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In today’s article, we want to discuss one of the common issues, students meet during the studying. That is about the planning and the new and creative approach. The proofreading online service always uses the most advanced and most effective tools and methods.

Creative planning. How easy is it to achieve goals if the plans do not work?

I think that many of you who started to organize their lives through planning faced the problem that sticking to the plan is very difficult. No matter how hard you try, plans are neither met at all, nor over-fulfilled, there is no regularity, deadlines are not met. There is more hassle from such an organization, but there is no significant result. Sometimes, it seems that it's time to quit the whole thing ... But do not give up planning at all. It's worth changing its style to make it work, work for creative people. Consider creative planning.

We propose an easy method, which is called "creative planning". It is well suited for creative, irrational, impulsive people, whose activities largely depend on the mood, well-being, and inspiration.

It does not require a lot of time and effort, but it allows you to highlight the main thing in any activity and streamline the fulfillment of goals. Also, this approach can be useful for those who successfully cope with other types of planning, but at a particular period because of illness, a difficult situation or simply a recession, can switch to such an energy-saving regime. The method is suitable for young mothers who have absolutely unpredictable days. You also ask the best essay editing service for help when you meet such harsh days.

Creative planning

So, its essence lies in the fact that we do not set ourselves the task each day or the certain hour each day. Do not get attached to the time or scope of work.

It is not very good to plan everything by time and dates for a creative person. Such people often work by inspiration, and the unfulfilled stuff spoils their general mood.

We work according to the principle: there are strength and desire, we create according to the list, there is no desire, we do not work on the list. In a period when you have a thirst for activity, when you want to do something, take your main goals. Highlight several important goals in life. You will decide yourself the quantity, how many of them you need to fulfill, but too many (more than a dozen) will be extremely difficult to cope with. For each goal write a detailed plan of what and how to do, without timing, just a sequence of small actions. Every big goal has a period with a margin, but all of its subgoals are without the deadlines.

For example. A big goal: to organize a family trip, a trip July 1-15, 2018, preparatory stages to finish until May 2018. Tasks:

  • Ask the family members about the desired places of travel
  • Select multiple destinations that suit everyone
  • Find hotels in the desired places of travel
  • View hotel reviews
  • Choose the one of the best price and quality from all hotels
  • Reserve places
  • Choose a way of moving (plane / train) to the desired dates, optimal for the price
  • Buy tickets for all
  • View information on how to get to the hotel by transportation, print out the bus / train schedule for the selected date of arrival
  • View information about excursions in places close to the chosen one
  • Book tours through the Internet, if possible

It is important to remember one thing. Since we are determined with dates, we always need to have a reserve of time. You will be able to do everything before, that is great! There will be a reserve of time. But if this buffer time does not exist, then the chances of achieving the goal are very small.

Strictly speaking, planning ends here. The essence of this plan is that when you have the desire and inspiration, you open your notebook and start doing what you like and want from this list. Today you want to work on the goal of "Growing house flowers", tomorrow "Go for a healthy diet." Just in order to do the tasks from the list and delete what you have done.

In the evening, you have the inspiration to organize the recreation. Excellent! You can execute several items from the list at once.

Advantages of creative planning

This method eliminates the main disadvantages of other types of planning and life without a plan.

1. If you tie things to days or hours, then often they are not executed, creative people have recessions when you do not want to do anything.

2. If you do not plan at all, then things are not done either. Because there are inspiration and desire, and you do not know what to do, what to start with.

We solve these problems through creative planning. In addition, the joy of doing things, from ticking lists, from getting closer to the cherished goal, gives us even more strength.

Planning of creative activity

Creative planning is also suitable for planning creative affairs, how ridiculous and absurd it may sound. Let's say you write a complicated picture or prepare an unusual project or put on a performance.

Similarly, you can make a list of your creative work, divide it into the components and gradually, step by step, make small steps in achieving a great goal.

Yes, this method also has disadvantages: we often cannot do something on time, we delay things because they depend on our mood, we can not introduce daily habits with such planning. This method poorly met the goals where the daily work is important (health, regular cleaning, regular communication).

But you must agree, this is better than letting things go themselves. For those, for whom it is difficult to adhere to any plan, this method will be useful. Perhaps, it will organize and promote the fact that in the future you will master a more productive planning system.

One of the planning elements you can easily fulfill can look like this: “ need to reword my work” and when you have inspiration, just contact the proof readers online. That will help you to save your time, your money and your energy. How to understand that you meet really the service you need, we offer you to read the article on this https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/reasons-to-choose-our-academic-editing-services

Success to you in planning!

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