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What to Do With an Academic Essay Editing

Academic essay is possible to write if you know the major criteria for its style. Being acquainted with pros and cons in writing an essay helps you to improve the writing skills rather quickly.

Work on the Outline’s Basics

It is a significant issue to understand clearly what theme to describe in the essay. The simplest way to shorten essay’s thesis and make a useful argument is to write the principal features of the theme before you start crafting the essay. The typical structure of this type of essay contains the next parts: an introductory part that includes the argument that has to be proved or advanced without proof; the main body, which should have paragraphs with the examples to offer the evidence of the main statement from the introduction; and the last part is a conclusion that combines the overall described data and brings together argument’s information. When it comes to a number of the evidence that should be used in an academic essay, then a perfect advice would be to include 3 rational opinions that can clearly stand up for the essay’s thesis. Quality thesis revision you may find in one of our posts.

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Analyze the Testimonials 

Working on the process of writing an academic essay, you have to remember about the major argument all the time. Sometimes there are more interesting aspects you’d like to comment on but it may affect the quality of the essay and make it not concise enough. Whenever you want to mention any evidence you should answer the question whether the evidence stands up for the essay’s thesis. If it does not, you should not include such evidence. Make sure that while you work on the evidence, you use only the effective research. Every data you use in the essay has to correspond with the topic.

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Follow Every Grammar, Punctuation Rule

Grammar, spelling, punctuation rules are extremely significant if you desire to write the essay that readers understand and sympathize. Before you start crafting the essay, make sure you have enough knowledge in grammar rules. You should check whether the verb and subject agree with each other, the articles are used properly, same as pronouns and the structure of the sentence are right. Do not forget about cases of punctuation marks’ usage. Do not put commas everywhere you want them to be. The voice of the writing also matters. To make the speech lively, it is better to use the active voice instead of the passive. Be careful of using archaic, foreign or encyclopedic words to avoid any misunderstanding. Writing such essay as academic, note that you have to persuade the readers you are the only person who is able to craft a brilliant argument. In most cases, the usage of long words does not make the speech smart. If you do not know the exact meaning of the word, you can make the essay less logical. The usage of the language which is not readily understood can make the argument also less clear.

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How to Write Introductory Part

If the essay is going to be long then you might need to write a few introductions to represent each paragraph for your reader. A well-written introduction includes the following:

  • Grasp the reader’s attention. The main task of the writer is to make writing interesting from the very beginning. In this case, you can use a quote, ask readers a question, give some statistics to shock them, surprise and amaze. If you do not want to deal with cliché beginnings then do not be scared to show own originality.
  • Give the necessary overall data. The topic may be difficult and boring itself but you should not make essay go like that. Apparently, you should mention the information which helps readers to understand the topic.
  • Give the unusual and arguable thesis statement. The reason why you need a good statement for your thesis is that it reflects the topic and represents your own opinion, whether you agree or not. It explains the problem of the topic, its necessity and provides the fundament for the essay.

The main body of the essay fully reveals thesis statement and proves it. If the thesis is not complicated then you do not need a lot of the paragraphs to explain the proof of it.  If it is a bit complicated then you should add a few paragraphs. The easiest way to keep in mind the paragraphs is to include the next:

The idea. The paragraphs of the main body have one common feature and this is the prominent idea. Paragraph’s sentences should be arguable and proved with the help of the evidence, and have a specific focus on some issue.

Evidence. The paragraphs should reflect the major idea and the evidence should consist of the various types and styles. It can be quotations, the statistics by the scientists, examples from own experience, etc.

Analyze. The evidence you provide, you have not just to mention but to explain, so the reader has a deeper understanding of the topic.

Think Over a Perfect Conclusion

One of the most researched fields of an academic essay is the conclusion. The conclusion is a part which connects all the paragraphs in the essay together to support a thesis. Do not paraphrase the whole information you have already described. It has to prove or disapprove the argument of the topic. It may happen that you write a really good content but due to the weak conclusion, the reader may find it senseless. Except learning how to write an academic essay, you can find out tips on admission essay.

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