Editing And Proofreading Service: What Does It Mean?


editing and proofreading service

Most likely, you have heard a lot about the proofreading and editing services that often used by students. However, can you distinguish these concepts? Are you sure, you understand the meaning of each one correctly? Let's look at editing and proofreading in the media to compare. Because the duties of a proofreader and editor are close in all spheres.

Every day we encounter an incredible amount of news: we watch it on TV or listen to the radio, as well we look at it in the social networks or the press. Anyway, each person has a connection with information of different kinds from all over the world.

A person watches things that happen in the world, learns completely new facts every day. Reading different information, each person analyzes it and understands that sometimes we may encounter the falsehood facts. Sometimes there are mistakes in the media that cause misunderstanding of information.

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There are cases when the structure of the information that goes out into the world is not well-formed or absents. In addition, you can notice some grammatical and lexical mistakes. You can understand that this is the raw information. It means that the percentage of reading this information equals to zero. If the mass media want to submit any information, people from mass media group should handle it. Who spreads the information to people? Of course, these are mass media tasks – finding a new information, considering its meaning for people, handling it and release into the world in a short time.

The mass media needs to handle the information, after receiving it and make this information available to everyone. Also, it is very important to do all these things quickly. One of the tasks of mass media is to distinguish information from garbage. Then the inhabitant of the planet will receive reliable and clean information because "Who owns the information, he owns the world."

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In this article, we will analyze two stages on the way to the release of the information - editing and proofreading. The newspapers and magazines will be our examples. These processes of publishing information are very important. Professional editors certainly know the difference between the concepts of editing and proofreading, but the beginners may have problems with these concepts.

Do you want to understand the difference between two concepts that are similar at first glance? Let's look at what these terms mean, their functions, where they are used. We will analyze the first stage of the information processing - editing.

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At this stage, the text is technically edited and the information is structured. The redactor corrects some mistakes such as:
- technical (typographical mistakes, reservations);

- compositional and logical mistakes (content, genre aspect, etc.; semantic mistakes).

The text of the information is structured, the main thing is allocated, distributed by paragraphs. The structure should have the introduction, the main part, the conclusion, and necessarily the name of the publisher who presents this information to people. So at this stage, the editor should evaluate the information - how much this information is in demand and useful for people.

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The text editors should develop a subject – it means that they must verify the accuracy of information and add they own style to the information, colors – this will make the readers feel the author's “I”. Also, the editors should highlight the main idea, what this information is about. Add an introduction and the arguments with examples. The editor will take care of increasing the text's informativity – to remove any constructions or to transform it.

The second stage is the proofreading of the texts. This process is also very important because the person who is engaged in proofreading should:

  • Check that the text conforms to all the norms and rules of the language on which it was written.
  • Correct grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the text, wrong reduction of the word, other types of mistakes.
  • Check the structure of the text.
  • Check placement of tables or other graphics elements.
  • Proofread the material in the last step- that means to make sure that all necessary changes were included in the text.

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In other words, the difference between these steps is as follows: during the process of proofreading, the proofreaders remove unnecessary sentences and words from the text. The editors make the texts easier for understanding; they can change something without losing the meaning of the text, to correct technical mistakes, structured text. However, when we talk about proofreaders, they work with grammatical and lexical mistakes, check the norms and rules of the language, the structure of the text, the graphics elements. The proofreaders cannot change something, they should follow the style of the author. We can say that the editor's task is more extensive, but the proofreader's task is equally important. It may seem to you that the task of the editors is more complicated because they should work with the original version of the text. However, this is the wrong opinion! In addition to checking the work of the editor, the proofreaders complement the text with its various revisions. Basically, the whole publishing group (editor, proofreader, designer, etc.) works hard with the text.

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Why do you need editing and proofreading services?

If you want your information to be published or printed somewhere, you probably will meet with an editor and proofreader. It’s because you do not know where you could make any mistakes. Anyway, you can be sure these people will help you to fix all disadvantages.

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In addition, editing and proofreading of the information are necessary for site owners to ensure there are no 'bloopers' in their articles. Because if there are any shortcomings in the article, the reader will doubt the veracity of the facts and the owner can get a negative feedback about his site, which can adversely affect the competitiveness with other sites.

That is, the work of the editor and proofreader is important not only for magazines and newspapers, but for websites, for television, and for radio too. It’s because if the information is well processed, then people do not have doubts about its propriety, and there is no doubt about the professionalism of this information company. Therefore, it is very important that the information is reliable and has no mistakes. You should definitely work with professional editors and proofreaders in order to get such text.

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In this article, you learned the main difference between an editor and a proofreader, between the assignments of these people. In addition, you get information about the meaning of the work of these people, where it is in demand and why it is so important. Now you can precisely distinguish which text is information, and what is simply rubbish.

If you have a desire to share some information with the world, then we will be happy to help you. We employ highly skilled workers in various fields. We will help you to correct your mistakes of any type, preserving the author's main idea and style and your text will be high-quality and clean. You will be satisfied with our work, and the whole world will know about your information. We can easily study your text, highlight the main idea, just as well work on the structure of the text, its grammatical and lexical content. Our proofreading and editing service will improve the quality of your work. Feel free to contact us.