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Have a look at how it works and make up your mind. Try this wonderful service and you will surely be satisfied. The main thing is to think positive, be concentrated, focus on what is important for you. It may seem not easy to do from the very beginning, but if it becomes a habit, your life will change for better. Let us take a closer look at how can one correct the absent-mindedness and what methods of concentration are effective to use.

Broken attention. What to do?

Have you ever had such an experience that, doing some kind of work, you are so immersed in your thoughts, dreams, plans, fantasies that you simply fly away from reality? At this moment the most ridiculous things can happen: you can pour milk to a husband’s or wife’s saucer, feed the cat with a vegetable salad, put salt into your tea, and season your soup with the potatoes peels instead of the bay leaves, throw just bought a package of milk into the trash can and much more.

We have to note that you are not alone, and this phenomenon occurs quite often and at any age. There are certain diseases of the nervous system and, in particular, the brain manifested in old age. This is a separate medical topic. Today I will tell you about the same effect on completely healthy people.

Yes, a similar phenomenon occurs in healthy people. It manifests itself in the same way as everyday absent-mindedness and waning in the clouds. Most often, this happens with creative, dreamy, people, those who have intellectual work, those who have developed imagination. Who do you belong to?

It happens to everyone who has the intense emotions both positively and negatively colored. There is a similar state in the case of severe fatigue and lack of sleep. As you can see, the phenomenon is common. Perhaps, most people at least once experienced this phenomenon. What is the cause of everyday absent-mindedness?

Causes of absent-mindedness

All phenomena concerning the absent-mindedness are associated with our attention. The peculiarity of our attention is, in fact, that we can concentrate only on one object: external or internal.

If there are strong emotions inside of us, then they take all our attention. People of high creative imagination create many times more attractive images inside than everyday life can offer.

People of the intellectual work also live most of their lives in thoughts, that's why most of their attention is concentrated there.

When we are physically tired, it is difficult to concentrate for us, especially on some external actions, which increases the departure of attention from the physical reality.

The second feature is a weak ability to switch attention. Switchability is the property of our attention to move from one object to another. In the case of absent-mindedness, we cannot quickly switch between tasks, between the internal and external plan. Together with deep concentration, the lack of high-quality switchability gives us the same absent-mindedness.

Now you understand why it is so important to watch not only your actions but also your thoughts and emotions. They form our reality, our life. The college essay editing service works only with the positive writers and that is why we regularly get good feedback from our customers.

How to fix distracted attention

If the cases of inattention are rare for you and usually take place only with physical fatigue, then there is no reason to worry. If you have these clear but unpleasant states and would like to fix them, then the following methods will help you.

  • Change the subjects

Boring activities can be changed by adding something fun to grab attention: do routine tasks to the rhythm of music (clean up, prepare, repair, etc.). Use special pleasant objects for your work, which give comfort, which are pleasant to look at, and pleasant to use rags, tools, appliances.

  • Role-play and story games

You can imagine yourself as someone (a princess, a savage from the jungle, a child, a robot, an animal) and try to perform boring actions the way this hero does.

  • Comfortable environment

Boring cases are performed with great attention, if the furnishings, interior design, colors, and environment are chosen the way you like. Perhaps, you will be able to change the interior or move your activities to a pleasant room. Arrange flowers at home, this also has a favorable effect on your comfort. If you are sick and tired of rewriting your papers, for example, there is a good suggestion, ask proofreading for student to help and forget about routine.

Psychological methods

Our motivation and attitudes can increase attention to what we desire.

  • Psychological self-adjustment

Focus on what you are going to do before the beginning of the activity. Periodically return yourself to the reality.

  • Train the switchability of the attention

There are a number of exercises that train the switchability of our attention.

  • Exercise 1. Take two sheets of paper. On one of them multiply two four-digit numbers in a column, on another sheet of paper, write down any poem from memory. Set the timer for 20 seconds. Switch between these tasks (multiplication and writing a poem), even if the task is not finished every 20 seconds. Start the continuation of a new task as soon as possible. In general, spend no more than 3-5 minutes on training.
  • Exercise 2. Game "Halves" Try one hand and the corresponding foot (for example, left) to represent the dance, and the other hand and the foot (right) to represent the robot. One half of the body will dance, and the other will move like a robot. The lead time is 2-3 minutes.
  • Exercise 3. Try tapping the simplest drum rhythm, while reading aloud the book. The lead time is 2-3 minutes.

Games for the switchability of attention involve many intellectual resources, so do not do it for too long. It is better to perform them for 2-3 minutes, but several times a day.

Correctly concentrating on the ideas, making them strong, we can significantly change our lives, embodying the desired plans. Let say you want to write well or become a successful writer. The first you have to believe that everything is possible and move in the right direction. Find and learn special literature or use the advice of the professionals: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/essay-writing-strategy-step-by-step.

How to eliminate the distraction of attention

Frequent wandering in the clouds is because there is not enough diversity and impressions in our life. Getting fresh impressions every day is a natural need of every person. Women have this need greater than men do, as they should always be considered.

If we do not have enough impressions, then monotonous and boring things cause the strongest intellectual discomfort and hunger, so our brain tries to be saturated with dreams and fantasies. The top article rewriting services online aims at helping people that is why our company is extremely popular in the whole country.

A change in the situation

Change the situation, rearrange furniture, appliances, hang curtains, covers on furniture. Thanks to the change of the surrounding space, our attention well returns to reality.

Regular reception of impressions

Date and chat with new interesting people, visit new places, go to museums, theaters, travel, do whatever is new to you. We control our attention better when we are saturated by new impressions. It is always better to communicate with people who think positively, that is why many customers choose our service, as our team is very friendly and professional. You may read more about us and verify it yourself.

Do ordinary things with different, unusual hand

Brush your teeth, open the door, button up the buttons with the wrong hand that you usually do. If you have problems with paper writing, contact the paper editor and everything will be done in the best way: https://smartessayrewriter.com/blog/problems-a-paper-editor-can-solve

Relax from doing the automatic things

It is advisable to take breaks when you do these automatic things for some time. Then, after the return, the automatism of the business is weakened and attention is maintained at a high level.

Give time to imagine a dream

Determine the time completely dedicated to dreams, when you are not busy with any other things. Be sure to rejoice and imagine the future to the full.

Focus on the physical

Scattering is directly related to separation from the physical world. Therefore, for returning to the reality, it is necessary to emphasize physical activity, leading to tone, or relaxing the body: exercise, massage, bathing, hugging.


This is one of the best ways to get attention. After dancing, both energetic and slow, attention is less likely to get out of hand.

Meditation Practices

If possible, regularly practice meditation to relax and train attention.

Grounding practices

The tendency to detachment from reality is a psychological feature, the so-called "airiness". In order not to hover in the clouds, you need to practice visualizing the grounding.

Stand in a vertical position, be sure that you stand firmly on both feet. Envision that the ground-breaking dark roots turn out from your feet down into the earth, infiltrating further and deeper ...
You are not apprehensive of sea tempests and tempests, in light of the fact that your underlying foundations enter profoundly into the dirt.

You go through a stream of vitality that goes through your body and streams down the roots to the ground.

Classical meditation

Shit down in a comfortable quiet place. Sit in a pose so that the head, neck, and spine were on the same line straight. Breathing should be smooth, natural. Within 5 minutes, (later time can be increased), focus on your breathing; try to feel your breath while being freed from all thoughts.

Thoughts will come, the usual mode of chewing all past events, the mental mess will be imposed. Imagine those thoughts are like birds, they flew in and flew out quickly, the only breath remains.

In the beginning, it will be difficult to get rid of all thoughts, but with the passage of time and the experience, it will be easier for you to do. The purpose of meditation is to stop the train of thoughts for a while, to give rest to your mind.

Now you know where to proofread the essay online and how to reduce our absent-mindedness. Do not hesitate to contact an English paper editor and we are sure you will be satisfied with our service and surprised by our cheap prices.

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