What You Should Not Mention in Admission Essays


An admission essay often becomes a crucial determinant of your acceptance, so it is only reasonable to choose topics for it wisely. Our paper writing service decided to help you out; therefore, we publish this informative post on what information you should not mention when creating an admission essay. Seeing some of the topics on the list may turn out a surprise for you, but it really occurs to students to write about them in their works. At the same time, you may find the others aspect pretty normal, but we assure you that everything mentioned in this post will not bring you any good if you write about it an admission essay.

Sports achievements

Of course, it depends on the specialty you are interested in, but basically admission essays should be free of your sports accomplishments. Universities for the most part want to learn about your intellectual results, that is why you will get more benefits by providing them with this kind of information. Mention grants and scholarships you have won, or projects you have successfully presented. They will give you more points that your brilliant results as a football or basketball player, for example.

Your love life

Your relationships with the other sex is one more taboo for admission essays. You do not want to share these personal details with the committee, if only because this kind of information has nothing to do with your studies. Remember your ultimate goal, and the topic will be brushed aside naturally enough.


Politics is a rather tricky subject, and a very controversial one indeed. When it comes to politics, the proverb “Tastes differ” explains it all. If it happens so that your political views do not coincide with those of the admission officers, they are likely to get vexed with you. Such a situation will not help you to win a place, obviously.

We would rather you left politics for historians to discuss. As you know, it is quite difficult to analyze something without a perspective. That is why present political decisions can be objectively evaluated only later in time, after at least 5 or 10 years. Meanwhile, let everything follow its own road and restrain yourself from criticizing current political forces. If you are at lost as to what else to mention in your admission essay, we recommend one of our previous posts that suggest several ways how to find inspiration for an essay.


Our advice about religion is similar to the one concerning politics. People are easily get hurt when somebody contradicts or, what is more, criticizes their beliefs. Religion is something deep inside us that we cherish and do not want to discuss with others. It is quite natural that admission officers would be unwilling to read your essay if it is based on religion. We hope it is clear enough.

Illegal activities

If you happen to have been involved in a criminal story, it is something you do not want to boast before the committee. You should consider it as a dark page from your past that has nothing to do with the present moment. Do not get us wrong: we do not advise you to conceal this fact if somebody asks you openly about it. However, it is not the best topic to raise of your own accord. Writing about your illegal activities automatically makes you a less desirable candidate simply because it spoils your reputation.

Play on the first impression effect instead. Since the first impression often lasts long, it is a good idea to present yourself in a decent manner. It is possible that later on you will have to admit that you took part in something criminal, but at least it will not be the first thing they learn about you at the university.

Sarcastic and ironic remarks

We are sure you have a lot of reasons not to be satisfied with different situations in your life, but remember that you are not writing a text for a stand-up show. A wide audience may like the way you joke about life and employ sarcasm, but the admission committee may easily think that you are too cheeky for their establishment. What you cannot go wrong with in an admission essay is your modesty, and by that we mean restraining yourself from judging others. You are still welcome to be super-eloquent about your own achievements.

Life tragedies

Sympathy will not pave you a way to the university, so moaning how your life is awful just for the sake of it is a useless work. There is only one exception: if you want to show a lesson you have learnt out of it. If you have a really worthwhile experience that has to do with something tragic, in this case you should organize your essay in a way to focus on the analytical aspect: describe vividly your development and results, not the tragic event per se.

In all the other cases we claim that life tragedies are a taboo for admission essays. You will not evoke any sympathy in the members of the committee; on the contrary, they will get annoyed with you because you chose to write about your pity for yourself rather than your personal achievements.

Somebody else’s life stories

You mom may have shared with you her wonderful experience, and you want to include it to your admission essay just to make it brighter. That is the moment you should come to a halt and mull it over. The reason you are writing your essay is to tell the committee about yourself, and mentioning any other people in there, whose stories do not have any connection to why you are aiming at this particular college, moves you further from your goal.

The same applies to famous people’s biographies. There is no use in citing the accomplishments of well-known writers or politicians. First, educated people (and by that we mean the admission committee officers) know about them even without your contribution to the topic – they learnt it at school or at college, and the topic may have already bored them to some extent. Secondly, your personal story is hardy directly connected to the one of a famous historical personality. So why write about them at all?

You had better focus on yourself. Remember that every one of us is unique, and failing to apprehend it, you lose your advantage in the eyes of the admission committee. Show them what you have achieved in life, even though there may be still much more to achieve.

So, now you are ready to write your best admission essay. Stick with our recommendations to increase your chances of success. We have one more piece of advice for you: when you are finished, do not neglect the need to edit your work. We offer you our professional assistance on that point. Click here to go to the page where we give a summary of our academic services. You may find a lot of interesting things there which may come in handy once you have entered a university (thanks to your brilliant admission essay, of course).