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The concept of intelligence. What is intelligence?

Have you ever wondered what the notion of "intellect" means or do you think that it is inherent only to rare talented people, or, in general, only to geniuses? And how can you measure, understand what intelligence each individual has? I will say at once, there are no definite answers to this question until now. There is no single generally accepted definition of intelligence in the scientific world. Why? All because the intellect is the complex concept that it is very difficult to enclose it in some framework of a certain phrase. Nevertheless, we will try to convey the essence of this concept to you.

What is intelligence?

In the most general case, intelligence is the ability to acquire, reprocess, reproduce, and use knowledge in a meaningful way. We are exposed to the huge number of information flows, both in terms of perception (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste), and information content.

We see thousands of images every day: objects, people, furnishings, nature, objects; we communicate and perceive the feelings and thoughts of another person, we are thinking about our activities. Countless streams of information come to us. And we somehow recycle it, filter out unnecessary stuff, highlight the main thing, analyze, draw conclusions, remember and do much, much more.

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Sometimes, it is very hard to come up with important and valuable conclusions for ourselves, not all of us can perform these mental operations quickly and clearly. In addition, we use all the information we receive in different ways. Someone successfully applies it in practice and obtains beneficial results, someone can not extract something practical from the abundance of his/her knowledge at least. All these differences are the essence of our most common abilities, the intellectual ones.

The concept of intelligence is closely connected with interaction, development, and decision-making. Intellect manifests itself where something interacts with something or someone (people with people, people with technology, people with numbers or computers) where development or transformation takes place (a person builds a house, trains some of his/ her skills) and most importantly, where a person makes decisions.

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What is the connection between decision-making and the notion of intelligence

Decision-making and intelligence are not separable from each other. Wherever decisions need to be made, intellect is present. And where there is no decision-making, there is no intelligence.

If you drive a car on a familiar road, the intellect is practically not involved. But where the road is difficult, new, where you need to maneuver skillfully, you make decisions constantly, how to move, assess the situation, choose the best path. This is the manifestation of the intellect.

Whether we are solving a mathematical problem, whether we arrange a home space, whether we choose a school for a child, we lead a group of people, we always take small and big decisions in these actions.

The intellect itself is realized and is embodied in a multitude of other abilities:

  • Studying
  • Cognition
  • Logical thinking
  • Systematization of knowledge
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Application of knowledge
  • Finding links and associations
  • Thinking
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding

As you can see, it is difficult to answer the question "What is the intellect?", the concept of intelligence does not describe its diverse essence quite accurately. One more significant complexity is connected with the fact that until now the intellect was perceived for the most part as mathematical-logical abilities. But this is far from the truth.

Intellect is much broader than the ability to think logically. Famous psychologist Howard Gardner described and continues to develop the theory of multiple intelligence several years ago, emphasizing that we have at least 9 different species. This includes the musical, and linguistic, and spatial and other types, which we'll talk about later.

Features of multiple intelligence.

As it turns out, most of us have a well-developed intelligence, but some one or two of this ten. The good news is that everyone can call him/ herself an intellectual, although in one of the species. And the second good news is that each of these intellects can be developed by pulling up their overall level.

There is also another interesting nuance of this work: when we develop and use only one kind of intelligence, we seem to be stuck in development. This is due to the peculiarities of the work of our brain: when we use one kind of intelligence, we operate the same brain zones, other zones work poorly. And our brain is an amazing creature that perfectly complies with the principle of synergy: if we involve more zones, we will get a better result, and this happens in geometric progression.

Psychological and intellectual norm. What is it?

What is most important in intelligence and intellectual development? The development of intelligence is a fairly voluminous and diverse thing. In our age of information, it is extremely necessary. But as often happens, we do not have time to cover the entire array.

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Today we will answer the question what we can and should start with, what will be a fundamental skill in the development of all other intellectual skills.

So, what is most important in intelligence?

This is the development of the imagination. Our fastest thinking is figurative thinking. The most effective memory is figurative.

In fast reading, one of the goals of training is to form a skill to perceive the word immediately without reading it, as if you watch a film in your head, rather than combining the words from letters, phrases from words and meanings from phrases.

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Creativity is the direct realization of your ability to imagine.

  • Thinking based on images is the fastest.
  • Image memory is the basis of all other types of memory.
  • Imagination is the basis of creativity.

Thanks to the imagination it becomes possible to come up with original solutions, developments, innovations. All the most talented scientists and geniuses have mastered their science so much that they thought in images. Formulas, dependencies, logical connections seemed as some colorful images in their imagination.

That is, the most effective intellectual processes involve the imagination. And those who are well- developed, are most capable of developing significant intellectual abilities. Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

So, for example, Einstein wrote that one day he was lying on a meadow, looking at the clouds floating in the blue sky and decided to dream how he would travel on a spacecraft to the very remote corners of the Universe and then would come back. Suddenly he realized that according to the traditional laws of mechanics he would return not to Earth, but somewhere in the vicinity of the Sun. So, some ideas of his theories were born this way.

Therefore, if you have little time or you just started to improve your abilities, start with the imagination!

Psychological and intellectual norm. What is it?

We often talk about different norms and deviations. In ordinary life, we compare a lot. Whether our children develop the right way, whether we think the right way, quickly realize whether we are doing the work properly: cleaning the house, cooking, communicating with other people, whether we are resting the right way and much more.

And were you wondering if this is normal and sufficient? What is the norm and sufficiency? Maybe the norm is not what you think, not what you know, but something quite different.

In psychology, it is affirmed and emphasized that the norm is an exclusively statistical indicator. All the above and other norms are obtained statistically, from a large number of completely different values. And the most interesting thing is that the norms are not strictly regulated. They change, are adjusted, become more or less wide.

What is the intellectual norm of development?

Norm is a very wide range of intellectual types of development. It occurs from the ordinary man from the tribe, who collects coconuts and the most difficult thing he thinks about is how to hide the hut from the shower, to the outstanding scientist, who every day solves the most complicated equations and builds mathematical models of nonexistent five-dimensional spaces.

All this is normal. And the range of intellectual "normality" is great. So if you considered yourself not sufficiently developed, slow thinker, then I hasten to make you happy! You are a perfectly normal person.

There are some indicators that are typical for people, there are those that border on the extreme sides of the norm, for example, a talented scientist. We are always between these borders, in a wide range. The most important thing is that all this is normal.

If you think slower than your neighbor, it does not mean that you are not up to the norm. This is a myth formed in the minds of people. Accept your normality and rejoice in it. If you want to approach the gifted on a scale of a broad norm, it is another option. This is possible and real. But do it with the knowledge that you are a complete person, just perfecting your abilities.

There is the second important point that deals with the norms. The norms are conditioned by our culture and individual experience. What is considered unacceptable in one culture, is quite acceptable in another. Probably, in a remote village, you will be considered a genius. Norm is a relative concept.

So, we can say with certainty that everyone who could read this article is an intellectually normal person. We congratulate you on that! Good news does not end there. There are a lot of helpful and interesting stuff on our blog as well.

See you!

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