular-grammar-mistakes-made-by-foreigners.

A lot of talented famous people were considered stupid in their childhood due to such individual features. Electric lamp inventor Thomas Edison and famous English physicist Michael Faraday suffered from dyslexia and dysgraphia at the same time.

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Some useful exercises that will help people to overcome dysgraphia problem:

1. Every day during five minutes (no more) a person crosses out certain letters in any text (except newspaper). It would be better to start with one vowel, then proceed to consonants. Options can be absolutely various. For example, letter “a” can be crossed out, letter “o” can be circled. Consonants can be given in pairs, also can be given those letters, in pronunciation of which or their distinction person faces difficulties. For example: [r] – [l], [s] – [ʃ] and so on.

In two – two and a half months of such exercises quality of writing improves, but only under condition that exercises are made daily and no longer than five minutes.

2. Every day write small dictations with a pencil. Small text will not make person tired, consequently he or she will make fewer mistakes, what inspires and encourages greatly. Write texts of about 150 – 200 words with further check. Do not correct mistakes in a text. Just make marks outside major text with green, black or violet pen (but not red, because it has negative psychological impact). After that, give this text to person who has written it, so that he / she could fix all mistakes on his / hers own. Another psychological trick is that person has possibility not to cross out mistakes, but erase them and write correct letters. Main aim is achieved: person finds errors on his own, fixes them, text looks neat and nice.

3. Give exercises on slow reading with making emphasis on articulation along with exercises on text rewriting.

Giving exercises, it is important to remember main rules:

1. Throughout classes any person needs to feel encouraging atmosphere. After so many failures connected with incorrect writing, anyone wants to feel and see at least a piece of success.

2. Give up checks on reading speed. It should be mentioned that psychologists and defectologists complain about such checks for a long time. They cause especially great stress at children. It is great when an educator understands it, thus makes such checks in a hidden way, without obvious accents. However, it happens that they create full atmosphere of exam, children are called one by one to read something in front of a teacher and his clock. Maybe, for a child without problems it all does not matter at all, but for others who suffer from dyslexia or dysgraphia it may cause neurosis. So, if a reading speed check is obligatory, try to conduct it in a more gentle form.

3. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to give exercises, in which text is written with mistakes (i.e. it needs to be fixed).

4. “Read and write more” approach will not bring success. It is better less but more qualitative. Do not read big texts and do not write huge dictations. At the beginning stages there should be more work with oral speech: exercises on phonemic perception development, sound analysis of a word, etc. Numerous mistakes, which one who suffers from dysgraphia will definitely make in a big dictation, will only be fixed in his memory as negative experience.

5. Do not praise too much for small success. It would be better not to scold or get upset when something goes wrong. It is very important not to show your emotional involvement, i.e. do not get angry, do not get irritated, but also do not rejoice too much. Harmonious state of calmness and confidence in success is much better. It would contribute more to stable good results.

Final word

First of all, do not be afraid of a word and of what stands behind it. Person can not be blamed that he or she is not like others. Dysgraphia is not a disease. It is a rule, or in other words an exception. An effect and not a defect. Effect of a long time ago forgotten fear of a teacher or a thick book, dirty copybook full of mistakes and correction, a poem that should be learnt by heart till tomorrow.

Calmness is above all. Then there goes readiness to slow and steady work, work that in certain cases can be difficult. It is pretty hard to work with small children, a little bit easier to work with children of senior school age. However, do not rush and always demonstrate calm attitude. By the way, calm professional approach to job is among major principles of great specialists who work at our site. Fussiness with uneasiness can hardly bring any use when it goes about paper creation. That is why they are what we avoid dealing with orders of our customers. Consequently, we perform all responsibilities towards our clients at high quality level. Each of our customers remains pleased and satisfied with both, results of our work and manner of communication. Cooperation with Smartessayrewriter is as much easy as pleasant. Make it sure on your own.

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