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What is the difference between those who are studying and those who are working? That is right, the tons of homework one have to perform every day. You work hard during the hours at the university or college and after coming home you cannot feel relaxed as there is much home assignment to be done for tomorrow and some more complicated tasks to be done in some weeks or so.

What to start with? Where to go for help? Where to find the proofreader for assignments or the assignment writer? Many questions appear in your head but we want to help you and minimize your worries. The logical way out is to ask for help editing and proofreading services. There are a lot of companies aimed to help students in all kinds of writings. Whether you have your essay or another piece of work done and need just check it for errors or need to find the website that rewords sentences, it is all easy to achieve with the simple and clear procedure of making an order. Every student strives to get the highest possible score for his/ her work. Sometimes it is hard to achieve and requires much time and many efforts. We know how to make this process simple and reliable.

The thing that always makes the life more interesting and exciting is our creativity. It helps find positive sides in everything and make the process more vivid and successful. But, sometimes, it cannot feel the creativity, it seems that everything is dull and gray.

Where does the creativity of a man disappear?

Look at the modern world around us, look at your surroundings. Do you see a lot of people passionately involved in their work process, ready to be engaged the day and night in what they love most in the world? You understand that the creative potential of a person is huge and everyone has such potential, including you, dear reader.

Do you see a lot of creative people that have an extraordinary mind that can come up with an original, productive and interesting solution to any situation? Creativity allows such people to find a quick and effective way out of a difficult situation. They do not get stuck in it, but move on, producing the impression of a cloudless life. How many are there these kinds of people? If you have many such acquaintances, it's just amazing, you have a wonderful circle of communication.

But, most often people remain in the gray mass. They work just to work. All problem situations are solved in the same standard way, and if something does not work out, do not try to come up with an original way out, but throw the problem into a drift, because they can not solve it by standard methods. And more often, do not even understand what you can do somehow differently, not according to the accepted template.

Sometimes, even to accept help from essay proofreading service is all you need, you just need to watch at your problem from the different angle.

Man's creative potential

Do you see a lot of truly creative people? After all, creativity is not only painting, music, architecture, poetry. This is a much larger concept. Creativity manifests itself in everything: in mathematics, chemistry, writing ( ), engineering, cooking, household appliances and even in all kinds of relationships. In fact, creativity can manifest itself in everything, in all aspects of life. And everyone can be a creative person. The creative potential of man is unlimited. Everyone is endowed with creative potential by nature, just a few of us have revealed it.

The deepest myth of our time is that we consider some special people to be creative: writers, poets, artists. No, it's a mistake. A creative person can be any, absolutely any. Everyone is endowed with creative potential by nature, just a few have revealed it. And some do not even suspect about its existence.

The modern world is developing at a rapid pace. We can see how digital technologies are being rapidly improved, and how the world is rapidly changing. Think about it, can you fit this world in your development? Can you constantly improve in your profession, constantly learn, look for new solutions, generate ideas?

Agree, at first glance, it seems impossible. And our children? They will live in a more dynamic world, even more complex than now. At the same time, the education system today is not strongly tuned to the process of finding solutions and creativity.

The good news is that we have more creative potential than we think. We need to radically change our views on their creative abilities, how irrationally we use them. We need a completely different basis for our daily activities, we need a different system for solving problems and problems. Namely, on the basis of a creative approach.

The ability to generate new and valuable ideas easily and naturally should be the norm for any person. This is how you can achieve heights in any area of life. You can find solutions to any difficult situation.

It is possible with incredible speed to develop and improve everything, from politics and ending with the relationship with own child. Remember and think: all ingenious people, physicists and mathematicians, chemists and writers, artists and engineers, were truly creative natures, they knew how to see the new in the old, they were not stopped by what everyone considered to be axioms.

If each of us has at least some of these opportunities, we will enter a completely new level of development, a new level of life and thinking. What can be done to at least partially reveal the creative potential?

Disclosure of creativity. The first steps.

  • Engage in any kind of handmade art that you like: embroidery, modeling, carving, drawing, playing a musical instrument, design and construction, forging metal.In your favorite manual work, try not only to repeat lessons and templates, but to create a new and your own: composing music, drawing pictures from your head, sewing new outfits that no one else has.
  • Every 3-6 months, begin to comprehend the basics of any activity that you have never studied, learn something new. If you have never ridden a bicycle, try. If you did not make figures from plastic bottles, do it. Never played a musical instrument? It's time to learn, even playing spoons. The new activity gives a glimpse of the world from a new angle and additionally involves new areas of the brain, which undoubtedly only benefits us.
  • Imagine yourself as other people, try at leisure to play actor, enter someone else's role, do your usual routine things like a brainy scientist, blonde, hero, lazy person. Sometimes this game gives amazing results, new ideas and solutions start coming.
  • Try to imagine yourself as animals and objects. And make dinner as if you are a cat or have dinner as a teapot. Imagine how this can be.
  • If you solve work tasks, and you lack creativity, take your mind off the concentrated thinking and offer the most unusual and ridiculous options. Let's say, you decide how to attract customers. Within 10-15 minutes, just write down the ridiculous suggestions: stop the city bus and ask the driver to bring everyone to you, go to Africa and lead from there a whole tribe, order the cooks the gigantic pie and distribute it, hire a hypnotist and hypnotize passers-by. After such an exercise, your mind will relax a bit, turn on the diffused mode of thinking and come up with some of the ridiculous options that will turn out to be very suitable.

Develop your creativity!

How mistakes can influence the creativity.

There are quite the different opinions as to the errors. Some believe that they can and should be done, others believe that we must try to do everything unmistakably. If we are talking about how to develop creativity, then we must specify how to make mistakes.

There is a position, based on the knowledge gained from serious researchers. So, there are diametrically opposite relations with errors for two types of actions: skill actions and actions related to reasoning and decision making.

Skills are everything that we need to make life easier, all that we are trying to learn and do it automatically (to read quickly, to print quickly, to drive a car, to dance, to sing, to draw, to swim, to make plans, to work in programs, to put bricks, to listen to actively, to act in public). The essence of such skills is to learn to do something, physically, mentally or emotionally.

In the first category of actions, making mistakes can be detrimental to the formation of a skill. It is during the training of skills that our brain writes patterns in neural networks. If we fix the wrong patterns, it will be very difficult for us to change them.

Singers say that when they change a school or a teacher, it can be very difficult to tune again, because they learned to sing in one way, and the other vocal school assumes another singing.

It is hard to re-teach the wrong hand when writing, drawing. It is difficult to retrain from non-ecological methods of speed reading to the right methods. It is difficult to adjust to competent ways of remembering, if you used to cram before. Strongly entrenched samples of skills are difficult to rework.

How making decisions influence the creativity

If we talk about making decisions, then everything is quite opposite. You can make mistakes and it can even be useful. Mistakes in these actions gain experience in making the right decision, weaken the fear of mistakes and, in fact, allow us to be more creative. It helps to understand the wrong logic of the decisions, to find areas of development.

Remember this when learning new things. Thanks to methods “without trials and errors”, you will accelerate the process of learning skills and feel a different model. Choose those methods of learning skills that set the right patterns for your brain. But you can safely make mistakes in making decisions process. It will only benefit.

Increasing the overall level of intellectual skills and creativity in learning

If you have a fast, systemic mindset, if you know the correct ways of remembering a material, if you know the skills of information processing, if you know how to set goals and allocate your time, if you know who to pay for proofreading services online then it's much easier for you to learn something quickly. The overall level of intellectual skills can accelerate any learning, including the how-to-learn process as well.

If you are good in one area, then it will be much easier for you to learn new skills or acquire knowledge in a close, related area. A programmer who owns one programming language is easier to learn another programming language than a person who is completely unskilled in these areas.

The hardest thing is to start learning skills, gaining knowledge. The further you move, the easier the road becomes.

What are these intellectual skills to develop your creativity?

  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • Qualitative attention
  • Ability to work with information
  • Ability to work correctly with memory
  • Speed thinking

Study yourself, your own characteristics. Investigate what type of perception you have, what type of person you are: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, digital. Use this knowledge to perceive the information more easily. The proofreading help for students has all the necessary knowledge and skills for the best results. To hire experts to proofread your English papers online is not only the perfect solution to the problems concerning the writing assignments, but also help develop your creativity.

Efforts in each of the skills give remarkable results in your general abilities. Therefore, develop yourself and you will see tremendous results in your life.

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