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Illiteracy – whose problem is it?

Issue of illiterate writing has been discussed for many times already. But still it remains urgent. It happens that you read someone's written work and see one mistake right after another one. Especially internet today is filled with illiterate messages from users.

Reading any work, you stumble upon mistakes in very simple words and brain refuses to accept at once what is written. Such situations cause irritation along with desire to close your eyes not to see this "nightmare". It is especially bad when such a desire is caused at a professor who reads student's written paper.

Often we hear that people who used to study without internet have better knowledge and are more literate than those who use this technological miracle all the time. Now information literary lies under our feet. Just open any browser and all manuals, books and guides are there for you. However, young people write worse and worse. Often others become irritated by orthographic and grammar mistakes. So, is it their own problem or problem of society with state, which produces illiterate young men, number of whom increases annually?

Improve literacy with

Some thinks "Is it that much hard to check spelling of this or that word?". It may be considered okay when one has made a misprint or forgotten to put comma (read “Handy Tips on English Punctuation” post here:, however, such mistakes are also seen at once. As old educators used to say "violent illiteracy" makes any person surprised. Sometimes it looks like you are reading not academic papers, but works of school children, and serious attitude to what is written disappears. As if a child writes it. It is considered that certain level of literacy (at least correct spelling of some simple words) is a sign of belonging of a person to society and culture. We try to understand whether this is an individual trouble of every person or a general one, which needs to be solved by society and government.

About well-educated and ill-educated

Poorly educated person. So what? There are thousands of people who like and willing to point at mistakes of others. It is not pleasant at all when someone notices your mistakes. In order to avoid it, we suggest to use paper reviser online, which can eliminate any tiny trace of errors in your paper. It may happen that a person writes correctly but knows nothing and has nothing to say. And vise versa, a person may know many interesting facts, but simultaneously makes huge number of mistakes in paper. For such cases our professional essay rewriter site that deals with papers revision exists. So, it will be incorrectly and even rude to say that someone does not read books and is illiterate. Read post on improving grammar books that will definitely bring much use. Of course, there can not be sufficient excuse. Point is that a person does not become worse, and mistakes correction does not make others smarter. Naturally, some people know certain things better than others. Usually, when someone points at mistakes of others, he or she demonstrates low level of culture.

People who know more do not scold you, but try to explain and help you figure out. Help, correct, support your words with rules so that person can memorize it well. Our online service is created to help you and make you feel confident in any situation.

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Language is a means of communication. There is no need for everyone to be humanities studies expert to be literate. However, one has to be technical science expert to know mathematics, because this is clearly professional attribute. Present written work full of errors is the same as if one appears in a public place wearing dirty clothes and screaming that a person can not be judged according to appearance. Of course, we should not judge people, however, there are basic rules of decorum. It also relates to written speech: when one does not correct mistakes, he or she demonstrates not only low cultural level of communication, but also disrespect towards those who will read it.

Do not compare trigonometry with writing skills

It would be a huge fallacy to compare these two opposites as trigonometry and language skills, for example. People are taught to speak from first years of life. They gain reading skills at age of about six years. So, in ten – fifteen years it is not that difficult to memorize how words are spelled. We do not mean some special terms or something like that. We mean some general simple rules, which make person literate in general.

Trouble is that today there are too many people who try to emphasize your mistakes making you feel not so confident and intelligent. Such people can always be met on our way. That is why it is really important to secure yourself from suchlike situations. Our site offers to revise paper online, thus you will manage to avoid many unpleasant moments. Everyone should keep in mind that presence of mistake is often a natural thing, which does not mean that author of a text knows nothing. General education and development level does not necessarily depend on number of mistakes in written paper. So, if you want to get errors free paper, but feel that you can not do it on your own, then our advice is to use help of qualified experts, who work at our site

It all seems reasonable but…

As we have said, no one can be or has to be expert in absolutely everything. However, there are people who strongly believe that it is a must to follow strictly orthographic rules and even forget that it can be possible to write words in somehow other way except correct one. Anyway, leave this work for professionals. Experts of our site will gladly offer wide range of college written paper services to anyone who requires it. No one feels ashamed or embarrassed to appeal to our specialists for help. We treat our clients with respect and of course fulfill demands they have to our team and their written works. Use our website – this is so easy!

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