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Today we want to share with you some tips on using one very effective tool. Have you ever heard of the mental cards? Have you tried to use them in your work/ studying or other spheres of life? Let us figure it out.

How to compile a mental card. What is the mental card?

Mental cards. What do mental cards look like? What is it? Areas of application of mental cards. How to compile a mental card. Rules for the compilation of mental cards.

What is a mental card?

This amazing and fascinating instrument came to wide usage not so long ago. The author-inventor of mental cards is Tony Buzan, a well-known figure in the field of psychology of learning and the development of mental abilities.

What are they?

The mental card is a special kind of recording materials in the form of a radiant structure, that is, a structure that extends from the center to the edges gradually branched into smaller parts. Mental cards can replace traditional text, tables, graphics, and schemes.

Why is the record in the form of a mental card more convenient and useful?

It's all about the specifics of our thinking. Our thinking is NOT organized as text, linearly. It has just such a structure: branching, each concept in our head is related to other concepts, these other concepts are related to the third and so on to infinity.

This organization of the material is called multidimensional, radiant. It is this structure that most organically reflects our real thinking.

Similarly, on the physical level, neurons are connected in our brain: each neuron envelops the network of dendrites of other neurons, from one neuron along the chains of connections, we can go to another neuron.

On the contrary, it is surprising how a person can work and think linearly. After all, our brain is absolutely not designed for this.

Mental cards reflect most adequately our real multi-dimensional radiant thinking. That's why it is more convenient to use them than to work with the conventional text. Mental cards allow you to better reflect the structure of the material, to build the semantic and hierarchical relationships, to show what relationships exist between the constituent parts.

Thanks to its structure, mental cards allow us to disclose intellectual potential. And this is achieved by proper organization and by the work of both hemispheres of the brain. After all, in such a branching structure, both the right and left hemispheres of the brain work.

Mental cards have one more remarkable effect. Due to its ability to become extended and fit for the radiant thinking, the creation of mental cards facilitates the development of a flow of associations, thoughts, and ideas.

As a rule, those, who switch to the usage of the mental cards, begin to notice how many ideas are formed in the course of depicting the images, often there is a lack of the initially assigned place for all the ideas.

That is why in our information age, the use of mental cards becomes so urgent in various areas of life.

How can you use mental cards?

They can be used almost everywhere, in different areas of life. Namely:

  • create a common vision for the project
  • create work plans
  • schedule events, budget
  • prepare the presentations
  • come to decisions
  • brainstorm
  • generate ideas
  • create motivation
  • write goals
  • prepare a negotiation plan
  • order thoughts and ideas
  • help with the educational activities
  • write down study notes
  • create plans for writing articles, books, essays, diplomas
  • pass exams
  • structure any material that allows you to understand the essence, the author's idea
  • structure the difficult material
  • remember the meaning of the material. Mental cards are remembered many times easier than any text material
  • write a series of interrelated hypotheses
  • find the opportunity how to order the excellent proofreading

Mental cards in everyday life

  • use in the structuring of household tasks, household affairs
  • describe the advantages and disadvantages of planned purchases and acquisitions
  • create your own family tree
  • describe the structure of the celebration or other events
  • plan your vacation

Creation: how to compile a mental card?

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to compile a mental card correctly. After all, it is often because of mistakes in its compilation and misunderstanding of the principles of its construction that we make only a crude sketch. But it turns out that the admitted inaccuracies influence the perception of this mental card so much that it seems to us inoperative, meaningless.

Therefore, we consider the basic rules. The algorithm, how to compile a mental map:

1. Take a sheet of paper, arrange it album-wise, that is horizontally. This arrangement is most comfortable for the image of the radiant structure in the compilation of mental cards.

2. Take a few colored pencils, markers, at least three or four colors. The use of colors allows you to divide the information into blocks or to rank it by importance. All this facilitates the perception of information, improves the quality of memorization by preserving the visual image and active connection of the right hemisphere.

3. Write the main topic in a large volume in the center of the sheet. It is advisable to use large letters, and also sketch schematically or draw the main idea of the map. Drawings and graphics connect the resources of the right hemisphere, which facilitates the rapid memorization of the compiled mental map.

4. Make several branches from the center, each of them denote by a keyword. Branches located around the central theme will be the largest, then branches will decrease. Such a division visually denotes hierarchy and interrelations in the mental map.

5. Continue to branch large ideas into smaller ones, as long as you need it. Each concept has associative links with other concepts. Include the process of associative thinking. Then your card will start to grow rapidly.

The mental cards are the best solution to think of the topic of your writing assignment, to find pros and cons of the issue. The best article rewriting service for everyone can offer its assistance from the very first step, but also can help in the final stage, that is to bring your work to the perfection, to make the necessary adjustments, in other words, to polish your writing. How it works you may find here.

What are the basic rules for compiling mental cards?

  • Use a radiant structure (from the center to the periphery) that reflects the hierarchy of concepts. It is this organization of information that gives the most important effect of mental cards - associativity and multidimensionality.
  • Use colors to highlight the main and minor points. Color is also important for meaning. You can separate important and unimportant things by color, larger and smaller ideas, use different colors for different spheres.
  • Write only keywords instead of phrases and sentences. The more capacious your keyword will be, the easier it will be for you to remember the whole mental card and the easier it will be to compile the mental cards yourself.
  • Draw instead of writing the words (graphic forms, pictograms, small figures, arrows) as often as possible. All this increases the quality of perception and memorization of the mental card
  • Generalized information blocks combine either by color, or stroke, or an easy background for better perception
  • Show creativity and develop your style of design.

Based on the rules, you can create your own special style of mental cards that will become the most comfortable for you.

Try to make some simple mental cards for training. You will feel how much better any material is absorbed. When you understand the beauty and practicality of this tool, you will discover new opportunities in all areas of life.

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