Interesting Facts About a Professional Proofreader


We talk a lot about the services we offer our clients, but we rarely mention the people who make it all possible. Our proofreaders are not faultless machines that are aimed at delivering texts 24/7. They are people with their own talents and imperfections, and you might find it interesting to learn more about this profession. Who are they, experts at finding other people’s mistakes and correcting them? This post will reveal 7 features of a professional proof reader, so get ready for some ...Continue reading

How We Deliver High-Quality Dissertation Proofreading


Dissertations are used in the world of science to allow different professionals to communicate with each other and share their discoveries with someone who will appreciate. Once a student reaches the moment in his academic life when he needs to create a dissertation, panic often outbalances reason, which may become the cause of a poorly written work. This will not happen to our clients who are welcome to make use of the dissertation proofreading service we offer. In this case the text will be ...Continue reading

First-rate College Paper Proofreading Service


A thorough editing or proofreading job may turn an ordinary essay into a real academic masterpiece that will affect any professor. But in order to achieve such high results, one should work only with a first-rate college paper proofreading service. Considering our expertise and the details of our offer, we make a positive statement that this essay proofreading service is one of the best that can be found in the Internet. Our website works on simplifying the clients’ routine, and even ...Continue reading

Who Can Reword My Work and Why It Is Necessary


Many students find themselves at a loss as to what exactly their essay lacks to become a perfect one. Professional assignment writers can give a definite answer to this question; what is more, they know how to do it in the shortest term possible. In this post we will explain to novices in academic writing why rewording a paper can change its perception completely, and how to order such a service from devoted specialists. So, if an essay fails to come up to your expectations, get familiar with ...Continue reading

How to Order Excellent Proofreading


What do you have in mind when talking about quality proofreading? Is it the number of corrected mistakes or the time which was needed to finish the task? Our college essay writers who work on your academic assignments claim that this notion includes a lot of aspects that show how a company renders its services to the clients. Here we will give you a set of indicators to make sure that the proofreading you consider ordering will be really of high quality. We will also show how Smart Essay ...Continue reading

Pleasant Perks from Our Paragraph Rewriting Service


We keep mentioning how our experienced academic paper editors work and why they offer only top-quality services, but now we want to pay special attention to the whole bunch of pleasant perks that you get when working with us. Quality editing and rewriting are one thing: you pay for these services, so your order automatically gets protected from any possible negligence. But we stepped even further in customer-friendly direction. Smart Essay Rewriter has devised a whole system of goodies for our ...Continue reading

How to Choose Between Proofreading and Editing Services


Online writing companies often additionally render proofreading and editing services. This is quite reasonable: professional writers should have no troubles editing someone else’s documents. But difficulties arise when clients have to choose the best service for their needs. Many people doubt which one to stick with. In this situation we always recommend to contact our support team, who can easily decide what service you need, taking into account your assignment and writing skills. But ...Continue reading

Proofreading Paper: Effective Strategies


If after reading this title a question “proofreading my paper – why should I do that?” appeared in your head, then, my friend, you are on the verge of a big discovery. Proofreading your work will help you to detect any errors, grammar or spelling mistakes, punctuation fallacy and flaws in your arguments or awkwardly built structure of your essay. Proofreading is what separates a great essay from a mediocre one. So how can you do it? There are two ways, which you can use: hire a ...Continue reading

What Proofreading Companies May Hide from You


People who have to deal with a lot of text information, as a rule, find it hard to manage all of it on their own. They feel the need to turn to professional proofreading companies, which is quite natural. However, many clients have no idea how many pitfalls may await them. Companies may do nearly everything to make profit, while you may swallow the bait and find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Here our academic proofreading services will share with you the life hacks of detecting online ...Continue reading

High-quality Proofreading for Students


Lately proofreading has been one of the most popular services for students in our company. It means that it is usually not a problem for a person to write an essay, but getting it into shape is an altogether different thing. Academic proofreading online from Smart Essay Rewriter has saved a lot of students from getting a low grade or receiving an essay back for revision. Our proofreading for students guarantees that your work will be exactly as your professor wanted it because we strictly ...Continue reading