Grammar Proofreader: We Teach You How To Do It Right


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What Grammar Proofreader Should Know About the Essay

  • The small volume.
  • A particular theme and the subjective point of view.
  • The essay’s topic is always clear. An essay cannot include various themes or thoughts. It conveys the exclusively definite idea and evolves it. It answers the question and finds the solution to the problem.
  • The essay’s structure is free and may differ.
  • The narration of the writing has to be not complicated. The author has to set a confidential style of connection with the reader. The thoughts of the author have to be readable and that is why you should avoid complicated and incomprehensive constructions. It is noticeable when the essay is written by the expert when the author is closely acquainted with the subject.
  • The essay tends to reveal paradoxes. It is made to amaze the readers. The threshold for any essay is in the statement of the paradoxical phenomenon, statements, theses, etc. 
  • The essay can be written in the different form however, it always has the unity of everything you write down. All the arguments, statements, theses, own opinion have to be connected logically.
  • Colloquial speech is usually used in the essays. Simultaneously, it is required not to use the slang words and phrases, shortening of words, etc. The language of the author has to be more or less formal and that is why you require proof reading grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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So, when you try to know how to write admission essay or any other type of the essay, first of all, define the topic, the desired volume, and goals of each paragraph. Start the essay with the prominent idea that is bright. The task of the author is to grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The Rules To Consider

The basic essay’s rule is that it should have a heading. The composition of the essay can be different. There is no need to formulate the problem first and then to provide argumentation. You can use argumentations before that and the problem can be mentioned in the conclusion. The essay is addressed to the people who are already acquainted with the theme. In this case, you concentrate on introducing some new information and avoid using well-known details.

The Mistakes in the Essay

The essay is not a multiple-choice but you are not limited in time and can rewrite it as long as you like. However, students do not stop making the same mistakes.

Not careful proofreading. Do not think that checking spelling mistakes is the only thing you can do. You should reread the essay and look for some ridiculous expressions, the wrong sentence order and make a grammar proofreading.

Here is one of the ways to make your essay free of grammar mistakes:

Long introduction and lack of the details. The most widespread mistake students make that they do not use enough examples to prove the point of view. Their opinion and thoughts may reach readers’ hearts but it is not enough. For example, if your topic is about how to celebrate grammar day, you should not overuse the information about what the grammar day is and its origin.

Wordiness. The essay is usually limited to a number of the words, so you need to think of the right structure of the essay and what should be included. The thoughts and ideas that were used before only distract the readers.

Long phrases. Students tend to think that it is better to use long sentences, phrases, and words. However, this is far from the truth. Long phrases do not make the author smart or prove the right position. Sometimes, short statements sound much better. Read the essay and if you notice that it is difficult for you to read it, then the essay needs to be improved.

When you finish the essay you should give each paragraph a letter: s – short, m – medium, l – long. The right essay has the following structure: m, s, m, l, m, s. It is also useful to look through the example editing online. The excellent grammar and proofreading the written text can make your essay almost successful. No matter what question you try to answer in the essay, you have to achieve certain goals. Writing an essay makes you to answer the following question:

  • Did I answer the question?
  • Are the thoughts and ideas comprehensive?
  • Does everything sound natural?

Find out more what you should not do in the essay:

The information that is used in the essay, you have to confirm by the examples, references to the literature, own experience, etc. The details can make your essay interesting, unique and specific. Students are very anxious to write something outstanding in own essay that’s why to read these essays is very boring. It is good when you follow every rule and include the necessary details but to be afraid of standing out can be your failure.

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