Where to Find Inspiration for Your Essay


Sometimes when you have to write an essay, it becomes a matter of finding inspiration, not putting your thoughts on paper (or computer screen, to be precise). You have to be ready that your muse will not always be there for you, and occasionally you will be left alone with your essay, in the dead of night. To write the paper quickly and efficiently, follow these tips that will help you to find a source of inspiration, no matter how difficult the topic of your assignment seems at first.

Read more books and quote them in essays

When you need an idea for your essay, try to think of an appropriate example from literature. Naturally, it is easier when you have a big number of finished books on your list. It gives you an enormous advantage in academia. First, books are considered a reliable source of citations, so you can quote your favorite author right in the middle of your essay, and ever gain some points for it. Secondly, there is hardly any subject in the world that has not been touched upon in literature, which makes books a universal helper in providing examples for your essays.

Reading non-fiction proves to be even more effective. Copy pasting a table with statistics will make your professor beam with delight, provided you know how to give references in an academic work. But this is what we can help you with. Turn to a research paper rewriter from our online company, and you will not have to worry how to organize all those troublesome references right.

Find similar papers on the Internet

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information with only several drawbacks:

  • you cannot be sure that the facts you find are reliable;

  • you cannot copy paste texts with impunity;

  • some websites publish low quality content with lots of mistakes.

In all other aspects it is a holy grail for students. You can access various texts at any hour of day or night; you can share them with friends or save on your computer to use them later. Moreover, the abundance of articles available free of charge makes your head spin. The only difficulty it entails is the necessity to filter everything you come across.

If you want to profit from using the Internet, follow these tips:

  • look for websites that provide information for students: university resources and those of various free courses (our blog fits the bill, too); for the most part they publish only reliable texts, and sometimes even with the names of their authors;

  • rewrite everything you find on the web before using it for your studies; otherwise you will most likely suffer from plagiarism issues in your essays;

  • do not trust websites with poor design, a lot of annoying advertisements and obvious errors in texts; probably, these resources were created in haste simply for earning money.

Remember moments from your life that can illustrate what you are writing about

This tip is extremely handy when you are struggling to write an essay with your personal attitude towards something or an admission essay, for example. Your personal experience gains ultimate importance in such projects, so you had better look for some interesting situations that happened to you previously. Even one of your failures can show you from a beneficial angle if you are able to analyze the circumstances and explain what you learnt from it.

Alternatively, you can use your friends’ or parents’ experience. An informal interview with people from your circle of social contacts can give you much information that you can later use in your papers. Nobody will judge you for that, especially if you decide to write about a really appropriate occurrence. You just have to remember that you talk about your or somebody else’s life not to fill the space with something, but to show how well-rounded you are as an individual.

Take your time

Brilliant ideas rarely come to our minds at once or at will. Typically, you will need some time to think of something valuable. That is why we recommend you to start working on your essay beforehand and then leaving it for some time unfinished. It will start a powerful thinking process in your mind. Our brain is usually looking for solutions even when we are not thinking about the problem directly. It means your subconsciousness will try to work things out for you and find a way to write your essay even if you are busy with something else: cleaning or cramming for another exam, for example. The brilliant idea we mentioned earlier may come at the least expected moment, but it is only to your advantage. Write it down and then elaborate on it in your essay when you have time for it.

However, if the deadline is dangerously close, and you cannot postpone the writing process, then try to take a short break. Eat something healthy: fruit, nuts, whole grains or vegetables. This food will help you focus on your task, while the break itself will relieve your tension, and creating an essay will not be such a problem anymore. Good news for coffee addicts: this beverage is beneficial for studies, too. Coffee makes you less drowsy, and therefore able to concentrate on your assignment. Of course, it is not going to give you any inspiration directly, but when you have a lot of energy, it becomes easier to try in practice other tips – for example, browsing through the Internet looking for suitable information.

If you have tried everything from the above, but your progress with an essay is still at a deadlock, we recommend you to visit this page. There you will find more information about our writing service (or rewriting, if your inspiration failed you only partly). Be sure that our professional writers are able to develop any given topic, and in a manner that will leave your professor satisfied. Do not hesitate before placing an order: we will do everything to fulfil your academic wishes and make you want to return for more.