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Constant correction of papers is a problem, which most students face day to day. Reason are numerous and various: a lot of mistakes, poor grammar, lack of logical sequence etc. Whatever reasons are, no one want to rewrite text for thousands times. To help you avoid such destiny, offers its expert services on online paper proofreading. Thus, ordering these services our customers save their time and money. However, if you have already got a “verdict” to rewrite text, we also perform rewriting services for your academic paper. Since we wish our clients only good, we try to relieve them from “fetters” of learning process as much as it can be possible, we want to give you some simple but working tips on how to improve grammar skills. Additionally to this post, read another one on books to level up grammar.

Magically effective trick to improve grammar

We all have used to statement that grammar can be improved by diligent hard learning of language rules. However, there are many other ways, which are more pleasant and easier. One of them is reading. Everyone knows that reading is useful for expanding vocabulary and new information getting. Reading aloud, reading to oneself, speed reading – are they all equally effective for learning new information or do they have different impact? Experts of our online service try to figure out in this issue.

Why is it useful for children and adults to read aloud?

1. School performance by 95% depends on ability of a child to read aloud not by syllables but as if he / she tells something. At schools children are not taught to read well (to read fluently and expressively), but they are transferred to “silent” reading (reading with eyes, which is similar to superficial reading, or so-called “speed reading”).

School curriculum is aimed at teaching of grammar rules and separate reading of words, but for effective teaching of any skills or subjects it is necessary to be able to read out loud qualitatively. There is nothing more useful for development and prevention of human brain degradation.

Only one problem prevents from understanding of “loud” reading importance: it seems that, when one starts to read aloud, information is not assimilated. In fact, situation is exactly the opposite. During “silent” reading, information “enters in one eye” and “comes out of the second eye”. Just brain does not realize it at once.

2. Vocabulary expansion. There is no secret that vocabulary of an ordinary adult does not become richer without special exercises. It works as for native, so as for foreign language. Foreign language learning especially requires assimilation of large volumes of new information.

Practice of work of our site shows that reading aloud switches on different parts of brain, thus information is memorized better. The more various sources of information one uses, the faster and more precise memorization of details is.

3. Reading with doubles in a different manner is a perfect way to learn poems and song lyrics. Memory works according to principle: what is not repeated is forgotten. That is why it is important to make doubles or simply saying to repeat. Meanwhile, it is obligatory to bring diversity to process. Situation is remembered better when one uses a lot of different variant of its development. Now we advise to have a little rest and read something amusing, for example, “Interesting Facts About National Grammar Day” essay, just follow the link:

4. Loud, expressive, emotional reading out loud is among most effective exercises on children speech development. However, it works not only for children, but for adults as well. Why it should be exactly aloud and not ordinary “silent”? Reading aloud ensures speech training, language practice, meanwhile “silent” one ensures only superficial assimilation of any information by brain. To become dancer a person needs to dance and not to watch as others dance.

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During reading to oneself, brain treats part of information as “junk”, not necessary and removes it quickly or stores in inaccessible places. Loud reading gives opportunity to master skill of easy and precise thought expression, “provokes” constant expansion of vocabulary, a good diction mastering along with intonation, emotional colouring, brightness of narration, correctness of speech and other its components. Only reading aloud you and your children can remove from their speech such flaws as tongue-tie, stuttering, slips of the tongue, parasitic words etc.

5. Psychologists believe that reading is major process that contributes to formation of personality at all stages: beginning with early childhood when a kid listens to parents voices, who read out loud, and in adulthood, when a person overcomes various crises and grows spiritually. It is hard to overestimate the use of reading for teenagers. Reading at least sometimes aloud, teenagers not only seriously develop their memory, thinking along with other cognitive processes, they learn to love, evaluate actions, empathize, notice cause-effect relationships between events, analyze actions, forgive etc. Reading of “adult” books, especially classic ones, gives most effect. Without reading formation of a harmonious personality is not possible.

6. From evolution point of view reading skill is an obvious superstructure over existing brain structures. It has been discovered that while reading most of higher brain zones are activated. It means that reading can be considered as extremely effective exercise to keep brain “in shape”.

Brain of a person, who can read, works in a more complicated way than brain of a person who can not. Moreover, brain of a person, who used to train reading in childhood, is able to activate all its resources better than brain of a person, who has learnt grammar being adult. So, best proof readers online can confidently claim that reading trains brain as nothing else. It is important to consider because such reading competitors as educational computer games present themselves as doubtful “trainers for brain”. Learn about grammar games to master English, which can really help.

Another important point to mention: difficulties during reading and writing learning processes are natural. If a child or an adult can not easily master this seemingly ordinary kind of activity, then it is necessary to keep in mind that things, which seems simple, often belong to very complicated tasks for brain, in fact.

General conclusion: constant training in reading not only improves reading itself, but also, for example, widens the horizon, increases brain work efficiency in almost all spheres of human activity. Also, read essay on “How to Improve an Essay in 7 Steps” here:

7. Speed or slow reading? Speed reading is a special form of reading that should not be overused. Speed reading can be useful for search of necessary information in its big volume. Brain spends less energy while this type of reading, fact that hides big danger. A person can get used to read in such a manner and later problems may arise. Artistic text (fiction books) will “fly” unnoticed and your speech will “jump” from subject to subject ignoring any logical connection.

8. Can “loud” reading help to get rid of an accent or serious speech defects? Yes, of course. Parallel (simultaneous) reading with “masters of speech” is an extremely strong tool in correction of speech defects, such as inability to pronounce certain sounds, stuttering, booming voice, regional or foreign accent etc. Defects are eliminated effectively and quickly enough if one tries to imitate precisely all voice characteristics of a “perfect” speaker.

So, now it is obvious that such a simple trick as reading is extremely useful for grammar skills improvement. However, reading can not solve all problems and difficulties related to text creation. That is why we are here to help everyone who needs it. proofreader online is willing to help you cope with something you can not cope on your own. Our supportive team is available twenty four hours per day and seven days per week, so we are always in touch.

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