English Essay Proofreading: Follow Simple Instructions


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Note These Aspects For Urgent English Proofreading

The structure of the essay varies but usually, it includes the following parts:

  • The title of the essay that reflects the theme of the narrative.
  • The introduction that contains a couple of short sentences that reveal the topic of the essay.
  • The main body contains 2-3 paragraphs and describes the main point of the writing. You have to fully and competently describe the topic, give the arguments and argue them.
  • The conclusion is 2-4 sentences that summarize the written. In this part, you should make a general conclusion on the topic of the essay.

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Each paragraph in the main part of the essay has to begin with the topic sentence that introduces the paragraph. All of the rest sentences just continue and support the main idea in the topic sentence. There are different types of the essay but we’d like to underline the next:

For and against essay. It is absolutely clear what this essay is about. You simply have to state arguments for and against some idea, event, activity, etc. The essay should include an introductory part that explains the reader the topic of the writing. The main body of this essay should contain for and against arguments. It is rather important to not share the own point of view. In the conclusion, you may explain your attitude and sum up the whole information.

Opinion essay. You express your own thoughts on a given topic. However, it may not that easy as it seems. You have to show own attitude towards some phenomenon and to be clear in own expressions, considering it from different aspects. Moreover, words mean nothing without arguments which also should be included in this essay. You start the essay with the introduction. In the main part, you describe own point of view along with the arguments. You also should describe some other opinion according to the theme and explain why you don’t agree with it. The conclusion connects all the ideas towards the given topic.

Solution essay. This type of the essay provides the problem which should be considered and solved. The task of the writer is to find the solution. The introduction states what the problem is, its consequences or reasons. In the main part, you propose what can be done about the problem and why it is important.

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Writing a good one essay is not only to proofread native English or following a certain type of the essay but also the next aspects:

1. Always stick to the structure of the essay. As soon as you have the topic of the essay, you should determine the type of it and craft the plan which you will follow. If the essay visually does not have the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion then it is the first sign of a badly crafted essay. Make sure that the essay contains thesis statement; otherwise, you should find out what is thesis revision.

2. Do not rush to write the essay without a draft. Write down your thoughts, ideas, what should be included and mentioned. It helps to save your time and makes the quality of essay better.

3. You have to be prepared for any topic to write about. In this case, you should read different books, articles, papers so you learn new words, information that you can use in the essay.

4. Make sure you have time to check the essay for the mistakes. Usually, it takes couples of hours after you finish writing the essay to find and fix everything. The best editing examples you find on our website.

5. The style of writing an essay should be semi-formal or formal. Do not use slang and word abbreviations, for example, instead of can’t write cannot, wanna-want to, etc. We advise you to look through Do’s and Don’ts in writing an essay to avoid the possible mistakes.

6. The essay is a short written work. Some students think that following the principle "the more, the better" works, however, it’s absolutely opposite. Everything should be clear and straight.

7. Every written thought should be supported with the arguments, examples from real life, statistics, etc. You have to show that you have enough knowledge to write about the topic and to prove the opinion you share is right.

8. Avoid the repetition of the words, use synonyms and complex grammatical constructions. For example, instead of using common word “good”, you can use such words as remarkable, gorgeous, and fascinating. Use different tenses but avoid passive voice.

10. There are difficult topics to speak about, that is why you have to be tolerant when writing about politics, religion, etc. Make sure you do not overwhelm the essay with own emotions and opinion and not using any arguments.

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