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If the memories of your written assignments cause confusion, this article is for you. There are two ways to have your papers complete. The first is to check it yourself and the second is to contact the available online proofreading services.

Usually, it is quite difficult to be professional in all the spheres of life, that add more problems to make your writing assignment perfect. You need to understand the topic deeply and to be a professional linguist or be aware of how to edit the thesis or any other academic papers. It is very important to have your paper proofread if you are a native English speaker, but it becomes crucial if English is your second language. That will give you the guarantee that your academic paper is free of all kinds of errors including the overall idea of your issue.

Another thing that can work against you is that you are used to your work and can overlook mistakes, just not to see them. Even the professional writers tend to find an editor, who will look at the piece of work with the fresh eyes. Especially, if writing scientific papers or articles is not your piece of pie, it is better to order an English editor or a proofreader. This person can solve much more problems you may meet when preparing your writing assignments. All this is the part of your life, and if you feel tired or upset with the writings, that does not allow you to live happily. How to become happy and understand this notion the right way is the subject of our today’s essay.

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How to become happy. Errors in understanding the happiness

I think that every person asks him/ herself this question at least once in his/ her life. We all strive to be happy. It is our nature to desire and want happiness, it is perfectly normal and natural. Only, we all have different ideas of happiness, and they do not always correspond to reality.

This question is so multifaceted and contradictory that it is possible to talk about it endlessly. And today we will only mention a part of this bottomless topic. Namely, what mistakes and myths about happiness wander in our minds and prevent us from going towards happiness. So, to become happy, you need to understand your myths.

Myth 1. Happiness will be, when I achieve the result, when I will get something. I'll buy a house, a car, get a job, start earning $ 100 ..., marry / get married, give birth to children, make peace with my relatives, become president and so on. In a person's life, there are many goals, desires, and this is also quite natural. But the achievement of goals does not bring happiness. It brings joy, satisfaction, and then comes saturation. We got what we wanted, everything is there, and what's next? Sooner or later the goals are achieved, they cease to please us, and then other goals, other desires arise, and again it seems that the happiness will come with the new goal. You can go all your life around this circle, chase in search of what is not.

Happiness lies in the process of activity. In the process of achieving something, doing the deed, and not in the result that we get.

I remember one moment when I felt this aspect of happiness. In the sphere of my work, I needed to make a joint project with my fellow colleague, to come forward with him and as a desirable result, to win a prize. We worked together for several days, figuring out how to describe everything in the best way, drew posters, thought through answers to questions that we might be asked, looking for something new and fresh on the topic. Day X came, we made speeches, held the fists when discussion and summarizing the results were under way. And, oh miracle, we won! There was no limit to our joy.

But I was happy only one day. And then, I found sadness. Yes, we were striving for this goal, we achieved it, but the happiest time was when we were sitting in a small room with computers and a lot of materials and papers late at night, we thought out, brainstormed, laughed, argued, drew, and altered. Then there was happiness.

Myth 2. I will feel happiness if there is ... We often think that happiness is in some external attributes or in a relationship. Someone looked at us not the way we liked means misfortune, someone praised us, means happiness. The weather is good, then, we are happy, it's raining, we are unhappy. But this is only a mood, temporary and often dependent on circumstances.

The main thing that we must understand is that happiness is within us, it does not directly depend on external phenomena, it is our own state. Happiness does not come from material things, it has nothing to do with the material world at all. This is the energy, the state.

Myth 3. You need absolute freedom for happiness. Then, when they leave me alone, then I'll take care of happiness. This is also a mistaken opinion. We are born in society, our whole life consists of many interactions with other people. Absolute freedom can only give rest for a short time, but then this same freedom destroys. We feel really happy if we are involved in some important, clean business, if we feel that we are needed by someone, if we feel our worth.

Myth 4. I will be happy if I work in the company, as Mike does ... It's sad that a huge number of people do not understand that unloved work is their source of misfortune, troubles, stress, depressions. It is completely pointless to look at the affairs of other people. We can be happy only if we are doing our own business, our destiny. This should be taken for an axiom, there is no other way.

Surprisingly, each person can be happy, regardless of status, position, education, gender, age, material wealth. We just do not know how to find it in our lives, we are not dealing with our own business, we are not striving for our goals, we are looking for happiness in the material stuff, although, everything we need is already here, it's just the happiness to find it in ourselves.

What is the true deep happiness?

We have touched the topic of happiness. But this is only a small part of what should be said. In the question of happiness there is one more important point. It is rather ambiguous and is divided into two levels. One is very understandable and familiar to us, another is deeper and we do not often think about its existence.

The first level, that a person gets acquainted with in his/ her life is his / her personal happiness. Even in infancy, if the baby is dry, nourishing and the mother is near, then this is the happiness. A little later, the child realizes that it's great when people close to him/ her are happy and laughing, that it's good when mom and dad are happy.

In childhood, a small person feels that it is very bad when close people are unhappy, upset. If the maturing person does not lose, by the force of circumstances, this sense of pleasure from the fact that others are joyful, then he/ she formed the right idea of happiness. Even later, a person realizes that he/ she can become a source for others, can create happiness for others through his/ her activities, and this makes him/ her feel happy. A subtle true and deep feeling can not be compared with selfish pleasure of gaining for oneself. This is the second level of understanding happiness. That is to give love to others.

Unfortunately, most of us lost, and some did not have such experience in childhood. We are mostly accustomed to treating happiness exclusively in the context of ourselves. Although many who received the desired, who realized their dreams and desires, felt that something is missing, something is missing. As if there is not enough detail for complete happiness. This detail is the need to give love and to please others.

Not everyone is able to feel the deep need to make other people happy. Many people are not capable of this until they feel at least partially a benefit for themselves. That is the nature of man, to some extent.

So, a real sense of happiness can give love and the desire to make other people happy. The process itself gives an incomparable pleasure.

An important addition to all that has been said is the fact that men and women have slightly different understandings of happiness and success, as well as different ways to achieve them.

For a woman, internal and external harmony, that gives a sense of happiness, is in accordance with the feminine nature, femininity. The harmonious woman is the one who knows her feminine essence and follows it. Women should accept their nature and do not argue with it, do not try to go in a man's way, but go their own way. What does the "female" path include?

Peace of mind. Excessive emotions negatively affect the woman's harmony, as well as a complete lack of emotions. Women's nature is very emotional. This needs to be understood and accepted. Feelings and emotions are the indispensable companions of a woman. If she does not go to extreme states, that are, actually, destructive for any woman and for her surrounding, she can approach the peace of mind state. That is, you should not allow yourself to be in a state of riot, anger, when you want to kill everyone around, as well as a state of complete apathy, depression. Do not allow extremes.

At the same time, some mood swings are quite acceptable. It is normal for a woman to be joyful, sometimes sad, sometimes more sociable and talkative, sometimes silent. Suppressing your feelings is extremely damaging to a woman, but to express and live them is quite natural.

So, the female understanding of happiness and success, as well as ways to achieve it, are different from men's. It is important to remember and not to go against your nature. After all, a woman can not feel the fullness and harmony of male happiness, as well as vice versa.

Not following our own path, we drive ourselves into a trap and can achieve results, but be very disappointed. Follow your nature, it will only help you!

That is one of the reasons we decided to create our company. We want to be useful to others, to help people feel happy. Our team does all the best to offer the necessary assistance in what we are the experts. The process of cooperation is very simple and easy. How it works you may find here.

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We strive to be happy and want to help others feel the same.

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