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If you are occupied with the studying, you probably are overload with the written assignments during the academic year.  A student has to show his/ her achievements in every subject as well as be a pro in expressing the thoughts on paper. This indeed leads to a strong nerve strain. Taking the most challenging time of passing the exams into consideration, the situation even becomes more threatening. What to do? How to find help and feel more relaxed? The answer is here. Special service offers rewriting, editing, or writing the assignments of any difficulty from scratch. All the tasks are performed by the academic essay writers, who are the Ph.D. and MA holders. Our company is more than 7 years on the market. We have a large number of grateful customers and are very proud of this fact. The ordering process is very simple and takes just some minutes. We strictly adhere to the deadlines and have the money back guarantee. Therefore, you do not have to risk. In addition, we provide free plagiarism reports upon customer’s request. The prices will pleasantly surprise you. So, do not hesitate to contact the fee-based article rewriting service.

In today’s article, we want to share some hints on how to make the studying process more effective and develop the necessary skills.

Development of intellectual abilities.

In recent years, we have witnessed a real boom of self-development and self-education around the world. The modern life requires a person to be competitive, acquiring new knowledge. Evening courses, webinars, master classes do not surprise anyone.

Have you ever wondered how your life would have changed if nature endowed you with the best intellectual data? If you were more attentive, could you remember more information, could you find a solution to any problems?

What problems can be solved with the help of paper editor you may find out from this article: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/problems-a-paper-editor-can-solve.

It seems that intellectual (or cognitive) abilities are something that could not be remedied; they are laid in deep childhood and even in the womb of the mother. However, this is not true: recent research shows that you can develop your brain just like the body, throughout life.

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Who can benefit from the development of intellectual abilities?

Obviously, everyone. Especially those who want to improve creativity and ability to work, improve the quality and speed of working with information, overcome the lack of attention and cope with the decline in the productivity of mental work.

In our time, the slogan "Faster! Higher! Stronger! " can easily be replaced by" Faster! Cleverer! More effective! ". Intellectual baggage is valued higher in almost all areas of life: business, study, personal communication with people. Those who understand this in time are wondering how to become smarter, increase their effectiveness and develop intellectual abilities?  We can offer you some games to improve your mental abilities and practice your English: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/grammar-games-to-practice-your-english.

Development of logical thinking

Take the right decision and be able to justify your point of view, draw a conclusion from the premises, logic is needed not only for detectives and senior managers but also absolutely for every person in everyday life.

Memory development

Bad memory is the first thing people complain about with age. However, problems can begin in youth. On the one hand, there is a lot of information around us, which is put in the head. On the other hand, modern people no longer rely on their brains, preferring to record the necessary data. Can not remember the phone number? Did you forget what you did yesterday? If the memory holes do not suit you, try to develop the memory. A particular block of games for memorization is designed for training different types of memory: short, long, working. Read, also the article about the efficiency of using the editing service: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/why-it-is-efficient-to-use-our-english-editing-service.

Attention development

How often do you wonder if you turned off the gas when you leave the house? The ability to perform actions on the machine, without paying proper attention to them, "unloads" our brain and allows us to do several things at the same time. But what if the solution of certain tasks requires our full attention, and we cannot concentrate? A concentration of attention is the most important skill necessary for a normal life. Regular exercises will help "train" cognitive control, and you can easily switch attention from one task to another.

It does not require long and hard work. It's enough 15 minutes of training a day to feel smarter in a couple of weeks. To have more free time, use our service and have the professional assistance in resume or article rewriting.

Reading books

Everyone knows that reading books is very useful (reading is charging for the mind, it helps to express thoughts more clearly and helps to increase the vocabulary, it broadens our horizons, inspires, etc.), but it is hard to force ourselves to read every day. No matter, whether it's reading for the soul or reading for educational purposes, we still cannot force ourselves to read more books. It is difficult to do if you are always short of time. The expert proofreading online can help make the written assignments, quick grammar check, and free up more time for you.

If you cannot find the time to read books if the books you buy continue to collect dust on the shelves, use tips to help you understand how to read more.

  •  The first rule, which must be taken into account by a person who wants to read many books, is the compilation of a list of books, those that he/ she needs and wants to read. Some make these lists themselves, others use the recommendations of their teachers.   

If you do not have a coach, you can easily make a list of books necessary for reading. First, decide what purpose you are doing this for. The list is created for self-development, for general educational purposes, for the development of specific professional skills, etc. In any field and in any genre there are works that should be read necessarily. Begin with them. Furthermore, keep an eye on the announcements of new products in business publications and listen to the opinion of people who are authoritative for you (for example, if you use the smartessayrewriter service, the authors of our blog share advice and suggest many books for reading).

You can also create a list of books that you have already read, this will also have a motivating effect.

  •   The second rule, which will help you read more books, is that reading should be fun! After all, if you read a few boring books in a row, it's unlikely that after that you will even want to touch the book. Of course, this hardly applies to some books that are studied in order to develop professional skills. Sometimes you have to read books because it is necessary for work or the school program, and they are not always written interestingly. Then you have to force yourself. You may improve your grammar skills by reading books you like: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/how-to-improve-your-grammar-by-reading-books.

This rule is more about reading for the sake of pleasure and an amusing pastime. So if you want to look through the classics, then find a stronger reason for this than "I'm very ashamed, because I have not read it yet." Especially, it is not worth chasing the fashion and reading the popular books or authors you do not really like.

  •  Develop the habit of reading constantly. Make it a ritual and always find time for this activity; thus, you will read every day, read only under such circumstances.

During the day, due to overwork, it is not always possible to devote time to the book. But as soon as you give priority to reading, you will watch TV less, and stop spending time on social networks, everything will change if you start to read more. For example, you may read some of the best editing examples from our site.

Give up the next part of the tedious series, the end of which is not visible. Stop looking through the yellow pages and study all the blogs on the Internet, and better read a good book. Take time to read before bed, and some 15-20 minutes will eventually turn into 10 hours a month. Read in public transport on the way to work/ school, or listen to audiobooks, without wasting time in a traffic jam.

  •  Keep a book nearby! This rule will help you implement the previous rule. After all, throughout the day, we often have many opportunities to read two or three pages: when we go to the metro (bus), we sit in line, we wait for someone at a meeting, etc. If you always have a book near you, it will be easier for you to implement your decision to read more books. It will become more comfortable for you to find the proper word in your writing assignments, or you always may contact the work reword service.

If there are gaps in your work schedule, why do not use this time with advantage? So, every minute of your life will not go to waste.

Do not be afraid to leave a book that you are not fond of, give yourself time to adapt. So, for example, not every book can interest you from the very beginning. You may be far from the subject you are studying, or you may not like the characters. Wait and allow yourself some time to understand the work. Let the student papers proofreading service helps you and have more free time. Do not throw one and proceed to another book, if you only have a few minutes of free time. Engagement can be worth some effort, if it comes, reading will go faster. Of course, if you have already read a hundred pages, and it still seems boring, probably, it is better to postpone it. Maybe, it is not the time for it yet. Try to read it a little later.

Find like-minded people, people with similar interests, who like to read many books. Share with them your impressions. Reading can be a command "sport." Read reviews on specialized websites and forums, leave your comments.

Well, in conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the speed of reading. Those who have the skills of rapid reading can boast a large number of books read. If you have these abilities and it does not hinder you to delve into the essence and completely immerse yourself in work, it is wonderful! Those who do not know how to read quickly, I will say that reading is not a competition and to read more, it is not necessary to scroll through the book a day! Just read more time!

Visual memory development

You do not understand why strangers greet you on the street. Every time you climb into the dictionary to remember the spelling of the word "ingredients." Wander in the subway passages and still get off the wrong station? The reason for everything is poorly developed visual memory.

Visual memory is very important for a person, but very few people consciously work on its development. Someone is given the nature of the ability to "photograph" images, and someone they are erased after a couple of seconds. However, do not get upset, any skill can be developed, and visual memory is no exception. It only needs to be trained with a set of exercises, which we will discuss below.

  • Break the whole into details

The brain is easier to remember the image in parts, rather than as a whole, use this and divide the image into several separate fragments. It will be much easier to fix each of them and then fold in a single picture. This technique has long been used for tasks that require the participation of visual memory, for example, if you need to memorize a map.

Future Chinese translators in the first stages of learning often face difficulties in memorizing the characters. To facilitate their task, the teachers explain that in all the hieroglyphs there are the same signs, combined in different ways, by learning these details, it will be much easier to remember the hieroglyphics themselves.

In the same way, you can capture in memory images composed of the same type of components. For example, the way people are dressed. This information can be divided into three "zones," the head, body, and legs. A hairdo or headdress is on the head; the body can be put on one object (coat or dress), or maybe two (sweater and jeans), and sneakers, boots, or shoes are on the legs, in any case.  Now remember the color combination of all these details, and you are ready, you will not go wrong. This method works well when you need to recollect people who you are seeing for the first time, for example, in a queue at a polyclinic.

  • Puzzle and quizzes

It seems that puzzle pictures are children's games, but in reality, they are good for developing visual memory for adults. The drawings are good, where you need to find differences: looking for dissimilarities on two almost identical images, we learn to notice the details.

Play games where you need to memorize objects in a particular order; this helps to develop a sense of composition and correct perception of space.

  • Synaesthetic perception develop

How does a sunny day smell? Moreover, what sound does skyscraper? What's the taste of red? It's not just a game, so you develop a link between the visual images and the sensations of all the other senses. Synaesthesia helps the brain in the invention of complex associative ligaments: with their participation, it will be easier to find the necessary data in memory. There are more helpful paper proofreading tips for students on our site, so it will be easier to understand what service to choose.

Thanks to synesthesia, visual images are firmly fixed in mind, one sensory perception system starts the mechanisms of the other.  By the way, this property of the human brain has long been noticed and actively used, that is why the metro branches differ not only in the destination but also in colors. Most people find it easier to remember color, smell or taste than the name, so all brands have their own recognizable coloring.

Through the development of synaesthesia, you include your own creative talents, many brilliant creators from the art world possessed this useful quality. The top dissertation proofreading service for students possesses all the talents to give the high-quality service.

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  • Copy asymmetric drawings

The best visual images are printed in memory, which can be logically explained. And vice versa, the less sense in the image, the more difficult it is to reproduce. Because of this, many travelers navigate in modern cities with a clear structure and are immediately lost in the old centers with a lack of logic in the location of the streets.

Of course, development of the cognitive abilities needs much time, but it is worth it. The paper proofreading online service is ready to help and perform the most difficult written tasks for you.  

There is an excellent exercise that has a very strong influence on the development of visual memory. It is not easy to master, so it is better to learn it as a child.  To do this, you need a stone with a network of veins, like marble or malachite. Of course, it's not so easy to get these minerals so you can use their photos.

Arm with pencils and draw a "portrait from nature," trying to reproduce all the veins, color transitions, the thickness and arrangement of the dashes relative to each other. Then take a new sheet and try to repeat it from memory. Most likely, once you do not succeed, you will need to try again and again, so that the copy even remotely matches the original. Build your life so that you could do what you really like, and the best academic proofreading online is ready to give you a helping hand.

  • Transform images into words

Many people with poor visual memory can compensate for this lack of ability to remember words well in a specific order. Our brain perfectly copes with the replacement of images with symbols. Having broken an image into details, it is enough just to give them a verbal description, preferably with many features.

For example, you have seen a person just once, and now you have to meet him again among a large crowd of people. In order not to be embarrassed, you need to imagine that you describe him to make an identikit: "The growth is above average, thin, dark hair, short hair, dark eyes, wide brows. The nose is big, with a hump. Squints”.

To rewrite the articles, so they sound professional, visit the page of our site.

The transformation of the visual image into verbal symbols will help to specify the details that you would not have paid attention to when you were a fluent acquaintance with a new friend. Going to the meeting, you will just say to him/ herself his/ her verbal portrait, and the brain itself will reproduce the visual picture.

There are so many exciting things in the world, and sometimes it is so insulting to do something you do not really like. Of course, if you are busy with the self-improvement, it will surely bring the result in the future. Do not stop yourself, order the online cheap essay proofreader, English and grammar check from our service and have the life you are dreaming of.

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